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We are small people in a big world but we have the ability to do so much. Its up to us to preserve the earth, care for those around us and make a difference no matter how big or small. I love my job because I change peoples lives and make them happier, healthier and stonger. But I have also realised my role in looking after the planet. Its vital that we not make selfish decisions but decisions that have a positive impact, for example not buying one off plastic bottles out of ease, the reason we are destroying the planet is due to carlessness, ignorance and laziness. * Educate yourself on how our actions effect the plant * Make changes in your lifestyle to support yhe needs of the environment * pre plan so that you dont forget your bag for life when going shopping or your reusable water bottle when going to the gym ecowarrior healthyworld healthyliving healthgirl gymgirl changetheworld makeadiffernece bagforlife singleuseplastics saynitoplastic helptheworld savetheocean savethewild eco strongworld stronggirl fitnessgirl mondaymadness wildlifeneedssaving

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🌊 Just A Baby Elephant Seals Looking Cute 🌊 To see the most epic ocean content follow 👉 itsoceanicapparel 👈!🔥 Photo By: Unknown DM oceanicapparel

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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.💪 Azheekal Beach Clean Up. We could only clean only like 10% maybe 5 % of the beach (need more Volunteers that actually care about making a difference). BTW there's no proper place for disposal of these wastes (mostly plastic bottles and ice cream wrapper's etc) and as usual no help from the authorities either.🤗 makeachange trashchallenge cleanup pickupyourtrash azheekal beachcleanup india kerala keralatourism wanderers youth climatechangeisreal climatecrisis kollam karunagappally stoppollution saveourplanet savetheocean notosingleuseplastic oceanpollution leonardodicapriofoundation takeonlymemoriesleaveonlyfootprints tedtalks

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Hey guys! I went to the Tampa Bay Yoga Fest and created a vlog about it. Honestly an amazing festival ❤️❤️ Link to the video in my bio 😊 subscribe to my channel for more fun videos!

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Sign the link in greenpeace bio and DM me prof for a follow/shoutout whatever u want 💚 • Go follow ➡️ climatechangetoday1 for more 🤗 . We need to wake up 🌍 . One way or another change is coming ⁣⁣⁣• Make_earth_green_again • Let’s not turn earth into one giant landfill • ♻️🌍🐟🐢🐘🦌🐛🌿 - 🌿Repair what can be fixed 🔧 - 🌿Refuse items that you don’t need🚫 - 🌿Reduce those you do ⬛️ —◾️ - 🌿Reuse what you can 🔄 - 🌿Recycle what’s left ♻️ - 🌿Rot (compost) everything else ♻️🌍🐟🐢🐘🦌🐛🌿 • 💙🌎 💥Check out our page💥 💙🌎 👉 make_earth_green_again 👈 💙🌎 🌟📸 Credit🐢: washingtonpost 🌟 💙🌎 ⁣⁣ • ocean cleanup habitat savetheocean savetheplanet reduce reuse recycle nostraws noplastic nosingleuseplastic pollution oneearth NewEnergyChallenge savetheturtles environment ecofriendly beachlife climatechange green healthylifestyle sustenaible nomoreplastic

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THE BEST TIME TO PROTECT THIS PLANET AND ITS SPECIES FROM PLASTIC WAS 25 YEARS AGO. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? THE SECOND BEST TIME IS : NOW IF NOT NOW, THEN WHEN? These pictures are a wake up call to each and everyone of us out there, Telling ourselves that, what will a single bottle do, nothing will change if i just buy one more bottle of water, me buying one more plastic packaged food won’t change anything!AND THINGS LIKE THAT WAKE UP PEOPLE! We really need to stop every single use of plastic, and also be an inspiration to those who are not willing to change and don’t mind about this planet. Wake up before it’s too late And shout out to the pages i am tagging. We are together in the fight. Keep up the good fight. I appreciate your effort to make this world a better place to live. Thank you everyone who is doing great work of making people more and more aware. Namaste 🙏🏼 plasticfree plastic plasticpollution plasticpollutes plasticpollutionkills plasticnotfantastic stopplasticpollution stopplastic savetheturtles savetheearth savetheplanet savetheocean savethesea savetheoceans savewildlife sustainability sustainable plasticfreeforthesea plasticocean plasticsucks reduceplasticwaste savethewhales savethesharks savethereef reefsafe reefs

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Check out the latest episode where we dive into the amazing discoveries found in “The Lost City of the Monkey God”! If you haven’t done so yet be sure to subscribe and leave a comment and rating on whatever platform you’re listening on. * * * positivevibes positivenews podcast podcaster podcasting limelighthighlight thewhitecity thelostcityofthemonkeygod discover animals endangeredspecies extinction surprise bethechange savetheworld conservation savetheocean savetheenvironment follow subscribe rate monday

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🌊 Be part of the solution, not pollution! ✅♻️ The fate of our seas is not only up to the government or industry. Our individual, daily actions matter, too. You can start by reducing water pollution and runoff at home, being more mindful of your plastic consumption, or organizing a cleanup of your local waterway. You can also support the work of NRDC and other environmental advocacy groups as well as other businesses and organizations that work to preserve our coasts and waters. savetheplanet stopplastic recycle minimumplastic minimalism savetheocean upcycle dontwastewater

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Sickens me to see this and to know that we are the ones causing this 💔. Things need to change! Spread this and repost! wearetheearth 🌎

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Wo war denn noch gleich? Unser Lager hat mehr als 10.000 Fächer. Für uns heißt das: organisiert arbeiten, damit deine Bestellung rechtzeitig bei dir ankommt. 📦🏃‍♀️💨 ♻ rethinkinghtewaywebuy reBuy recommerce reducewaste circulaireconomy environment eco sustainability ecofriendly climatechange plasticfree sustainable gogreen recycle zerowaste govegan plastic reusable cleanouroceans savetheplanet sustainableliving sustainablelifestyle reducereuserecycle savetheearth savetheocean reducewaste

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To this day, the earth is suffering from climate change, deforestation, habitat loss, pollution, poaching, and so much more We are all aware of what is happening to the turtles and the elephants because we spread the message, but what about other animals like the ones in the article that suffer from climate change and even poaching, what about all the other marine animals suffering from water pollution, what about koalas and orangutans that are suffering from habitat loss caused by deforestation and some types are close to becoming endangered due to palm oil plantations, what about all the birds affected by air pollution, all the different animals killed for food and half of it just goes to waste. It’s time to spread awareness for all animals that need our help to put an end to pollution, climate change, poaching, and more You can help by not using single use plastic or buying single use plastic. If we stop buying it, company’s will stop making it which will help reduce both water and air pollution. You can donate to animal organization to help save the animals and get them back into the wild, you can get a group of people and do a beach clean up, use and by animal friendly and eco friendly products Photo credit: world.ecofriends savetheearth savetheplanet makeapositivedifference makeapositivechange savetheocean helpallanimals easywaystohelptheplanet makeadiffrence beagoodchange sharethismessage

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Healing the Earth is more urgent than ever. It is, however, very true that by healing the Earth, we will be healing ourselves as well We shouldn't keep dumping the single-use plastic wastes into Nature. Skipping the single-use plastic and keep picking up those single-use plastic waste from the landfill or oceans will help the Earth and innocent wildlife Earth doesn't need human. Human need Earth. Pick up the trash, leave the beach cleaner than before, grow and eat more plants, you will be surprised how happier and healthier you feel for the Earth and yourself savetheocean savetheplanet recycle reduce reuse eatmoreplant healtheearth care plantbasedlifestyle lessplastic oncetheworldwasjplasticfreebefore leavethebeachcleaner zerowaste goingzerowaste zerowastelife plasticfree plasticfreejuly slowliving vegan bambooutensils foodwaste wastereduction plantbasedlife bringyourownutensils

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In the central Indian state of Madhya, volunteers planted 66 million tree saplings along the Narmada River to help fight against deforestation and climate change. At the Paris Climate Conference, India pledged 235 million acres to replanting forests to “make India green again” by 2030. They plan on spending 6.2 billion dollars towards this. - - -

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If you ever doubt what to recycle where you can always put a map inside your kitchen cabinets😁♻️ Link in bio for PDF recycling map for Oslo from kildesorteringioslo This week’s challenge of mingronneutfordring is “Recycle everything” so it’s the perfect time to get a better overview and become an expert 👊🏼 And remember - it’s really not that complicated. Swipe left if you need some reminders of that 🙌🏼😅 🎥 by grontpunkt and antonsoise tadegsammena reducethejuice reducewaste ecofriendly zerowaste earth sustainability gogreen sustainable savemoney sustainableliving planet greenliving earthday recycling eco motherearth green ecofriendly nature organic ethical environment greenliving naturelovers savetheocean planetplast nrkplast bethechange

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▪️It’s a sad truth that 8 million tonnes of plastic enters our oceans every year, with devastating concequences for micratory birds like the Laysan albatross.😢 Save the marinelife!☝️ ———————————————————————— whatgoesintheoceangoesinyou protectouroceans plastickills plastictrash ecosystemdestruction noplastic safemarinelife plastic protectourearth weallhavemuchtodo plasticpollution climatechange sustainabilityworld noplanetb🌎 plasticfree saynotoplastic savetheplanet savethenature savetheearth thinkaboutit helptheplanet environmentalprotection sustainability breakfreefromplastic animalprotection savetheocean saveitinyourmind saveourplanet AH no_planet_b_ah

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潮鯨豚 前兩天臉書被「俄釋放鯨魚監獄!百頭鯨魚回家啦!」的消息洗版,起因於俄羅斯副總理戈德耶夫(Alexei Gordeyev)在國際保育聲浪的輿論及連署壓力下,宣佈將原訂賣到世界各地水族館表演、暫時囚禁於納霍德卡港「鯨魚監獄」的百隻鯨魚(含白鯨及虎鯨)釋放。 得知這個消息雖然覺得很欣慰,因為代表這世界有越來越多人意識到野外捕捉野生動物、囚禁及逼迫這些動物表演的行徑是多麽殘忍,然而,雖然在全球關注的聯署行動下合力促成這些圈養的鯨豚有機會被野放,但到底這些鯨豚是否真的能順利「回家」,卻還是一個大大的問號。 野外鯨豚族群具有高度的社會結構與文化,牠們透過群體之間的合作與分工,在自然的海域中發展出集體獵食與對抗天敵的策略;然而人為捕殺的過程中破壞了原有的族群結構,失去同伴的鯨群因此增加了生存的風險,而被擄走的個體極有可能無法再回到原有的群體之中。 我們衷心期待圈養產業有一天能從這個世上消失,不再有鯨豚被人類的貪慾所捕獵,所有生命生而自由,得到平等的對待。 圖片來源:CCA ~ 知識 news knowhow 黑潮 黑潮海洋文教基金會 太平洋 海好嗎 花蓮 海洋 海豚 鯨魚 鯨豚 kuroshio ocean marine education china savetheocean oceanlover pacificocean wildlife whale FreeRussianWhales captivity

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There may now be around 5.25 trillion macro and microplastic pieces floating in the open ocean. Weighing up to 269,000 tonnes That's why our partners YESHARK.COM are giving away FREE Stainless Steel Reusalble straws Get yours Now. Only 50 left in stock . 🖕 Click Link in the Bio 🖕 Or go to

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Vier erfolgreiche Methoden, um unsere Ozeane und das menschliche Leben auf diesem Planeten zu zerstören . 🌱Verschmutzung Momentan schwimmen circa 150 Millionen t Plastik im Meer. Zusätzlich kippen alle möglichen Schiffe wie selbstverständlich ständig Öl ins Meer und immer wieder passieren Unglücke auf Bohrplattform wie das der Deepwater Horizon im Jahr 2010. An den deutschen Küsten sind circa 30 % aller dort lebenden Arten durch Öl und Müll und Abwasser vom Aussterben bedroht 🌱 Überfischung Wir fischen so viel, dass die Fischpopulation sich nicht mehr erholen können. Nur noch ein bisschen mehr, dann haben sie ganz ausgerottet. Nebenbei entsteht bei manchen Fischereimethoden 80 % bis 90 % Beifang. Das sind Spezies, die unbeabsichtigt mitgefangen und in den Netzen getötet werden. Shit happens… . 🌱 Atombombentests im Meer Wir wissen nicht, wie viele Tests Unterwasser stattfinden und wie stark die Strahlung ist, die sie freisetzen. Aber Fakt ist: Teile des Ozeans sind verstrahlt. Und das hat Folgen für Flora, Fauna und das gesamte Ökosystemen 🌱 Klimawandel Der CO2-Gehalt steigt nicht nur in der Luft, sondern auch in den Meeren. Wenn stark CO2-haltiges Wasser verdunstet, gelangt es in die Luft und trägt somit zur Klimaerwärmung bei. Außerdem verändert CO2 den pH-Wert des Wassers. In dem nun saureren Wasser können Korallen und andere Wasserpflanzen nicht mehr überleben. Schade, denn diese hätten durch ihre Fotosynthese den CO2 Gehalt ja verringern können. Im Meer lebende Organismen produzieren 50 % unseres globalen Sauerstoffgehaltes. Aufgrund ihres Aussterben es ist schon jetzt ein minimaler Rückgang dieses Sauerstoffs feststellbar. Joa, irgendwann ersticken wir dann wohl, wenn wir es nicht geschafft haben, uns bis dahin auf eine andere Art und Weise auszurotten Läuft bei uns (Quelle: Das Ende der Ozeane - warum wir ohne die Meere nicht überleben werden; Mojib Lativ, 2014) . hurradieseweltgehtunter . savetheocean nachhaltig nachhaltigkeit sustainability verschmutzung erdöl plastikverschmutzung müllimmeer unweltbewusst greenblogger greenlifestyle sinnfluencer umweltaktivist überfischung verstrahlung klimawandel ocean ökoblogger

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30 whale shark sightings The BEST WEEK until now, some new ID for the data base sharkcount galapagos_whale_shark_project the season in the pristine Island Wolf and Darwin is getting interesting, hope to fine again Paulo, the only male I saw last year around Darwin’s Arch looking for lady’s 🐋 like this beautiful giant “pregnant” explorerventures Humboldtdiveboat humboldtdivecrew humboldt whalesharkswimming pregnant female giant giantshark ocean savetheocean wildlife natgeo natgeowild photoID galapagos ecuador underwaterlife marinelife whaleshark sharkcount adventure underwateradventure wild life

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We were walking through the park earlier and these lovely floating death traps dropped down in front of us. I'm guessing these were sent up in the sky to a dad in heaven for father's day, 8 days ago. So it's taken these only 8 days to float back down to earth, and more often than not appear in the ocean. Turtles then mistake them for food, same with whales and some fish. They break down into smaller and smaller pieces, leeching chemicals into the ocean and waters. As someone who has lost their dad, I can sympathize with whoever let these go, but this whole sending balloons to heaven idea has to stop. These balloons ended up in a bin in Stockport, not in heaven. plasticpollution boycottballoons sustainableissues unsustainable balloons oceanpollution saynotoplastic saynotosingleuse saveourseas savetheturtles savetheocean litterpicking take3forthesea

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Coral reefs cover less than 0.1% of the ocean, yet more than a quarter of all marine species depend on them. It is a shocking truth that the world has already lost up to half its coral reefs. We must ramp up our efforts to give them and the wildlife they support a fighting chance. Climate change, overfishing and coastal development are some of the biggest threats to coral reefs. Plastic pollution can add to the pressure on corals and make them sick, or worse. Tomorrow is World Wildlife Day, join us in calling for a global agreement to stop marine plastic pollution. Follow the link in our bio to sign the petition. WWD2019 WorldWildlifeDay StopPlasticPollution WorldWildlifeDay2019 Connect2Earth LoveTheOcean SaveTheOcean ocean oceanconservation oceanlife marinelife underwater underwaterlife underwaterworld seacreatures BluePlanet marineconservation coralreefs

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Zero waste. Har du bytt ut flytande tvål mot fast blocktvål? 🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿 Repost mrs_eco with get_repost ・・・ 15weekszerowastechallenge 🌿🌿 🇬🇧 2nd week: make the switch from liquid soap to bar soap. I bought these at maliniratan and I already love them 🇪🇸 2° semana: cambia del jabón líquido al sólido. Yo compré estos ecológicos en maliniratan y ya estoy encantada! zerowastechallenge zerowastesweden zerowaste gozerowaste gogreen sinplastico sinresiduos menosresiduos lesswaste vivirsinplastico ecofriendly ecologico eko eco barsoap champusolido savetheplanetearth savetheanimals savetheocean takecareofplanetearth consumoresponsable susteinable giftfritt sintoxicos

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Jahreskarte für mein Lieblingsfreibad😎 🏊‍♂️🏊‍♂️🏊‍♂️🏊‍♂️🏊‍♂️🏊‍♂️🏊‍♂️

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Plastic bags, fishing nets and fishing lines. These are some of the items found inside the stomach of a whale carcass washed ashore in Italy. The pregnant whale had ingested 22kg of plastic. Tragically, this is the fourth incident in a short space of time in which a whale has washed ashore with excessive amounts of plastic in its stomach. If we don’t act now, we will lose more of our planet’s precious MarineLife. Will you join us in calling for world leaders to StopPlasticPollution? Follow the link in our bio. StopPlasticPollution Plastic PlasticPollution BeatPlasticPollution PlasticOcean ReduceReuseRecycle SaveTheOcean SayNoToPlastic BeatPlasticPollution BreakFreeFromPlastic PlanetOrPlastic PeoplePower TakeAction PlasticPollutes

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You made your voices heard and world leaders are listening! Positivenews alert, Nordic governments became the first in the world to call for a global treaty to StopPlasticPollution in our oceans. This is a fantastic step in the right direction. Together, we can and we will make a difference. Follow the link in our bio and join the 400K people calling ALL world leaders for urgent action! Plastic PlasticPollution BeatPlasticPollution PlasticOcean ReduceReuseRecycle SaveTheOcean SayNoToPlastic BeatPlasticPollution BreakFreeFromPlastic PlanetOrPlastic PeoplePower TakeAction PlasticPollutes