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Looking at the world from a different perspective 🙏🏽🤸🏼‍♀️💕💕 Was feeling so stressed this afternoon, so decided to walk the dogs and practice some headstands! Feeling on top of the world now 🙊🙌 excited to document my progress as I keep going 😁✌🏽🌱 yoga yogaposes beginneryoga headstand outdoors sunset outback rural healhy healthyliving coeliaclife coeliacfoodie coeliacdisease fitness exercise improvement selfcare selflove changeyourlifenow amazing friday selfimprovement upsidedown feelingamazing australia australiannatives earth tonedbyashybines nike nikeshoeswomen

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Alicudi Guardate voi stessi che panorami offre l’isola di Alicudi. Isola antica, rurale; per pochi. Niente automobili solo antiche mulattiere e muli che sono vere star del trasporto. Sullo sfondo in foto potete vedere Filicudi e ancora dietro Lipari. Avventuratevi nell’isola più estrema ad ovest dell’arcipelago delle isole Eolie, siete ad Alicudi. alicudi igersicilia isoleeolie eolie messina lipari panoramic view sea island sicily sicilia italy sicilytourism rural siciliabedda vscoitalia vsco_lover triptosicily viaggioinsicilia igersicilia igerseolie igamessina visititaly filicudi

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Доброе утро!🌞 Наступила долгожданная пятница🤗, а это значит, что пора получать удовольствие от отдыха🥳! Забросьте все заботы и наслаждайтесь тем, что приносит радость🤩: общайтесь с близкими, встречайтесь с друзьями💃🏼 и уделите внимание своим хобби🧐 Пускай выходные будут яркими и насыщенными!🤪 Ну а мы поможем в этом😏. Звоните: +375297811896

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🎉 NEW 🎉 49 Coopers Road, Inverell. Dreaming of semi-rural living on the outskirts of Inverell? Set on 10.9ha (27ac), this 3 bedroom home offers you a quiet, rural lifestyle with the convenience of being close to town

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There were a lot of things I imagined doing before coming to Australia and this definitely wasn't one of them. I can safely say I am now an 'experienced' cherry, grape and apple picker, a 'professional' kiwi packer and a 'seasoned' strawberry planter. How many people can put that on their CV? 😂 88 days you've been great but now my back, my shins and my soul need some rest. P.S My hair looks like I've been dragged through a bush because I basically was.

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Hurry! This one is going fast! Open House Saturday Noon - 3pm. All offers in by Saturday at 7pm!

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Connect with a variety of health professionals and rural support services at our Health and Wellbeing Hub! NALAG's Our Shout team will be onsite at this special event, coinciding with the North West Equestrian Expo at Coonababrabran Showground. Chill out and chat with us - we've got stacks of goodies and giveaways, and handy info on useful services in your local area. Suppported by NALAG NSW, RAMHP, Drought Support Team, DPI's Rural Resilience program, the Benevolent Society, Coonabarabran Health Service and Reachout. health wellbeing nalagnsw nalagourshout coonabarabran rural nsw equestrian

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Todos los productos de terracor.sat están cosechados en las tierras de Manacor apostando por un consumo de km0 y así reduciendo las emisiones de CO2 producidas en el transporte de mercancías.🍐🍊 . All products terracor.sat are harvested from the areas of Manacor betting on km0 consumption and thus reducing CO2 emissions in the transport of goods.🍐🍊 . agricultura tour experiencia naturaleza rural gastronomia manacor mallorca islasbaleares delhortalplat terragust terracor comidasana natural naturalesa sabor agricultura planenfamilia fruites verdures frutas verduras camp verd campo gourmet productelocal

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Just one of the lovely things customers were saying about our products on show at the RHS Malvern event a few weeks ago - We pride ourselves in creating clothing that is high quality, made from sustainable materials and is also unique, they aren't like any other product out there currently - It's so humbling to hear people saying nice things about your product, something you have grafted hard to create - thank you every one :) - - - tweed ' touchoftweed britishtweed british britishbusiness britishbrand rural rurallifestyle countrylife countryside ladiestweed countrybusinessowner countrybusinesslife ruralbusiness equestrianbusiness handmadeitbest handmade somerset ethicalfashion ethicallymade consciousfashion sustainablefashion mysustainablebusiness saynotofastfashion theharewontherace projectprogress slowliving_create smallbusiness myruralbusiness bespoke

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Should cloth bags, and anything else for that matter, be priced on basis of comparative rates ? Or can prices be based on the effort the producer puts in ? His needs ? Needs of the in his/her family ? Can economics be based on humanness ? PaalaGuttaPalleBags ClothBags Bags Dalit Rural livelihoods andhra andhrapradesh ecofriendly plasticfree customizedbag womenempowerment rurallife village indianwomen drought stitch handloom schoolbags grocerybags carrybag chittoor farmer vegetablebags dufflebags PaalaGuttaPalleStories madeinindia

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Countryside - Where the Flores clan resides.

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Vaishnavi. Long summer afternoons. Cooking times. Don't miss the plate of ladoos on the side And that's all it takes for happiness. Some mud, some discarded dabbas, some space to sit in. PaalaGuttaPalleBags ClothBags Bags Dalit Rural livelihoods andhra andhrapradesh ecofriendly plasticfree customizedbag womenempowerment rurallife village indianwomen drought stitch handloom schoolbags grocerybags carrybag chittoor farmer vegetablebags dufflebags PaalaGuttaPalleStories madeinindia

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When you take into account the fact that factory farms raise 99.9 percent of chickens for meat, 97 percent of laying hens, 99 percent of turkeys, 95 percent of pigs, and 78 percent of cattle currently sold in the United States, it's shocking.

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Finca ganadera de 165 hectáreas, cerca de Trujillo (Cáceres), 2 construcciones para rehabilitar y malla ganadera perimetral. realestate realestatespain campo rural

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Thanks for the response to the first image I posted of The Threshers! Over the Spring & Summer months I am going to share my photographs of the Threshers, which form a large part of my ongoing Durlescombe series.

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Временно Отстранившись от мирских забот, ловя завистливые взгляды занятых людей, важно шефствую с благоухающим цветком сирени во рту🌿 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ girl beauty flower flowers tree garden pink leaf style followme picoftheday instagood grass summer spring landscape sky rural rain rainweather vascularplant outdoors девушка environment weather instagram instagramrussia цветок