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MAY'S CLIENT APPRECIATION GIVEAWAY IS HERE This month we have the privilege to partner with brickhousenutrition for our giveaway. One of our amazing clients will be receiving a huge tub of their Premium Grass Fed Protein! With 61 servings and 24g of protein in each serving, it's the perfect post-workout supplement for an endurance athlete! Check out Brickhouse Nutrition with the link below: ANNNDD our winner is katie_ann_22 ! Congrats Katie! We know you'll love the protein from Brickhouse Nutrition! For Remote OCR Coaching that is catered toward your goals and abilities, visit and get signed up today! You'll also be entered automatically into our Monthly Client Appreciation Giveaways! triofitnessocr ocr ocrathletes ocrtraining ocrtribe ocrfamily brickhousenutrition proteinpowder grassfedwhey ocrfitness spartanrace savagerace ruggedmaniac terrainrace toughmudder toughviking warriordash bonefrogchallenge greenberetchallenge

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Our face when someone says “What’s OCR?” 😭🤣🤪 . 📸 ryanscully . America’s Toughest Mudder Closest I’ve been to the podium at a Toughest Mudder so far! Hoping to keep improving so I can stand on top of that top 3 spot someday soon! • • • • ocrfeature ocrnation ocrgym ocr ocrworkout obstaclecourse obstaclerace obstaclecourserace obstacleracingmedia spartanrace spartantraining spartanworkout toughmudder toughmuddertraining toughestmuddertraining toughestmudder worldstoughestmudder truefitness truefitnessgymaz anthemaz phoenix arizona phoenixgym smallgrouptraining personaltraining ruggedmaniac terrainrace ocrworldchampionships spartankids kidstraining true_fitness_gym_az tough_mudder worldstoughestpodcast

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“Our true selves emerge when we step away from the busy and choose rest as a rhythm of life. Then we can be our authentic self and truly belong.” These are my people Time together can be hard to come by these days, and it is extra sweet when it happens. The past two weeks have been full of smiles, hugs and adventures! This momma’s heart is full! The goodbye part always sucks! But hey, I wouldn’t miss them so much if they weren’t so awesome😊❤️ Be where your feet are! Live intentionally! Enjoy every second! intentionoildays favoritebrowneyedboy favoriteblueeyedboy lovedoes dontblink bewhereyourfeetare thecollection saturdaysinsaxapahaw ruggedmaniac

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Yg gayanya masi setengah mateng, sini2 pakein boot ini biar mateng, Redwing 9111 Round Toe Boots - size 7D/ rekomended utk size 40 - kondisi mulus sesuai gambar - made in usa - no box 📱📱INFO LENGKAP WASAP/PHONE 081376462281📱📱 💼👟💯% ORIGINAL 💼👟 ⚡️TRANSAKSI PAYMENT HANYA DGN NOREK DAN NOMOR HP BIEBOBZ YG TERCANTUM DI PROFIL, HATI2 PENIPUAN MENGGUNAKAN GAMBAR BIEBOBZSTORE⚡️ KLIK 👉🏻 biebobzstoreready UNTUK LIST BARANG YANG READY ruggedmaniac sepaturedwing tasfilson redwingironranger redwingshoes redwingusa redwingoriginal redwinginsonesia rawdenim authentic original denimjacket prelovedbranded redwingboots ruggedstyle denimindonesia luxurybranded jualredwing filsonoriginal potdindo ootdindo hypebeast jakarta pekanbaru bandungjuara hypebeastindonesia biebobzstore2

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If you have searched far and wide for a plan to train specifically for your OCR and keep getting the answer that there is no way to train besides being on a course; that is false. I used to get that answer, too. So, I decided to put together a plan that will actually help you conquer each obstacle with confidence and ease All you will need is the outdoors to run and a play ground for strength; THAT'S IT Simplicity to train for your big event I guarantee you will be ready to take on the challenges of whichever OCR you have chosen Over the years, I have completed many OCR's from Tough Mudder 10 miler, Warrior Dash, Rugged Maniac, Wipeout Run, Dirty Girl Mud Run just to name my favorites and in each race, the exercises of this plan would aid in my success in completing each race confidently If you are ready to take your Obstacle Course Racing to a whole new level, this is the right plan for you! Use Code: ocr to save 10% through May 31st. 🌟🌟 click the link in my bio and get started today!

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Casual outfit inspiration. Paduan T-shirt putih dan celana chinos untuk suasana santai dan tetap stylish. Inframe: White Logo T-Shirt Cream Chinos Detail produk bisa kalian dapatkan di website resmi kami di: _ denimworks

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[[🔥SOLDOUT🔥 ]] Red wing 2918 made USA original • Kondisi new Size US 9D Detail geser kekiri ➡ Credit / CC : TOKPED • Info detail, harga dan order: WA : 082290288228 LINE : j3_jakarta • Menuju Dr Happy shopping om • -

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tuesday ruggedstyle 🔥

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Full Grained leather pilihan yang tepat agar dapat semakin menunjukan kesan raw dari sebuah tekstur kulit. Jenis kulit ini sendiri membuat kesan classic elegant pada penggunanya. Full Grained Leather salah satu jenis kulit yang banyak diminati. Info lebih lanjut bisa hubungi Wa : +62 852 8064 0205 Tanpa sungkan. Salam classicmaroen maroenclass customsepatu customshoes customboots packerboots leathergoods captoe captoeboots sepatu sepatukulit sepatucustom bikinsepatu ruggedstyle bootsfreak ruggedmaniac handmadepride

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Finally got around to hanging up all the medals with the help of luvurskin40 since I started on this journey of Running and Obstacle Course Racing along with one of the bible verses that has kept me going. I plan on continuing to train to find new limits, possibilities and opportunities to increase my capacity and expand in all aspects of life. You have to find what makes you happy in life. What you're passionate about. Are you honoring yourself and your family with your thoughts and actions. Just some things to ponder. Can you relate? medalmonday mondaymotivation theeverydayathlete everydayathlete everydayathleteocr sportsperformance sportsdoc sportschiro ocrcoach nutritioncoach nutrition ocr ocrdoc obstaclecourseracing running spartanrace toughmudder terrainrace savagerace bonefrog warriordash ruggedmaniac ocrathlete ocrwc mudhero blitzrace fitness fitnessmotivation fitchallenge goruck

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So I’ve been waiting to announce this for like a month now cuz i had some delivery issues with my medal. But i placed 3rd not 4th in my race back in April in the elite mens category. My goal this year was to get a podium finish and i did with many races ahead of me this year🙏🏼 ruggedmaniac ocr progress victory medalmonday

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NEW ATLAS FITCAST!🎧🎙️ EPISODE 36: OBSTACLE RACE TRAINING & PREPARATION In this episode we discuss my history with obstacle races and how you can successfully prepare yourself for an event! We break down the basics and then give examples of specific exercise programming ideas. Available to stream wherever you listen to podcasts!

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Such a great weekend! I was so busy and so energized the entire time. I put in close to 30 miles myself over a 36 hour period with no sleep! So for all that footage captured from this weekend we are creating a page now on for everyone to find race pics moving forward. I have about 20 mins left til everything uploads to our drive and I can then switch it to our webpage! Please be patient everyone! We've been busting our asses for all of you and I hope everyone likes the photos and videos we got of you this weekend ocrmnetwork tough_mudder ocrmnetwork ocrm toughmudder tmambassador toughestmudder iwill ocr ocrtraining ocrchampionship ocrlife ocraddict obstaclecourse ocrathlete whyirace medaladdict spartanrace spartan bonefrogchallenge ruggedmaniac terrainrace savagerace warriordash citychallengerace frontlineocr greenberetchallenge

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Happy Medal Monday Pt. 2 More highlights from Saturday's Rugged Maniac Race. The best parts were doing the Pull-Up Challenge with AMAZING fellow Ninja Lover & Warrior ginnymaccoll (ANW jessiegraffpwr 's mom) AND ending up having fun dancing together on stage 🤣💃🎊🎶 Because of my position in the Ten Females I also qualify for the OCR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 💪😮💚 ocr ocrlover caligirl momof3 elite competitive topten ruggedmaniac getrugged eastcoast ripitenergy munchiewagon pullupchallenge ninjafamily militarycommunity candoallthings qualified ocrwc thisis38 strongmoms medalmonday

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Still not back but I can spin and work on joint stability while I heal. Gonna be ready to go all out when the doc clears me to go. One of the keys to a full come back is following doctors orders to a T.

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Happy Medal Monday❣ Pt. 1 🏅 Did my first East Coast Rugged Maniac on Saturday AND not to mention my first ruggedmaniac ELITE race ❤ The heat was serious- 76 degrees at 9am. I actually had to walk parts of the race in the shade because the heat made me feel nauseous. (I really had a bad headache for hours post race). I was not ready for that humidity! So it was also my first HOT race of the year 🌞😫🔥 But I completed all obstacles and miraculously placed in the Top 10 Women's at 9th place 😮👏🎉 Oh, and I got merch bucks for winning the first round of women's Pull Up Challenge on stage 💪😏🎁 ocr ocrlover caligirl momof3 elite competitive topten ruggedmaniac getrugged eastcoast intenseheat humidity holdmybeer beerholdingcontest pullupchallenge candoallthings medalmonday

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First race of the year, check! First time doing a Rugged Maniac! Also, we look like twins lol

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The left side is every race from 2015 to 2018. The right side is every race for the first 5 months of 2019. When I tell people that part of my goal for 2019 is to get way more active, I've definitely been putting my money where my mouth is. 10 races in 3 years vs 8 races this year- with 7 more scheduled and a few more I'm looking into. Still have to figure out how to hang my medals, but glad to have these up in my home gym now ocrmama goalslayer killing2019 trifectainprogress ruggedmaniac toughmudder spartan bonefrog millenniumrunning

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My first Rugged Maniac with my brothers and sister was a success! Just Saiyan! 💪🏃 ruggedmaniac checkout the mini video at the end!

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Congrats jc_morningstar on your 1st place finish! 💪🏽🌞🇵🇭 • • • • • 1st place at Bonefrog Endurance New England. I feel undeserving of this achievement because the frontrunner for much of the race suffered breathing complications after a certain amount of laps. I simply kept going and eventually nabbed first, by default. Thankfully he recovered and is doing well. AnywaysWOW! Toughest Bonefrog ever! I've never experienced so much steep ascents/descents! As a matter of fact, the whole race felt like it was only ascents and descents. It was hard to gain any speed or momentum because there were barely any flat segments. My watched captured about 10,000 ft of elevation in just 6 1/2 hours of work. My legs and knees are beat! They also placed all their killer grip intensive obstacles, back to back to back to back at the end of the course. Sheesh! This one was tough! I'm glad it's over! The sight of Valhalla again will give me nightmares. Of course, as usual, congrats to my fellow podium winners, as well as to every athlete that took on that course today. It's definitely one for the memories! 💪💪 bonefrogendurance spartanrace spartanboston citychallengerace ruggedmaniac bonefrog fit fitness fitfam fitnessaddict fitnessgoals fitnessmodel fitlife beastmode health healthy healthyliving runner running trailrunning ultramarathon ultrarunning savagerace toughmudder hescobonefrog getfit muscles photooftheday goliathon pinoyocr

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Barbados Adventure Race wants you! 👆👆👆 The bar_race is a team obstacle course challenge that wants international teams to come to Barbados and test themselves against the best in the Caribbean on June 29. 💪💪💪 Sign up today at and have yourself an OCR Vacation. Download ocrbuddy and find events around the world for as many OCR Vacations as possible. 💵💵💵 Use Code CCC for 10% off the Registration Fee! 👊👊👊 ocrmnetwork ocr ocrbuddy obstacleracing savagerace run terrainrace speed friends spartan spartanrace toughmudder mudrun ocrbuddyapp greenberetchallenge ocrvacation ruggedmaniac warriordash

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Made Sunday a funday with my Fami-team. Also had an addition when Gregory the Ornithologist (disregard me saying Oncologist I was trying to imstruct a class damnit! Lol) was spied being comedic mimicking me. So when i noticed I told him that now he had to join us. So he did a few rounds of warm up exercises Burpees, squats, leg stretches and balancing in addition to the laughter and fun. In case you didnt know Ornithologist study and watch birds and we have numerous species in NYC. thyroid hashimotosdisease ocr spartanrace trifectatribe medaladdict  mudrun fitness fit gym ruggedmaniac nyc peakraces bronx nyc parksandrecreation

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Do u wish to have beejay’s skin tone ? Den u should get our Arabian whitening kit Or if u are the type that doesn’t like using cream and still wish to have beejay’s skin tone then u should get our 3days whitening herbal soap and Halfcast glowing oil Spend less and look good This package 📦::: Fades out dark spots✅ Fades out stretch marks ✅ Clears discoloration,scars,Pimples n spots ✅ Clears dark knuckles,green veins,red veins,patches n hyper-pigmentation✅ Helps to eliminate green veins ✅ Treat acne and pimples ✅ Exfoliates & tones naturally ✅ Gives ur skin a glowing,radiant,brighten and healthy glow To place order call/WhatsApp 08129054806 or send us a dm on here nationwide delivery ✈️ Tag ur friends to come get the best skin care products a cheaper price davido nairamarley organicskincare tundeednut herbalsoap whiteningherbalsoap instablog ruggedmaniac

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Stick with me for this one "Quitting is not an option." There are a few different meanings behind that for me recently we found out that my husbands condition is getting worse. Just when we thought maybe it would be better, maybe we didnt have to worry so much it was like getting hit by a brick wall I have been trying so hard to be strong, for him, for our boys, but if I'm being honest, I feel like the weakest person on earth. I feel beaten down, broken and scared I had that shirt made for my OCR's, something I've wanted to do and finally went for. Just like in life, some of those obstacles scared me, some I thought I wouldnt make it thru, but I came out of it stronger and proud of what I was able to overcome Quitting is not an option for me. Ever. There are going to be obstacles in life you're scared to death to even attempt, but it's there for a reason and you'll be glad you didn't give up in the end.

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“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.” - Colin Powell Two years ago, I was sitting on the sidelines of this race taking pictures of everyone else and feeling sorry for myself. I had just finished radiation and did not have the stamina to compete. This year, I trained really hard and finished with a personal best time! Don’t be afraid to do the hard things. Put the work in. You are worth it! motivationmonday medalmonday ruggedmaniac warrior breastcancer breastcancersurvivor dreambig workhard goals healthcoach makechangesnotexcuses

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Sean Corvelle talks about his emotional relationship with OCR and its community.

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