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Tee_grizzley drops new video for GodsWarrior 🔥🐻 Catch it on our Daily Playlist Link in Bio 📲

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when you’re without your magic gear on your homeboy’s feast day but still want to give him just a lil something. thank you st. expedite! hodie!

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Full Image of the design. The story of St. Cathrine of Alexandria is said to be born daughter of Cestus. An wealthy Egyptian man. She challenge the emperor despite his anti Christian belief and soon converted all of the emperors philosophers to become Christian, which then the emperor burn them all to death. He said if she married him he would forgive him however she denied his request and she was sent to be torture on A spiked wheel. Legends says Cathrine touch the wheel before the torture and it fell apart. finally the emperor had her beheaded. St Cathrine, went to heaven and married Jesus as she had saved her virginity for him. saint design costume costumedesign

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I cried like bad , but the only thing keeping me from being depressed is the realization that they’re acting so I watch happy compilations of them two afterwards lmao perth saint pin noah suppapong tanapon

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Aujourd'hui c'était le vendredi saint, nous avons fait le chemin de croix pour nous rappeler Jésus qui souffrit sa passion et marcha dans les rues de Jérusalem en portant sa croix ⛪ Chemin de croix de l'église de St Aubin à la collégiale de Notre Dame Saint Friday Passion Of Christ

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GOOD FRIDAY♥️ GoodFriday FRIDAY TGIF ——————————————————————— 📸 rashellselahcreatives ——————————————————————— 📺 YouTube: Rashell Selah 🔗 in bio. MAXIMIZE your closet with me • • • RashellSelahStyles RashellSelah blackgirlmagic RashellSelah CHRISTIANdesigner Black Designer Stylist church Saint Jesus Forever21 polo ootd bloggerstyle blackwomen wcw dapperlydone gq liveyourbestlife fashionguide prettyflysociety naturalhair naturalista instylemagazine instylemag instyleuk instyle google fitnyc gq gqstyle styleandsociety trunkclubwomen voguemagazine vogue vogueparis Inspo

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For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world. Blessed Good Friday. May we know how profoundly we are loved. (Photo credit cassiaandmyrrh)

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Jesus says to us in the Gospel that the promised reward will not be for he who begins well, nor for he who continues for a certain time, but for he who perseveres unto the end. Therefore those who have begun must try to persevere. Those who have continued, must try to reach the end, and those who have unfortunately not begun, must set themselves on the right road. Let us make the effort to persevere. I know that it is a difficult task, but the example of the saints, the help of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the grace of God which is always waiting for those who call for it, will not fail us. Therefore let us garb ourselves in constancy, patience, and perseverance, and then that which Jesus said to us in the Gospel will come about: "He that shall persevere unto the end shall be saved." - Padre Pio InstaCatholic PadrePio SanGiovanniRotondo Pilgrim Pilgrimage Italy Saint Catholoc Faith Rosary CatholicLife

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I look into the past and understand: I'm doing everything right. All your failures and successes create you. Do what you love, break bad relationships and take care of good people. Do everything with love.

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Still waiting for word on one of my favorite sculptures. Joan of Arc by Charles Cesvergnes I had a picture of it in Encyclopedia Britannica growing up. I rediscovered it in college art course, and it became a bucket list art goal. Glad I was able to see it in person. I hope it's around for my grandkids to rediscover and seek out france  paris  notredame saint joanofarc JeanneDArc sculpture parisisalwaysagoodidea visitparis  parisjetaime  explore  travel  gameoftones lensculture runandgun lensculture gameoftones justgoshoot travelphotography greenhornetphotography greenhornetphoto xf35mm fujifilm_xseries  fujifilm  fujifeed  fujixt1 dontwait

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vendée Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie FleuveCotierLaVie

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بِدَور القدّيسة الفلسطينيّة "ماري_ألفونسين"، مؤسّسة رهبنة الورديّة . تابعو تيلي_فيلم "ذبيحة الورديّة" للأب فادي تابت و إخراج شارل شلالا. اللّيلة على الساعة 10:30pm lbcilebanon ldclebanon goodfriday 🙏❤️ Palestine Jerusalem saint mariealphonsine telefilm القدس أورشليم قدّيسة تيلي_فيلم ذبيحة_الورديّة أندريه_ناكوزي