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What Project Aware do Protecting Sharks Sharks help maintain the health of ocean ecosystems, including seagrass beds and coral reefs but most shark species are threatened by extinction. An healthy ocean undoubtedly depends on sharks. They may rule the ocean, but sharks are an incredibly vulnerable species. Because they grow slowly and produce few , sharks are exceptionally susceptible to overexploitation. Further, a healthy and abundant ocean and the communities that rely on it depend on healthy shark populations. Overfishing is driving sharks to the brink of extinction - with many populations down by 80 percent. Tens of millions are killed each year for their meat, fins, liver, and other products, as many fisheries are unregulated and catches are significantly under-reported. Bycatch – catching sharks incidentally and indiscriminately while fishing for other commercial species – poses a significant threat to sharks. At the same time, new markets for shark and ray products are blurring the line between targeted and accidental catches. Finning – the removal of shark fins and discard of the shark’s body at sea - is often associated with shark overfishing, as keeping only the fins aboard the vessel allows fishermen to kill many more sharks than if they were required to bring back the entire animal. I am running a marathon in full scuba gear to fundraise for project aware. Please help me raise much needed funds at projectaware charity charityevent charitywork charityrun padi volunteer change dogood fundraiser fundraising socialgood causes cause donate donations nonprofit nonprofitorganization scuba scubadiving shark sharks marathon marathontraining blueplanet

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It's been a stunning week for diving here in the Bay of Pollença so far and yesterday was no exception. While out in the Bay, testing our new scooters, we captured this beautiful school of Barracudas forming right in front of us. As Natural World photographer, Chris Pope, says: "Nature has a power like no other to leave you breathless if not speechless." and this was certainly one of those moments. 😍 🎥 credit: Chris Gerhart underwaterphotography nature naturephotography naturefilm underwatervideo tusa adventure underwaterscooter barracudas ocean scubadiving freediving sealife marinelife mallorca pollença thetramuntanaway

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How does our wonderful model and photographer natashamaksymenko manage to keep her hair looking so perfect for these underwater photos? Why not let her teach you her favourite photography tricks and tips on an underwaterphotography course at Rubicon Diving!

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I S L A N D C A M P 🌊🏝🌞🐠 Spots still available for next week, space is limited 🤙💙

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✨Scubadiving ✨ 🐠🐬💙🐟For the first time ever 🤙🤙 I got to see the most beautiful Okinawan ocean and colorful marine species 🐠🐡and I hardly noticed those fish i was feeding were shitting on me how generous I am haha and Thank you so much for the safe and wonderful experience bluecavediving Saki was such a great expert & friend 💚 hope to revisit for more exciting experiences scubadiving okinawa ocean bluecave 오키나와 다이빙샵 아오노도쿠쓰야 스쿠버다이빙 푸른동굴 물고기먹이주기 ❤️

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repostflorida_diver SWIMMING WITH GATOR TIPS 🐊 . Tip 3 from Chris Gillette “IF HE GETS AHOLD OF YOUR ARM OR LEG, GO LIMP, WAIT TILL HE STARTS TO CHEW TO REMOVE YOUR LIMB.”* . Taking diving to a new level with biologist, Discovery Channel Chris Gillette 📸credit gatorboys_chris evergladesoutpost discoverychannel diversdirect . Every shark diver, aligator swimmer, surfer, boat operator, should carry a marine tourniquet to “stop the bleeding”. The human body can bleed out in 18 seconds, are you prepared? Enter promo code “floridadiver” at for 10% off omna_official . Reduce Single Use Plastics, Use a high quality water bottle. Enter promo code “floridadiver” at for 10% off. liquidsavvy Buy products that help the environment sand_cloud aligator aligators gator gators🐊 gatorboys gatorboys_chris evergladesnationalpark everglades crocodiles crocodile manny_puig_ mannypuig scuba scubadiving scubadiver scubadivinggirls discoverychannelphotos discovery_channel mannypuig wildboyz diversdirect dinosour dinosours crocodilian

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WOW WHAT A ONCE IN A LIFETiME EXPERIENCE!  . Sawfish are highly endangered, it is believed that up to 95% of Largetooth sawfish have died in recent years due to habitat loss and pollution! . Those "teeth" on the snout of the fish are actually not teeth but rather modified scales! their teeth are located in their mouth which is on the underside of them! ⁣ 🦞 .⁣ 🦑 .⁣ 🐡 . 🐢Check out my website for even more marine life posts! Link is in my bio! 🐢 . 🐳 .⁣ 🐙 . 🦐 ⁣ PC 📸: shark_advocates .  . . . . padi diver underwaterphotography summer wildlife gopro underwaterworld sealife scubadiving scubadive photography fish travel love marinelife adventure underwater freediving photooftheday scuba nature uwphotography ocean naturephotography water sea diving dive beach beautiful

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A school of Blue Tang (Acanthurus coeruleus) They inhabit coral reefs, inshore grassy or rocky areas, down to 40m/131ft. They can be solitary, but more often found in large aggregations grazing on algae. Mainly diurnal. The sharp spines on both sides of the base tail are used as defensive weapons by slashing their tails from side to side. It aggregates with other surgeonfishes (A. bahianus and A. chirurgus) to raid algae patches guarded by damselfishes. Learn more at Photo by Martin Lambdon 📸 divecarib whatcoollookslike econodeco antiguaandbarbuda scuba scubadiving padi paditv caribbean marinelife marinebiology underwaterphotography bluetang

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Son haftaya giriyoruz😉👍 Atık Pil Getir Hediyeyi götür👌 Haziran ayı sonuna kadar ençok PİL veya BATARYA getirene SSI Perfect Bouyancy veya Marine Ecology uzmanlık eğitimi hediye. >Bring Waste Battery Take the gift👌 SSI Perfect Bouyancy or Marine Ecology specialty training gift to most BATTERIES by the end of June. wearezakharionfamily zakhariondivingcenter ssi_turkey ssi_international missiondeepblue zakhariondivingcenter diving scubadiving missiondeepblue campaign wastebatary

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- 沒想到旱鴨子一隻的我🦆 也有變成(美人)魚的一天^_^ 🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️ 外頭正下著大雨 大海裡卻平靜的不可思議 真的很難不愛上 這不被世俗干擾的水底世界 scubadiving okinawa

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体長わずか1センチのタツノオトシゴ! ピグミーシーホース!! このピンク色のタツノオトシゴは、ウミウチワという生き物に住み着いていて、擬態をして隠れていますよ!! その完璧な隠れっぷりは、1度目を離すとどこにいるか分からなくなるほど!! ネイティブシー奄美 奄美大島 ダイビング ダイビングショップ 離島 アルバイト 転職 観光 奄美観光 絶景 奄美大島旅行 島旅 島生活 リゾートバイト リゾバ japan kagoshima amamiisland travel view sightseeing beach schnorchel divermag diving scubadiving 水中 タツノオトシゴ ピグミーシーホース 生き物

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🐟 grotto☘️ 티니안다이빙 . 🏄🏽‍♀️ 프리다이빙교육 수중사진 . 🦊 프리다이빙강사 다이빙투어 . 👨‍🌾 여행스타그램 프리다이버🐙사이판다이빙월드⭐️PADI 5STAR IDC CENTER⭐️ - PADI/AIDA/AFIA 프리다이빙 교육진행 - PADI/NAUI 스쿠버다이빙교육 - PADI 강사과정 진행 - 펀다이빙 / 스노클링 투어 - 다이빙 수중촬영 . 👉🏻 다이빙 및 사진촬영 문의 - KakaoTalk: saipandive - LINE: saipansai - WeChat: 42117493 . 🗣 한국어, 중국어, 일본어, 영어 진행 가능

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Thresher Sharks in the blue!🦈💕My choice for today’s draw30animals, prompt no.7 Deep Sea. I am more than averagely obsessed with sharks and the thresher shark is my absolute favorite. It is incredibly graceful with its long swooped tail and moves like a torpedo through the water😊! Their tails are as long as the rest of it’s body and they use it as a whip to lash out at their pray Incredibly fast, extremely successful hunters and amazingly beautiful, I love them ❤️ draw30animals threshershark sharks ilovesharks sharkconservation sharktrust marineanimals sharkillustration marinelifeillustration aquatic illustratorsoninstagram freelanceillustration bluewater oceanartist scubadiving marineconservation