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The disrespect

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Every weekbecause me first from now on and FUCK all those fake peopleand don’t forget you helped create this BITCH that will never stop moving forward because if I’m not in your life in any way you LOST not MEbecause I’m FUcKEN AMAZING SAVAGE. AWESOME. Because I will be there always for good and bad. 💔💙🖤 😘

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Here no no no

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Protect your environment ♻️

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Delete message

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On the same frequency

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you don’t have to sacrifice femininity to be a savage 😤🤙🏽💋

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Este es uno de los colores básicos de savage 👉Cuéntanos con qué color lo complementarías👈 cucuta moda ventura plaza

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I’m being humbled often , I need to start going to church.

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"Pregnant women shouldn't lift more than 35lbs!" • Say whaaa?!?🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ • I've heard it through both my pregnancies. Thanks to the Nay Sayers, Negative Nancy's, and Debbie Downers. • Here's the thing I've been heavy lifting for 5+ years. I know what my body can handle, I know correct form, and I know when to scale back. If I didn't lift while pregnant, my body would go into complete shock.💯💯 • With my first pregnancy, my Dr was completely against the lifting. Until I had to push for 2.5 HOURS to get Lyncoln out! 9/10 times it would have been an emergency c section. She was face up. NOW he accredits all that strength, to my lifting. So you better believe, that with this pregnancy, he hasn't said one word about my lifting!🙌🏼 • Pre-pregnancy, I could Deadlift 260 . Today, I knew 205 was pushing it, so I didn't stress it too much. As much as I HATE to scale way back, especially after all my previous gainz, I realize that I'm PRing every day, bc I'm growing a freaking HUMAN inside of me‼️‼️ • • If you've been active pre-pregnancy, then keep with it! Of course, don't take up anything new after you've become pregnant! • Listen to your body • Know your limits • Take it easy when needed • And🖕🏼the haters • • • nobullproject fitaid 22weekspregnant 22weeksprego 2ndtrimester pregnantandlifting

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I'm in tears 😂😭

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If you pushed through some shit recently, had a stressful day or were just tired but still got up and did something you knew was good for you even though you didn’t feel like doing it, I applaud you. I admire you. You should’ve nothing but proud. Life’s about the little wins too you know❣️ - - - eatmovethrive tieroperator redcon1 rc1operator weareredcon1 healthcoach personaltrainer gains flex fitfam fitchicks fitspo fitness fitspiration murves selflove bodybuilding npcathelete npcbikini figuregirl instafit keepgrinding bootybuilding girlswithmuscles girlswholift girlswhosquat beachbody motivation savage

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I need to get AirPods first, people look at my like a commoner ffs

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Note to self Drop a 💁🏼‍♀️ if you feel me on this one

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