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Trying The Balvenie 21 year old Madeira Cask single malt scotch whisky with singlemaltvault. Who’s tried this whiskey? What did you think?

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Gang's all here! Comment below with your taste preferences and we'll recommend the right whisky for you!

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Did you know that our Platinum whiskytour features a tasting of five different Scotch whiskies, a great way of understanding and comparing the different flavour profiles of Scotch. We loved this photo shared by lee_147, from a Platinum tour taken over the weekend! Make sure you check in using the hashtag scotchwhiskyexperience - we always enjoy seeing your photos and feedback from your tour! : : : : : : : scotch whisky scotchwhisky Edinburgh Scotland ThisisEdinburgh Scotlandisnow ExploreScotland IG_Scotland whiskytasting glencairn glencairnglass singlemalt singlemaltscotch travel citybreak vacation holiday explore

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アイラの波に呑まれる 私をアイラ海峡に沈めて。赦して。慰めて。 拒絶から憧れへ。 嫌いと好きは紙一重。 カリラディスティラーズエディション ダブルマチュアード カリラ2001 力強いスモーキーフレーバーピーティーかつフルーティ。なのにクリアでスパイシーで美しい。 余韻が心地よく響く。響く。複雑にして均整のとれたバランス。安定のオフィシャル。 綺麗なカリラ。 それはそれ。コレはコレ。切り替えは大事よ。 おうちのみ おうちbar おウチでスコッチ scotch scotchwhisky singlemalt whisky スコッチ スコッチウイスキー シングルモルト caolila caoliladistillery caoliladistillersedition caoliladistillersedition2001 カリラ ウイスキー ウイスキーがお好きでしょ ウイスキー好き ウイスキー好きな人と繋がりたい ウイスキー女子 ウイスキー愛好家 生命の水

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Benrinnes 1998-2015 GM versus Glenlossie 1998-2014 GM: Both Refill Sherry Hogshead. The Benrinnes is a complete Christmas cake on the nose, almost bursting with fruits on the palate and deliciously creamy. Long finish as well, spot-on bottling at 46% ABV. The Glenlossie also has the sherry markers but here the red apples (on palate) and pepper (on finish) dominate. I rate the Benrinnes 88 points (paid 79€) and the Glenlossie 87 points (paid 75€). Two very delicious drams, the Benrinnes was a real steal in my opinion. A stunning whisky. So is the woman in the background ❤️👻❤️👻❤️ benrinnes glenlossie headtoheadtasting refillsherry gordonandmacphail dramtastic whiskytasting whiskyblogger whiskygeek singlemalt sherriedwhisky sherrycask scotchwhisky whiskyporn

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I had a very relaxing visit to Arran last Monday, a bank holiday with glorious sunshine in Scotland, whatever next?! The distillery was looking gorgeous and I took home various samples, as well as a new distillery exclusive bottling. A 2007 vintage, from ex-bourbon barrels with 4 year rum finish, there’s a fresh and spicy character with the rum poking through particularly on the palate. I also took the opportunity to reunite another distillery bottling (a 16 year old sherry cask from 2000) with the still that made it.

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A mí me daban dos 🤷🏻‍♀️🥃

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Man O'Words 2015 Release - Bourbon Cask 'the malt positively cascades onto the palate, a ridiculous amount of spices hanging on to its coat-tails' We're incredibly proud of Jim Murray's review of our inaugural 2014 release, so we're even more excited to unveil our 2015 release Annandale's smooth unpeated spirit is distilled in twin copper pot spirit stills and matured in once-used fresh bourbon casks to create a distinctive, smoky Single Cask, Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Each bottle in this release is individually marked with cask and bottle number, and presented in a new and striking gift box TASTING NOTES Clean and sweet with initial mixed fruit, apple sauce with traces of nectarine and melon. This gives way to creamy vanilla and a florist shop of fresh flowers and green leaves. All is held together with an underlying earthy, pine-like note FINISH Green apples, honey and cream with a dry resinous note CONCLUSION A lovely fresh whisky, it has excellent balance between fruit and vanilla and intriguing depth. A great lunchtime or sunny afternoon whisky for drinking with friends annandaledistillery bourbon singlemalt singlecask whisky whiskey beauty distillery alcohol manowords brands manosword scotland scotch bottle unpeated hiddenscotland scotchandsoda scotchwhisky scotchwhisky lowland highlands whiskyporn bottle whiskylover instascotland stunning_shots outdoors woods

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Suffer from a sweet tooth? Soothe it with a Lowland Sazarac, created by our friend, the marvellous Mix.Mann!⠀ ⠀ 🎩 60ml of TheEpicurean⠀ 🎩 15ml of Absinthe⠀ 🎩 15ml of Crème de Cacao Liqueur⠀ 🎩 7.5ml Lime Syrup⠀ 🎩 3 Dashes of Chocolate Bitters⠀ ⠀ Stir with ice in a mixing glass for 30 seconds and strain into an ice-filled tumbler.⠀ ⠀ CraftCocktails Mixology

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Another successful trade in the books • Glad to secure a bottle of batch 1, tried it awhile back and it was some tasty stuff • Would love to try their rye but haven’t had the chance • What’s the verdict on the rye vs the bourbon?! • Big thanks to indianabourbon for a smooth trade • oldcarter

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Popularity of Japanese whisky has seen unprecedented growth in Canada and North America over the last 5 years. Click the link in our bio to head to the blog and read about Japanese whisky and why there is such a limited amount of aged whisky available to the market. We're also sharing the NEW Japanese whisky from Chichibu and Nikka that is arriving on Friday. craftcellars yycfoodie yycfoodies whatsupcalgary yycevents yycwhisky yycwhiskey singlemalt scotchwhisky calgarybuzz yycphotography dishedyyc nikkawhisky japanesewhisky whiskyoftheday whiskyoftheyear chichibuwhisky suntorywhisky newwhisky supportlocalyyc localyyc loveyyc yycblog blogyyc nikkawhiskyusa suntorywhisky chichibudistillery

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Who doesn’t love a bottle of the_macallan? Before being bottled, this liquid gold began its journey maturing in first fill European and American seasoned Oak casks, giving it the wonderful characteristics that are well and truly noted on the pallet Contact us for more info 🥃 -——————————————————- alternativeinvestment artinvestment wineinvestment romaneeconti whisky singlemalt distillery scotch scotchwhisky japanesewhisky whiskey bourbon macallan whiskyporn instagood propertyinvedtment cocktail whiskybar whiskycollection singlemaltscotch rarewhisky love USA Japan China UK Scotland Singapore hongkong whiskygram

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The best part of the WhiskyExtravaganza? Discovering new flavors with world-renowned brands from Diageo's Whiskey5 🥃 Cheers to finding your favorite!

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Going to enjoy these beasts tonight.

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Old Guns Finest, a blend that was primarily exported to Italy in the 1970s. This whisky was bottled by Low Robertson & Co, who from 1967 held the license to Port Ellen on Islay So how is it? Nothing like most blends by today's standards. This is a damn fine whisky. Lemon, peat, maritime, and creamy grain on the nose. Super smooth lemon and peat on the palate. Finish of candied lemon, salt, peat and caramel funk 🔥🔥 Such a dope blend. How the quality of blends have changed whisky singlemalt scotch scotcherati instadram scotchwhisky instawhisky whiskygram singlemaltwhisky whiskyporn whiskylove dramming blendedwhisky italy portellen 🥃 islay islaywhisky

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Bunnahabhain 12 A single Malt Scotch from the Isle of Islay. This edition launched in 2010 and brings a jump in strength to 46.3%. It is non chill filtered with no additional colouring added. Unlike most Islay whiskys this one is only lightly peated, which they hope make it a more approachable whisky. The distillery that produces the spirit sits on the mouth of the river Margadale on the North East corner of Islay. Bunnahabhain (pronounced "Boo-na-ha-ven") apparently means "mouth of the river" in Gaelic. The distillery was established in 1881. The sample was provided by alfie_cocker_spaniel at the last meeting of neatwhiskeyclub. Price: £38 Colour: Golden brown Nose: Light on the nose. Sweet, spicy, some malt and mild peat. Palate: Slightly cream texture. Toffee, vanilla, banana, oak, dried fruits, mild spice, some sherry notes with a mild peaty flavour. Finish: Long lingering finish with spice and sweet toffee vanilla. Overall: A good scotch whisky for the price. Good range of flavours but a bit light on the nose. I'd give this 6/10. scotch whisky scotchwhisky bunnahabhain

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Celebrated a bit with my brother last night. Springbank 12 (Dark) and Brora 35 from 2013.

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"There’s lots to be done, but we will be given the time and freedom to get it right.” Tasked with reviving the revered Rosebank Distillery, Distillery Manager Robbie Hughes shares his thoughts on the future in our latest journal entry. Head to our website to read the full article.

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benriach may just be the best Scotch you’re not drinking (yet). Starting at $170, they’re not an impulse buy but they certainly have a single malt tailored for you. We tasted four of their expressions, including their new 25 Year and our favorite, the Temporis 21. Read more at the link in bio.⁣ ⁣ Image via whiskycrusade.⁣ ⁣ ⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ benriach insidehookscotch whisky singlemalt scotchwhisky whiskey peated whiskygram glendronach whiskytasting caskstrength cocktails instadram whiskyporn instawhisky imbibegram whiskylove singlemaltwhisky malt drinks distillery scotland dram

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Whisky is certainly not about looks. But if you’re going to do it; you do it like this! Absolutely stunning piece of kit. The Macallan 60-year-old in Lalique. Presented in a bespoke Linley cabinet. It’s believed approximately 20 of these were made and this is the first time we’ve ever seen one available. Bidding ends 1st May. More pictures available here: You can register to bid here: macallan lalique lordlinley linley oldschoolwhisky singlemalt singlecask scotchwhisky whiskyporn whiskyonline whiskyauction whisky whiskycollector whiskydistillery whiskyonlineauctions instadram

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Iron Man: “You know me?" Thanos: "I do. You're not the only one cursed with knowledge." Hmm not many people know about this wonderful peated scotch from thebalvenie which I am sure both of you can share :) Balvenie produces peated whisky for one week a year – named 'Peat Week'. The inaugural release was in 2002 and the scotch has been aged in American oak for 14 years. balvenieus