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Countdown two weeks and Dub Explorations returns to the upper room of Paradiso! More space , more sound , free entrance, and positive vibes guaranteed. June 6th come journey through the truest and newest sub-bass sounds and echo chamber goodness. Rise up reach out and support Amsterdam’s underground truesoldiersproductions dubexplorations 9yearsStrong paradiso subbass echochamber roots dub dubstep steppers soundsystemculture TSP foundationintothefuture increasethepeace keepmarching

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Yeah I never post on IG my face! My spirit is sacred in all areas of my life! But having POWER WITH NO FACE IS THE ESSENCE OF WHAT GOD WANTS US TO BE! TRUTH WITH IN OUR SPIRIT! bewitchin_lyfe hoodoo tarotcards tarotreading hustle magical magic magicspells mamiwata voodoo vodou roots rootwork rootworker spellcaster spells candlework candlemagic workoutmotivation motivaionmagic rootwork rootworker spells magic bruja santeria santeriamagic chakra chakramagicseries witchesbrew zodiac zodiactarot numberzodiac bruja

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TBT the time of the rootsfactory dubplate series. Was a pleasure to produce a few tunes for this sub label JC and I ran. Handmade business, lathe cuts dubs and hand made artwork for each release. There was 9 or 10 releases in total if I remember correctly. With ten copies only available for each release, this was less about exclusivity and more just about what we could afford to do at the time. If you look on discogs these days the prices are a little crazy for items like these. handmade recordlabel vinyl dubplate purpleman roots reggae

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Jamboree〜オープンしてます☺️🥃🎶☕️🇯🇲🔈 カリブ海で産まれたラム飲んで、 青い空、青い海 想像したりして ゆっくりしましょ〜〜🏝 そして、 来週の平日 5/30(木)は Jamboree ❗️ Special な一夜になるんで、お見逃しなく〜〜👀🇯🇲🎶 record rocksteady reggae ska roots dub bar veganfood ghee natural spicecurry dripcoffee takeoutcoffee jamaicanmusic jamaicanoldies ron rhum rum ram アナログbarjamboree 天満飲み bar reggaebar musicbar recordbar soundsystem

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Dodge RAMの修理です! オートマの変則不良で修理のご依頼。 1速で固定でそれ以上変則しないとの事です。 お預かりしてチェックランプが点灯しているとの事でまずはテスターで診断。 すると案の定オートマのトラブルが記憶されていました。 診断結果はガバナプレッシャー関係の異常です。 ガバナプレッシャーとは車速に応じてトランスミッションの変則に対する油圧の事ですが、制御しているソレノイドバルブの動作不良、若しくは油圧を計っているセンサー不良が考えられます。 このトランスミッションの弱点でもあるようで頻繁に起こる症状です。 ソレノイド、センサー、の交換で一件落着です! このお車は2002年式ですが段々もう少なくなってきましたね。 この辺りの車はしっかり修理しないとまたトラブルが再発する事もあります。 少し気になるだけでもありましたら大事になる前にご相談下さいね。 dodge ram ダッジラム ミッション 修理 オートマ ラムバン 故障 リペア roots オートマチックトランスミッション修理 アメ車 整備

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Did you know that watermelon is a rich source of the non-essential amino acid Citrulline,which relaxes and dilates blood vessels much like Viagra and other drugs meant to treat erectile dysfunction? Choose fruits,spices & vegetables over medicine any day _ _ _ Photo credit : Respective owner (unknown) intimate_desires got you covered on anything aphrodisiac kayanmata aphrodisiacs aphrodisiacsinlagos brides bridetobe mums sex wivesandmoms couples marriage relationshipgoals herbs roots kayanmatalagos naijastartups nigerianwedding instablognaija intimacy intimatedesiresng

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Go rock out with my homie imaragabe its always a movie best live band out bro 💥💥💥🗣 Repost imaragabe with repostsaveapp ・・・ I'm kickin off the summer THIS WEDNESDAY REGGAEstyle at Bar Louie w/ SPECIAL GUEST Tony Brand from cultivatedmindmusic Louie is doing 1/2 off specials on food & drinks all night long The fun starts at 7:30 and as always, NO COVER! SUMMER IS HERE summerkickoff happyhour reggaenight reggaenite iGabe CultivatedMind reggae dancehall hiphop roots rockers dub dance soul funk ONELOVE

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Morning Quebec :) favorite view from my rootsthis lake as so much history for meAs a kid I think I pass more time on it than on the grownsometime when we go away and come back it allow us to see things differently and appreciate things that are sometime taken for grantedmy morning is filed with gratitude 🙏 beaware love gratitude roots memories waow morning

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Larunbatean, hilak 25, 19:00etatik aurrera, Sound Riders zuzenean ikusteko aukera paregabea duzue. Reggae Rootsen maisuek ondo jotako reggae, rocksteadya eta skinhead reggae kantak egiten dituzte. Bilatutako soinua, kalitateduna Oso onak! Hau guztia txoberne tabernan, Bakion izango da. Leku itzela, hondartzaren ondoan, pintxo onak, gustatzen zaizkizuen zerbezakOstean bassherri_soundsystem DJ set egongo dira, haiek baitira arratsalde izugarri hau montatzen ibili direnak. Gusto ona bermatuta, hortaz! Planaaaaaaaker, mariloliiiiii bassherrisoundsystem pantxherricrew soundriders bakio reggae roots rocksteady earlyreggae skinheadreggae

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💈 doshishaのサーキュレーターを手に入れた。控えめなブラックとウォルナットのデザインがとってもイイ!操作パネルはタッチセンサーで凸凹がなくスマートだ!サロンの家具やインテリアにも合う。暑くなるのも、寒くなるのも楽しみだ! ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー お問い合わせ/情報発信/予約連絡 📩mail:info 👍Facebook: Roots.custonary.barber ⏺Instagram: roots.barber ❇️LINE edv1357z 🔷Twitter: Roots77789371 📲SMS: 08059777707 理容室 床屋 barber 散髪屋 メンズカット お1人様理容室 個室の理容室 近くの床屋 シャンプー シェービング ヘッドスパ 炭酸水 眉カット 鼻毛ワックス脱毛 本郷三丁目 東大前 御茶ノ水 後楽園 白山 春日 小石川 弥生 小日向 千石 本駒込 湯島 文京区 Roots

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Пандо в цвете. Набросок. Pando - так зовут рощу тополей, которая занимает около 40 гектаров и является одним организмом. Каждое дерево - побег одной корневой системы. pando roots sketch

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This is a very important find! To understand the history behind this discovery, you should read the book Barracoon, The Story of the Last “Black Cargo” by Zora Neal Hurston! Benin and Africatown, Alabama have had a long relationship because the slave ship Clotilde picked up its cargo from the former Dahomey Kingdom which is today called Benin Let’s keep telling our story africaschildren slavery history ourstory rootstoglorytours africa benin africatown roots alabama clotilde slaveship dahomey kings royal dna

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★ Caribbean Uptempo 2019 ★ 7 - 🇬🇧 Sharon Walker (Texas Ranger) 🇬🇧 With great pleasure we are going to confirm you another special guest, for the first time at Caribbean Uptempo Sharon Walker AKA texas.ranger_101.2 ! Texas Ranger grew up immersed in the sounds of jazz, soul, r&b, calypso, mento, ska, rocksteady and reggae — be it from the radio or hearing her dad and older brothers playing records. It was not long before she started collect­ing records herself. As a there were times when she would use her school dinner money to buy records, and go without her school meals; she says they were not that nice anyway! Those were the days when you could find vinyl records every­where; even Boots the chemist had a record department. Since then, Texas has collected and inherited a vast number of records. She has never tried to count them all, as it would take her far too long. She is highly respect­ed as both a collector and selector, spec­ial­ising in soulful vintage sounds from 50s rhythm & blues through to 70s roots reggae and rare grooves. Texas Ranger has had various club residencies in London over the past 15 years. She co-promoted Trojan Explosion with Mark Professor at Market Place and is currently a resident DJ at The Vybz Bar in Harles­den. Also well known as a radio presenter, Texas Ranger has hosted shows on community stations for many years. She currently hosts Off The Record on Unique FM every Tuesday at 2pm. We can't wait to have her with us and listen to her session on August 22nd ◉ ◉ ◉ caribbeanuptempo texas.ranger_101.2 rototomsunsplash texasranger rototom rototomsunsplash rototom2019 rototomsunsplash2019 caribbeanuptempo caribbeanuptempo2019 jazz soul R&B calypso radio ska rocksteady jamaicanmusic jamaicanska reggae reggaemusic reggaemusik roots rootsreggae 70s reggaefestival lineup

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📌 PROJETO REGGAE RAIZ, HOJE TEM! Projeto Reggae Raiz - A Quinta mais Roots da Ilha! Bar do Nelson - Onde o Reggae toca bunito! ▶ Av. Litorânea, nº135, Calhau / São Luís-MA HOJE - 23 de maio - 21h30. ▶Atrações: → Léo Scartey (Orquestra Invisível); → Cássio Maluvem (Estação Maluvem). ▶Valor da entrada: → Preço único R$ 20,00 [VALOR DE MEIA ENTRADA: R$ 10,00] Chega junto, cola na caixa e viaja nas pedras! maluvem estacaomaluvem usaimportstore canalcassiomaluvem bardonelson projetoreggaeraiz reggae roots reggaeroots rootsreggae reggaemusic vibe quintadelei saoluisdomaranhao saoluis slz maranhao brasil jamaicabrasileira avenidalitoranea ilhadoamor calhau instagood followme eufui jafui euvou vamos vamosnessa partiu

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Vou botar pra fudê no tbt pq já tem um tempinho que não as vejo e a saudade sempre dá aquela apertada nessas horas canoaquebrada caiçara roots