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We have this one life. We often think we have this whole life a head of us. That we have time. To do the things we have always wanted to do when it’s the “right time.” Truth is be in the now. Jump & do what makes you happy. Live your dreams. Be kind & smile at a stranger. Tell them hello or give them a compliment. Stop & look around, smell the fresh air, admire the colorful flowers, look up at the gorgeous sky. Life can change in a flash! Or the little problems that we think are the BIG problems when someone else has it way worse off & would trade spots with you in a minute! Breathe & enjoy the journey! Our life is a story with chapters that we hold the pen to write. Stop & be thankful you are alive & healthy! Live every day like it’s your last. ❤️ lovelife onelife cherish happiness love live life outdoors tonight sunset dreams cherishlife others scenes scenery outdoors photography cattails photo instagood

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To say that this island is beautiful is an understatement.

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京都 瑠璃光院に行ってみた。 (階下へ降りて…) 2階からの景色も素晴らしいですが1階も負けず劣らず。 紅葉もさることながら苔むす庭園が広がってます。 苔の緑と紅葉の赤が相まってまた違ったいい雰囲気。 今度は夜間拝観も行ってみたいと思いつつ後にしました…(^o^)/~~ 京都 瑠璃光院 特別公開 紅葉 庭園 夜間拝観 景色 素晴らしい japan kyoto north rurikoin autumn temple scenery wonderful garden travel

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Mar. 21st. 2019 사람들마다 중요시하는 가치는 다르며, 상황에 따라서도 내가 중요시하는 가치가 달라질 수도 있고 새로운 가치가 중요해지거나 덜 중요해질 수도 있는 것이다. 지금 나에게 중요한 가치 문제가 곧 바뀌는 상황이 곧 올 것인데 그것을 받아들이는 과정에서 생체기를 덜 겪도록 스스로가 더 부지런해지고, 정신없어지되, 집중을 하도록 해야겠다.

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Camila, 24 💜 "Desde niña me sentía mal con mi cuerpo por muchos motivos. Abuso, maltrato, burlas y demases que en la adolescencia se detonaron en un odio y rechazo a mi prototipo de figura a tal punto que me obligaba a hacer dietas imposibles o fajarme para ocultar mi sobrepeso. Llegó un punto en que entendí que no podía seguir permitiendo hacerme tanto daño y me revelé. Me empece a amar, a sentir hermosa y completa tal cual era. () Hoy después del proceso, puedo decir que avancé en amarme, en adorarme y valorar quien soy. Soy Camila,  soy mujer, soy matrona, soy hermana, soy luna y compañera. Soy eterna." Si quieres participar del proyecto, envíame un mensaje 📩 IMPORTANTE: - Debes ser mayor de edad. - Debes ser de Talagante o poder trasladarte por tus propios medios al lugar. (Talagante o alrededores) - Debes considerar que algunas la sesión serán publicadas y pueden ser seleccionada para exposición. ☀️ • • trees toptags landscape nature love treelover landscape water flow reflex reflection scenery photography photo photographyeveryday photographer photographyislife instaphotography photographylovers photographyart photooftheday photogram instafamous chilenasfotografas womanphotographer woman pretty chile retratartecl

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Almost fell through the snow trying to take pictures of the water (I almost fell in anyways)😅 Then I tried to wander off but got scolded at by my brother. So uh. Yeah it was fun for awhile, wanted to stay longer. Being in the mountains kept my mind at ease🌲 Utah UT SaltLakeCity SLC Happy Spring Snow Mountains Outdoors Eh L4L F4F Mine Scenery CottonwoodCanyon Alta Wasatch WasatchForest BigCottonwoodCanyon Trees Beautiful AfternoonDrives 風景 好き好き フォローフォロー

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Nunca pararé.

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Burn the House Down

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And if you feel you’re sinking I will jump right over Into cold, cold water WITH YOU ;) . What are your thoughts on online vs irl friends? Can online friends be as real as the people you can meet face to face? . anime manga illustration photography underwaterphotography cute adorable kawaii bubbles water ocean emotional underwater background scenery colorful creative procreate digitalart digitalpainting painting sketch illustration art semirealism glowing fineart graphicdesign instaart aesthetic Parody of Cold Water by Major Lazer

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Aquele dia de princesa que a gente merece. Porque não é só de muito trabalho que vive uma mulher ☕💆💇💅