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Comment "BROKEN" letter by letter 💔 feels.jk ❤🌏

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Comment "ALONE" letter by letter💔. bixquoted 🌏💛

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Repost garyvee did it again I am literally laughing in my car. Purchases driven by the need for validation. It was pitiful when I saw it as a kid (if I wear this/have this they will like me). It looks even more sad in adults (if I drive this/or live there they will like me) SadTruth Distraction FocusOnYourPlan

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Comment "BROKEN" letter by letter in the comments 💔 bixquoted 🌏❤

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SadTruth. This that new age bullshit

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In Antalya they have a place filled with small houses for cats, here they get shelter, food and water, the people who made this, are the same people that Makes sure the dogs on the street gets food and water too blessthem muchlove they do what they Can ❤️ antalya streetanimals sadtruth

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this is me but if i had no husband and in a t-shirt that is bigger since i bought it and pretending it was my husbands - oh god xD aquarius lul sadtruth