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Tiger Sharks have always been my favorite shark species, because of their immense size, large investigating eyes and their individual personalities! ➖ Follow amazingdiver for your daily dose of diving shots ➖ Amazing shot by jim_abernethy AmazingDiver

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Dique piedras moras!

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Arrancan el curso Vero , Fran y Lucas

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The Republic of the Maldives consists of 1192 exquisite coral islands in the Indian Ocean, naturally divided by the equator into 26 small chains of islands, or atolls. Each island has its own unique characteristics and attracts a vibrancy of life. 🐠⁣ . ⁣ .⚓Emperor Explorer, Maldives⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ For liveaboard trips, visit the link in our bio.⁣ Tag us, to be featured. 👌🏼⁣ scubadiving scuba diving scubadiver scubalife deepblue oceanlife underwaterlife scubadivers underwaterlife oceans underwaterphoto underwaterphotography underwaterworld underwater scubadivinglife scubalove scubagram instascuba dive liveaboard nature maldives reef fish liveaboard

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☺︎ 2019. 3. 18 ☀︎ 14℃ * 1日目は浜辺で ディナー ŧ‹”(๑'ڡ'๑)୨"ŧ‹ 星が綺麗でした❤︎.* * お揃いで作った訳じゃないのに オレンジウェットスーツ が 似てて嬉しい(´ψψ`) * 今日3:30a.m発の飛行機✈️に乗って 関空に8時過ぎに着きました✧‧˚ ハプニング で1日伸びた旅行やったけど すごく楽しかった✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。 * * フィリピン ボホール島 スキューバ スキューバダイビング ダイビング ダイビング女子 ダイビング仲間 多肉植物のある暮らし ダイビング scuba scubadiving scubadiver diving padi アドバンス プール 浜辺 孫悟空 かめはめ波 連れて行ってくれてありがとう 感謝 いつもありがとう

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Monday Blue 🌊

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Monday again? Say it ain’t so Photo by jkbricco Don’t forget to use SportDiverMag for a chance to be featured.

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Double Tap 👊👊 if you like it! and tag a friend that needs to see this scuba diving padi underwater dive sea underwaterphotography ocean diver gopro scubadive paditv travel nature uwphotography fish scubadiver marinelife buceo photooftheday sealife freedive scubapro adventure reef beach natgeo indonesia instadive underwaterphoto "❤❤❤ 💖 Follow me scubadiving_lovers_insta_ for more 💗 ❤ Update new pictures everyday! ➖ 📌 Tag someone to make their day better. ❤️ Double Tap & Tag your Friends Below⤵ " "

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Epic on the Yongola! Still holds "best wreck in the world" status for me. The life on this wreck is out of control! Pictured here is a very friendly Hawksbill turtle, that stole our hearts! ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ .⁣ .⁣ photo by⁣ .⁣ .⁣ ⁣ Join me on a divetrip and learn more about underwater photography, video or just to have some fun!⁣ .⁣ .⁣ ⁣ Trip info: 👉 👉 👉 👈👈👈⁣ .⁣ .⁣ ⁣ 👉 👉 👉 Buy A Print: 👈👈👈⁣ .⁣ .⁣ ⁣ scubadiverlife scuba scubadiving scubadiver ocean marine underwater padi underwaterphotography nature canonusa animal marinelife underwaterphoto scubadive underwater diving adventure uwphotography sealife oceanlife sea wildlifephotography animals underwaterworld

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수경에 습기 안 차게할 수있는 센스있는 친구구함

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De 2018 pra cá minha vida tem sido tão intensa de tantas maneiras E não falo apenas sobre a viagem Todas as esferas da minha têm me apresentado inúmeros desafios {que não necessariamente são coisas ruins} E não poderia ser diferente, o autoconhecimento foi uma escolha que eu fiz há muito tempo E isso inclui avaliações e reavaliações constantes Tá tudo certo Mas de tudo que a vida tem me apresentado, ser mergulhadora me faz perder o fôlego Eu amo tanto, tanto, tanto Que não sei nem explicar 💦🐠 Incríveis os caminhos da vida, né? Todas as vezes que estou dentro da água não paro de agradecer ao universo por esse presente Qual foi a última vez que você se sentiu assim? nusapenida bali ilovebali scubadiving ilovescubadiving scubadivinglife scubadivingnusapenida scubadiver nusapenidaadventure weloveturtles ecofdriendly mantaray manta mambodiveresort padi ssi discoveryscubadive indonesiatrip oceanlover beachlover bestvacation zerowaste noplastic nusalembongan kelingkingbeach angelbillabong brokenbeach atuhbeach

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Varicose wart slug 🤨🤨🤨 สนใจเรียนดำน้ำเกาะเต่าอินบ็อกซ์เข้ามาได้เลยครับ If you are interested in diving at Koh Tao, just ask us! scuba scubadiving scubadiver scubalife scubalove kohtao kohtaoisland ดำน้ำ ดำน้ำเกาะเต่า เกาะเต่า เรียนดำน้ำ เรียนดำน้ำเกาะเต่า เกาะนางยวน thailand ocean tg4 nudibranch seaslug scubashooters underwater underwaterphotographer scubagram

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So many fishies 🐠🐠🐠 you can hardly see the wreck!⁣ Wreck diving in Coron is absolutely amazing 😲⁣ 📸 warren_lo_93⁣ aboard the Atlantis Azores.⁣ Come join us next year on our Coron and Apo Reef itinerary between January and March.⁣ Link in bio for more information.⁣🐠🐠🐠⁣ philippines comesseephilippines coron atlantisphilippines atlantisazores liveaboardlifestyle wreckdiving underwaterworld underwater marinelife wrecklife divelife divephilippines diveph scuba scubadiver scubadiving scubalife divingtrip scubadive underwatershots lifeunderwater wreckdive wreckdiver

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English below ⬇️ 🇹🇭 แปมเคยโพสรูปนี้ใน ig ของแปมเอง ตอนนั้นกรี๊ดมากกก เพราะตื่นเต้นสุดๆ แต่ลืมไปว่าคนอื่นเค้าไม่เก็ท เค้าไม่รู้ว่าเจ้า harlequin shrimp มันหายากนะ มันถ่ายยากนะ สุดท้ายก็เลยคิดจะสร้าง account ใหม่ เพราะอยากให้คนที่เข้าใจ ได้เห็นและชื่นชมสิ่งที่แปมตั้งใจทำ 😊 รูปถ่ายของแปมทั้งหมดอาจจะไม่ใช่รูปที่สวยที่สุดที่ทุกคนเคยเห็น แต่แปมใส่ทั้งความพยายาม ความรู้สึก และมุมมองของแปมเข้าไปในรูปจริงๆ แปมหวังว่าแปมจะได้เรียนรู้เพิ่มขึ้นและพัฒนาขึ้นทุกๆวัน ขอบคุณกำลังใจจากทุกคนจริงๆ ขอบคุณที่ยังอยู่ด้วยกัน สัญญาว่าวันนึงจะเก่งกว่านี้ เอารูปสวยกว่านี้มาให้ดูให้ได้นะคะ 💓 This photo was the reason I created this account I posted it on my personal account but no one seemed to care 😭 so, I started a new account for people who are interested in the same thing, with the hope that more people would appreciate what I do 🥰 I don’t blame them though because they probably don’t know how hard it is to get two harlequin shrimp in one frame 😅 I’d like to thank ALL OF YOU for your support 🙌🏼 it means a lot to me 💕 SPECIAL THANKS TO jeensnidvongs and of course the amazing team at solitudelembeh for helping me getting this shot 😘

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Pawikan! Woot! Woot! Being a noob padiopenwater diver, still getting used to the current so I easily get drifted away, hence the kind of shot I got 😂😂😂 nonetheless, twas worth it! 💜 we all had super chill dives with dm evankimcarino , making sure we were all safe. casaescondidaanilao would surely be one of my happy places LikhaNiKrit LikhaNiKritTravels Padi Paditravel Diving Divingspots DivePH PADIDivePH DivingPH DiveStories DivingStory scubadive scubadiving scubadiver padiscubadiving divingtrip divetrip CasaEscondida Batangas divebatangas

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Mechanical rotary switch offers more safety and reliability for underwater lighting. Insert one battery and tighten the light to turn it on, unscrew the light head to turn it off. If it's necessary to turn on/off the light underwater, please pay attention to keep the rotations to less than a quarter turn. 😉🦀🐠🐟🐬🐳🔦 divelight scubadiving scuba orcatorchdivelight orcatorch divegear diving divingphotography uwphotography nightdiving nightdive underwater underwaterphoto underwaterworld recreationaldiving hawaiidiving scubadiver

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Este pequeño ser es un “Opistobranquio” llamado : “ Flabellina rosada” [ Flabellina afinis ]. Gracias a Abel , nuestro guía , pude fijarme en tan diminuto bichito . ( muy bonito , por cierto ) inmersión Piles 1 , Cabo de Palos , con balkysub 🤙🏼