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Conclusion of the trilogy.

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2 of 3. A few more shots of this snazzy little treat. Luxury cardholder using 4 leather types. Hand stitched at 9spi using linen thread and edgepainted with uniters. An excuse to figure out how to use my camera properly too.

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My boss’s boss stopped by my desk on his way out of the office today. “If we ever get a visit from an executive, we’ll have you speak for the team because you look the most responsible.” It’s nice to know I’m good for something Day 2 of DotWeek III brings this responsible-looking tomford tie in a looking-forward-to-spring color.

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2 slot fully lined luxury mininalist card holder using alligator, chevre, bridle and buttero leather! Fully lined, edge painted, and ready to roll.

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BELLUCCI NAPOLI “Endless story series” Whatstyleareyou • A journey through style & mood to inspire all of us to dress better & good! Here with our famous Bellucci Polo made with shirt collar to be wear with or without jacket. Soon available on aputekaofficial Suit tailored made by belluccinapoli 1. What style are you? 2. Are you this style? belluccinapoli endlesstory serie menswear handmade mensfashion mensfashionstyle styling styleinspiration inspiration fashion nycstylists professornedo neapolitantailoring neapolitanstyle impeccablestyle dapper neapolitantailors bespokenfor nycstylist sartorial madetomeasure naples italiandoitbetter newyorkcity newyork

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Very interesting post from the sartorialjournal 👌👍 Popular opinion in the world of sartorialism suggests that the most iconic - and perhaps the finest - suit ever made was that shaped by the shears of Arthur Lyons who worked at Kilgour, French & Stanbury on Savile Row, and worn by Cary Grant during his portrayal of Roger O Thornhill in Hitchcock’s classic, North by Northwest. Though words such as ’timeless’ and classic’ may be uttered - with increasing haphazardness might we add - in relation to this famous suit worn by Grant, we disagree with popular opinion. Despite its undeniable charm and beauty, and despite Grant having been enshrined as an eternal arbiter of taste, it is not the finest, nor the most iconic suit ever made. Such an auspicious title rests solely with the Italians - specially Gianni Agnelli - the Rake of the Riviera - and his tailor, Caraceni - who together, conceived this double breasted chalk stripe ensemble that Gianni wore as he met with Her Majesty. The cut, the proportions, the styling, the fit - literally everything about this suit - bespeaks timelessness and ‘perfection’. Whilst of course there can be no such thing as perfection in tailoring, one feels that this may be as close as any tailor has come been to achieving it - therefore rendering it befitting of the title; the finest suit ever made… sartorialjournal thesartorialjournal sartorial bespoke tailor tailoring suits suited dapper luxury ootd fashion menswear mensstyle gentleman gianniagnelli agnelli suitandtie menwithclass shirts style dapper classy gq mrporter savilerow pittiurmo sartorialstyle italianstyle classicstyle

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Hmmm🤔I’ve been stuck on, at or around 13k followers for at least a year now. I’m not exactly sure why I’ve been unable to keep growing an audience (and I’m more than humbled to have the audience that I have, trust me), in fact, I’ve lost more of my audience over the last year than I’ve gained. For those of you who have been rocking with me for some time now and stuck it out with a brother, I thank you. 🙏🏾 If you’ve recently decided to follow my page, I thank you too. 🙏🏾 Hopefully I can continue to build on my page, create some worthy content, develop some new collaborations and interest more and more people on what it is that I’m doing. I’m just a guy who likes to share my style vision with others. If I need to be doing something different, hey let me knowbut hopefully, if you are following my page, I’ve been able to give you some good ideas for your own styling eye. Keep it classy • • • • • • men tartan plaid blazer mensfashion mypage inspiration styleblogger ideas businessattire preppystyle business suitandtie men mystyle growth cleveland grownman blue trendy stylishmen menswear thankyou boss traveller newyorkstyle pictorial macys sartorial

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🐶 & 🐸 Sometimes, you wake up and sing, “Spring is here!” Alas, it is Texas, so there’s a chance of sleet, tornado, or freezing temps before the end of the week.

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The Classic Shirts: PENELOPE 👌 — Ideal for all your needs in dress shirts, it’s high quality timeless fabrics and its ability to be easy iron makes our Penelope Collection a great option for every occasion. surmesur shirtcollection — 🧵 Double Ply 80s-100s / 100% cotton 👔 Easy iron / High performance

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Straight from their friendly and elegant boutique in Rome, Ladybee presents its minimal and colourful collection. For a sophisticated woman. Sartorial and proudly Made in Italy. ladybee_boutique Check it out. 727 Collins Avenue, South Beach, Miami. popup popupshop milano followthebuyers temporarystore moda newcollection style fashion showroom colorful clothing exclusive sartorial designdistrict fashionevents miamibeach miami southbeach collinsave boutique chic luxury musthave summervibes handmade rome madeinitaly

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“Retro”(adj)- clothes or music whose style or design resembles those of the recent history. •A look into the past•Chicago 3 1 2• tylmenfashion

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¡Feliz Día del Hombre! Y para celebrarlo, tenemos referencias seleccionadas con un beneficio del 25%. Aprovecha esta oportunidad para tener camisas realmente únicas EstiloMinutio 🦂 Escríbenos por WhatsApp 📲 (+573007257768)

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A bold check makes a real statement. RajaLuxe

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Costume of Moon's Personification, original character projected by crystal_crove for Firenze Fantasy Edition. I've supported this work realizing the black skirt. Model: itsnotlorna 🌙 ~ Infiniti ringraziamenti alla vostra sopportazione e per esservi fidate del mio aiuto dal punto di vista sartoriale. È bello poter elaborare progetti in uno spirito di gruppo collaborativo, variando sia il tipo di lavoro, quindi il mestiere, sia il genere di modello/ambientazione. È stimolante poter veder fin dove la propria conoscenza e manualità permettono di arrivare, commettere sbagli per correggersi e migliorarsi. Dopo un discorso serio, culo. Grazie di tutto crystal_crove, itsnotlorna, rageinside, nik_afrog, benedettamodastyle. firenzefantasy firenzefantasy2019 project characterdesign originalcharacter personification moon fantasy fashion alternativemodel alternativefashion fantasymakeup silvermakeup makeup cosplay cosplaygirl costume fantasycostume photography photocosplay photocollage patternmaker tailoring sartorial work silver color cosplayitalia italiancosplayer niclamakeupartist

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2020 心の準備はバッチリです!: ) Tokyo 2020 Olympics we are ready! All clothing Hanzel&Gretel store. HANZEL&GRETEL 東京都渋谷区神宮前3-31-20 Tokyo 03.6343.9990 fashion style design stylist training мода ファッション skateboard luxury lifestyle стиль coordinate menswear code fashionista golf nextmenswear streetstyle ootdmen sartorial athleisure fitness golfwear game tokyo2020 guyswithstyle golftips golfer moderngentleman hanzelandgreteljp

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Guess what’s in my fanny pack? Winner gets a prize and shoutout 😜

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Couple snaps of my last project. An apron loader. Next up, patterning for my custom lasts!

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10 Fun Bowtie Facts 1) The first bowties were worn in 1630's France 2) Only 1% of adult males know how to tie a bowtie 3) 78% of all bowties sold are pre-tied 4) Iran banned the sale of ties in 1979 because they were seen as a symbol of "Western decadence" 5) Since 2010, US bowtie sales have grown 4x faster than neckties 6) 40% of all bowties sold are plain black 7) Mississippi is the no. 1 bowtie state 8) It takes half as much fabric to make a bowtie than a necktie 9) The most expensive bowtie costs $78,000 10) August 28th is National Bowtie Day Special thanks to Should I post a how-to video for bowties? Let me know in the comments below! ⬇️⬇️⬇️ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Follow me or vestry_style for more style tips & photos! TuxedoTuesday vestrystyle consistencyispower bowties wedding wesdingseason wedding2019 weddingstyle prom prom2019 tuxedo classicman Detroit style mensstyle menswear sartorial customsuits

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One of our classics - Medallion vintage silk tie. Selftipped with a light interlining. Made in Italy▪️Shop your tie online! 🌍Worldwide shipping (keep in mind that we deduct 25% swedish VAT on orders outside EU)