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Sono all'Ipercoop, mi accingo a fare un selfie con per sfondo le mie amiche patatine. Da lontano sento gridare una dipendente: - EHIIII NON SI POSSONO FARE FOTOOO! Mi avvicino ridendo e le mostro il selfie! - Veda, ho fotografato me stesso e la mia passione 😂 Suppongo abbia capito male ahaha ma ridendo mi ha detto: - Va bene, va bene, vai. Credevo di essere all'Ipercoop, non negli studi televisivi Mediaset 😂 Io scioccato torno a fare selfie. Sssshhhh 🤫 eyes browneyes chips bearded beard beardstyle illegal selfie offlimits coolselfie dangerous picsart leather leathermen leatherjacket cute wow surprise scared surprised

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Why Hire A Birth Photographer? Your baby’s birth is one of the most emotional & momentous occasions in your life! The more accurate question would be - Why wouldn't you hire a birth photographer? If you were getting married wouldn't you hire a photographer? Think of it as an investment. I have clients that tell me all the time that they spent so much money on their wedding photos and they never look at them, but they look at their Birth Story all the time! I promise you. You won't regret it. Because nothing can compare to that moment when you and your baby meet for the first timewhen two become three when a family is born. They say that the memories of these first few moments fade so quickly. And, sadly it is true. Adrenaline, medication and excitement clouds your memory. Birth Photography helps capture & preserve these precious memories for you. Parents at that time are so focused on a million different things- the health of mom, the health of baby, the pain! Who wants to think about taking pictures at a time like this?! That's where I come in! Wouldn't you rather hold your partners hand during this special time, than be distracted by taking photographs? I am there to capture your Birth Story. I am there to capture that special once in a life time moment, when you meet your little miracle for the first time. When you hear their first cry, when you finally get to hold them in your arms after months of anticipation. My name is Karinna and I am located in Concord, NC. Message me for availability! 😊 . concordnc charlottenc birth birthphotography northcarolinabirthphotographer laborpains labor husbandandwife laboroflove lifespreciousmoments emotions scared pregnancy babybump bumpbelly motherhoodthroughinstagram momsofinstagram flashesofdelight our_everyday_moments newborn babylove newborn inlove lifeisamazing babybump childhoodmemories candidphotography cherisheverymoment

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When we succumb to fear, we allow a temporary barrier to become a permanent wall between us and our success. Feelings are fleeting and as such, should not be given the power to dictate our choices. The power is yours. Choose to keep moving through the fear and uncertainty with the confidence that you will pass it by, and on the other side of it, you will find the joy of accomplishment. Is there anxiety that you know is holding you back right now? Name it in the comments and then tell it "Goodbye!" 👇 scared scarednotscared getscared doitscared scaredmommy fear fearless fearlessgirl fears fearoffailure fearlessmotivation fearnothing fearnot teamfearless totallyfearless loveoverfear fearfree fearlesswomen letgooffear overcomefear stayfearless risk riskhappy risky risktaker risktakers riskeverything

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Bild von Google . Ich habe heute Mathe geschrieben und gefühlt 70 Minuten nur auf die Aufgaben gestarrt und dann 20 Minuten probiert zu rechnen. Ich hasse Mathe. dyskalkulie ? Jetzt gleich habe ich so einen Termin bei einem Psychologen nicht bei meiner Therapeutin. Das ist so ein offizieller Gutachter oder so. Es soll ein IQ-Test gemacht werden, mal wieder, um zu prüfen wieso ich so scheiße in der Schule bin. Je nachdem was da dann raus kommt entscheidet über meine Schullaufbahn. iq-test schule school schoolsucks psychischkrank depression svv selfharm cuts cuttings narben anxiety Angst depressed selbstmord selfharm suicide fuckedup hatemylife scars scared ritzen svv cuts cuttings borderline recovery magersucht Anorexie warrior

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Practicing a fig's leaf. Ficus carica (Linnaeus, 1753) Next step: more shading. I always encounter this problem. I'm scared of shading, almost terrified. The more you go dark for shading the more the chances you loose of deleting mistakes. Btw other than shading more, I wants to practice also the fig fruit and the tree structure. A first attempt to create a "scientific" card of the plant. leafdrawings figtree memoirsofaborealbear

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Your feelings are valid here. Do you ever read something and it’s like “wow I could’ve wrote that”. This was me. I left people before being left, and who knows if I even was going to be leftbut I made sure I guarded myself. I was always on guard like I had been betrayed many times before. It’s weird. I feel like my whole life I never felt like people had good intentions towards me, and that left me overly guarded a lot. I would cut myself off from people because sometimes being alone was just a lot less stressful my mind was calmer. Because hey I couldn’t leave myself? All of these characteristics about my history with anxiety make sense. I try to prevent everything. I try to prevent becoming sick and dying, I try to prevent failure by working 1000x harder than I should, I try to prevent getting hurt by clinging to myself, I try to prevent the unknown/lack of control by avoiding things and saying “that doesn’t seem fun to myself” when I think I’m just trying to convince myself it’s not fun and I’d probably have a great time. I know resolutions are cheesy and that’s why I didn’t make any, but a few months ago I did make two intentions. 1. Learn to love the imperfections in myself & others 2. Let go and live- try more things I had to tell myself in the end “what are you preserving your health for? To just live?” That hit me. I encourage you to set some intentions. They are not goals, resolutions, whatever. But make it an INTENTION to do something that scares you, or goes against the believes in your mind. What are some things you would love to do but anxiety holds you back? 👇🏼 repost by health_anxiety anxiety depression panicattack panicdisorder help support lonely therapy selflove healthanxiety mentalillness mentalhealthawareness anxietyrelief mentalhealth time crying happy sad socialanxiety ocd scared fear selfhelp anxietyattack agoraphobia ptsd wellness

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S C A R E D O F I N J E C T I O N S So this is a random one I am due to have the Whopping Cough vaccination as part of pregnancy, however I am so scared I had it with my first pregnancy and thought I was going to throw up when the nurse did it! It's ridiculous, how can a Type 1 diabetic, who's been injecting insulin for the past 20 years or so, be scared of an injection??? Well, I am because the whopping cough vaccine, flu jab etc bloody hurt! I actually put off having the flu jabs most years because I am such a wuss, but the Whopping Cough vaccination is for the health of the baby - so I can't really get out of it! My friends and family think I'm mental when I say I absolutely freak out at the idea of someone else injecting me! Through my whole 'diabetic life', I've only been injected with insulin by someone else once - as a newly diagnosed 10 year old! A nurse did my first insulin injection in my arm! Omg - I'm pretty sure she stuck it in my muscle, I was literally like, there is no way anyone else it doing that to me again EVER - so from that day on, I've always done everything myself. Please tell me I'm not the only type 1 diabetic with a fear of being injected (by someone else) ???? 💉💉💉 diabetes diabetic type1diabetic pregnancy pregnant type1 type1andpregnant babyno2 herewegoagain needlephobia scared soridiculous suchawuss vaccination whoppingcoughvaccination nhs

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Never too big to jump on mommy's lap ESPECIALLY at this place full of humans that prick me. Mommy says I have a cough and been sneezing. Oh but in big news, I weigh more than my human siblings at 41lb vettime lapdog scared alwaystheretocomfort hug dogloves mansbestfriend packlife caicothepotcake thestoryofcaico hobokendogs hobokenpotcake dailydog 11monthsold dogstagram citydog citydogliving rescuedog adoptdontshop rescuedog potcakeinhoboken dogsofinstagram puppylove potcakeinthecity rescuedogsofinstagram puppiesofinstagram instapuppy puppygram dailydog pupstagram petawesome bestoftheday

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Scared kitty 🙀

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“Hate comes from intimidation, love comes from appreciation.”⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ 💜⠀ quotesmotivationinspirationquoteofthedayinspirationalquotesquotestolivebymotivationalquotessuccessmotivationallovequoteslifestylequotestagramquotesaboutlifeinstaquoteinspirationalpositivitywisdomdailyquotesinstaquotesmindsetgoalsafgoalsscaredexcitedfearfearlesshateloveintimidationappreciation

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