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2 weeks ago

❄️ The Final Flurry ❄️ Coming right out of that groove from my last post, this is the exclamation point/conclusion of my Shure Drum Mastery solo - needless to say, this one took quite a few takes 💪🤞 I’ve been itching to get in a practice room with some real drums lately, so as of right now, watching videos is taming the beast. Go have an awesome day! 🌅 sonordrumco sabiancymbals_official remopercussion vicfirth vf15 sonor sabian sabianartisan sonorsq2 drumsolo sessionmusician studiomusician musicianforhire beats rapper producer drummer edm livemusic denvermusic denvermusicscene hiphop rap trap music musician tour livedrummer studiodrummer spotify applemusic soundcloud colorado recet grooveshare drumcommunity drumsoutlet drumset.up drumsdaily drumsharing drumlads thedrumheadspod

1 month ago

Uploading stems to Dropbox after a killer session today for another client on airgigshq I set my hi hat up about 2 feet away from my snare to really get some isolation since the artist wanted open hats in the chorus. I think that did the trick to minimize mic bleed on the snare mics. Also used two snare mics one of them patched through my thisisapiaudio 560 to give it a bit of air/lift. Super stoked with today's drum tones. harborlighthousestudios airgigs jeffreyanthonydrums jefferyanthony drums drumming sessiondrummer sessiondrums sabianartisan sabian sabianhats producer prodrummer recordingstudio tucson tucsonmusic tucsondrummer arizona arizonadrummer vicfirth evansdrumheads pearldrums aandfdrums sm7b

1 month ago

Letzten Samstag mit frauwolfofficial auf dem Alm Open Air. Auch schön mal ein paar Kollegen (wieder) zu treffen: simon_gattringer michi.hubert fotograef_ und Danke an jonny.koenig fürs Backline Sharing! Es war n toller Tag! 🙏 . Foto 1: Dirk Guldner sabiancymbals_official vicfirth openairfestival almopenair2019 altebekanntetreffen drummermeeting drummer livedrummer livebandmusic sabianartisan vicfirth5a drumcam eiche_rustikal greilich_fuchtel frauwolfofficial trommeln spinalglide

1 month ago

Was listening to Coltrane’s “Dear Lord” which made me wanna shed a little bit since it’s been weeks. Then had the idea to play the song each time with a dif 24” ride and see how it affects the way I interact with the song. • The order is -new Sabian Artisanish custom shop 24 -60s Zildjian A 24 -Sabian HHX style custom shop 24 • It’s not too fair since I found more chops towards the end as I got warmed up, but the difference in feel and the way I approached dynamics was vastly different. One of the best mind shifts in developing a more interesting expression on the drums was approaching each piece of the kit as an individual instrument. When I play each piece and appreciate each one’s unique voice, I find myself playing with more care because I want to highlight the depth of the specific instrument’s character. **TLDR: play your instruments with intentionality and care.** • mervtones sabiancustomshop sabianartisan vintagedrums vintagecymbals slingerlanddrums johncoltrane lifeisjazz createfromlove

1 month ago

Had so much fun with kwassamusic last night playing his sold out London show. I've been part of his project for over 4 years now and it's amazing to see how it's grown. Playing with the boys is always a pleasure too!🤪

2 months ago

Some rather nice new cymbals have just arrived! 😍 . A stunning 19” Artisan Crash and an 18” Legacy Crash (I managed to break my other one on tour 😢) . I’m literally about to jump behind the kit and record a session and I can’t wait to hear how that Artisan sounds A HUGE thank you to sabiancymbals_official and sabian_uk for sorting me out so unbelievably quickly 🙌🏼 It’s an honour to endorse these stunning cymbals SabianCymbals SabianArtisan Sabian

2 months ago

ObligatoryGearPic from the katerockwellnyc show at The Loft citywinerynyc on Monday night. Hauled in my own gear through the Holland Tunnel for this one and we had such a fun show. Tama Starclassic Maple in Marigold Sparkle with the following Sabian choices (L-R): . 14” Artisan Hats (nat) 18” Artisan Crash (br) 10” AA Splash (nat) 22” Crescent Element Ride 17” HHX Legacy Crash 14” HHX Evolution Mini-Chinese sabiancymbals sabianartist sabianHHX sabianartisan sabiancrescent crescentbysabian sabianHHXevolution sabianartisancrash tama tamastarclassic tamastarclassicmaple livemusic drums drummer showdrummer citywinerynyc katerockwell

3 months ago

という訳で往路復路共に無事故無違反で無事帰宅。僕のMRのドラムセットを沼澤さんが叩くのは2年8ヶ月ぶり8回目。今までで一番い音がしてるなぁ〜、と思ってたら沼澤さんの口からも「今までで一番いい音してる」とありがたいお言葉が。ヘッドやらチューニングやら、諸々トライアンドエラーを繰り返しどんな現場でも半ば無理矢理同じ楽器を使い続けた結果でしょうかね? ライヴは去年のZepp Sapporoの周年イベント以来1年ぶりでしたが直接会って挨拶したりお話ししたりも恐らく2年8ヶ月ぶり。 ちょいとミーハーに写真撮ってもらっちゃいまして^^;(ちなみに撮影は中條さん、、、^^;) 6月のDub Ainu Bandも何とかして行きたいなぁ〜。 pearldrums pearl_drums パールドラム whitemarinepearl remodrumheads fiberskyn sabian sabianartisan sabianaa sizzlehats demondrive takashinumazawa 沼澤尚 drumkit drumlife sensitone coatedemperor coatedambassador 中條卓 takashinakajo sensitone sensitoneclassic2 MR4plymapleshell