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"Jadilah seperti mentari selepas fajar, Yg sinarnya terpancar, Manjakan penglihatan, Tinggalkan gelap menuju terang Jangan seperti surya menjelang senja, Yg cahayanya memudar, Mengaburkan pandangan, Perlahan hilang, sisakan kegelapan" kemenpar pesonaid_travel pesonamudik2019 PesonaMudik2019 DestinasiPesonaMudik2019 PesonaIndonesia WonderfulIndonesia RamadanPenuhPesona ExploreBandung infobdg bandungbanget tbt landscape nature scenery travel traveling travelling traveler travelgram instatravel adventure instasunda clouds cloud tree trees mountains mountain hills hill sunrise sunrise_sunsets_aroundworld

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Slow down and observe your surroundings!

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When it comes to Salami and Prosciutto. This place hands down has the best I have ever had in my life. What's even more impressive is that they've maintained this fresh, high quality, and delicious regime for over 4 decades. I will definitely be back and may I say that the view outside on the terrace was breathtaking. prosciutto salami sergiofalaschi butcher meat amazing delicious foodgasm foodporn yummy tasty fresh culinarilyworld cheflife chef linecook executivechef tasteofitaly italy sanminiato quality bestiveeverhad illbeback scenery manga

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I’m Watching You - This was a demonstration by a sheepdog at the 2019 Fair Hill Scottish Highland Games. He was constantly keeping his eye on small herd of sheep awaiting the commands from his caller/owner. He responded beautifully. The instinct that these dogs have is amazing to watch. That will be all Babe. sheepherding herdingdog herdingthesheep workingtheherd onthejob workingdog fairhillmd fairhillscottishgames fairhillhighlandgames landscape landscapephotography landscapephotographer scenic scenery scenicphotography scenicviews lifestyles natgeo natgeoyourshot nature naturephotography naturephotographer maryland marylandphotographer visitmaryland photocrowd canon canonphotographer canon_photo canon.photographers

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The mail lady was so nice today! Love her

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Fresh snow this weektime to gather your crew for one last local down hill weekend! Whatever the adventure - make sure & tag us in your travels! : 📷 vivachile alpinemeadows mysquawalpine Join our travels. Tag and get featured staylocaltahoe LakeTahoe SouthLakeTahoe Tahoe LakeTahoeCa LakeTahoeNV Tahome LakeTahoePhotography California Nevada InclineVillage EmeraldBay NorthShore Scenery Outdoors Snowboarding Skiing Kayaking Adventures Camping Travel Wanderlust Lakes TravelBlogger TravelPhotography exploreourearth

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Beach vibes from Costa Rica

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Najlepszego Asia :D

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I won’t lie it’s been a rough year. Learned the hard way to be careful who I trust- and that some people truly are just out for themselves. No matter what the cost to others. Cost me Work, Friends, and worst of all my Passion for Creating. 🐟 - 🐟 But As Dory says ”Just keep Swimming. Just keep Swimming.” 🐠 goprogirl reset wild

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“You have been to hell, Ketut?" He smiled. Of course he's been there. “What's it like in hell?" “Same like in heaven," he said. He saw my confusion and tried to explain. "Universe is a circle, Liss." He said. "To up, to down all same, at end." I remembered an old Christian mystic notion: As above, so below. I asked. "Then how can you tell the difference between heaven and hell?" “Because of how you go. Heaven, you go up, through seven happy places. Hell, you go down, through seven sad places. This is why it better for you to go up, Liss." He laughed. “Same-same," he said. "Same in end, so better to be happy in journey." I said, "So, if heaven is love, then hell is " “Love, too," he said. Ketut laughed again, "Always so difficult for people to understand this!” (Elizabeth Gilbert - Eat, Pray, Love) • • • nofilter wanaka southernalps roadtrip alps lakewanaka otago nzsouthisland paradise sunny valley scenery panorama nature vista nz nzmustdo purenewzealand newzealand beautifuldestinations travel travelgram welltravelled wanderlust exploretocreate passionpassport

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Everyone shall sit under their own vine and fig tree.

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A little cascade.

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Finally some blossoms.

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Og jeg har drømt om vores kærlighed og vores frihed.

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She turned to the sunlight and shook her head.