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Descobriment de l'escultura d'en Jaumet del Flabiol. Sant Hilari Sacalm. Bonze. 130 cms escultura sculpture

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In Chelsea today? Stop by Naama Tsabar’s “Dedicated”. The artist’s second solo exhibition at Kasmin’s 293 Tenth Avenue space employs performance, sculpture, and photography to subvert the gender roles historically associated with musicianship. For the duration of the exhibition, Tsabar and a group of female musicians will explore a new vocabulary of movement and sound, culminating in a performance with Tsabar and her collaborators on the exhibition’s closing night, May 4. This will be her first performance in New York City since 2017. To attend, please contact events kasmingallery and register for either the 4pm, 5pm, or 6pm performance. Installation of Naama Tsabar: Dedicated. March 13 - May 4, 2019. Photography by Molly Taylor. NaamaTsabar ChelseaExhibitions Sculpture Performance

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➡ 😤 autor, fresoviktor v tejto soche narážal na sériu ľudských vlastnosti. Z ani nie meter vysokej sochy tak srší celá skladba emócií. Arogancia, negativizmus, zakomplexovanosť, podlosť, nezdravá dôležitosť a teda ide o esenciu záporných emócií, aké sa ľudia celý život snažia skrývať. To všetko vám nakoniec vyčarí úsmev na tvári a Pičus vás pobaví. Aj o tomto niemandovi je novy clanok na 🤗 danubiana picus gallery museum slovensko carovneslovensko details artgallery sculpture artlovers monument slovakia praveslovenske art exhibition danube picoftheday artmuseum viktorfreso danubianameulensteenartmuseum follow smelocestuj niemand explore l4like travel culture

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We love it when art finds a new home and two of davidtrumantracy's LEGO* lamps have been sold! Matchstick and Chrysler Building have red dots. Stop by the gallery to view all the available lamps, Tuesdays-Saturdays from 11-4.

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I discover the stunning work of Janine Antoni in 2011 when I being interviewed by a journalist that mentioned to me a connection between her work and mine. I didn’t know J.A. and I was sincerely happy to discover a great artist. I found some common ground with her as chocolate sculpture, the feminist theme, the eating act in the performance. But what really impressed me was to discover one of her sculpture quite identical to one of mine that she made it 10 years earliest then me. Of course this could be really tough for an artist. I believe that an authentic artwork is create in solitude but is a connection between the artist with an universal mind. We are all connected. In the first picture to twine, 2015 by Janine Antoni.Two human spines intertwine like snakes and crawl across a woven rug. In the second picture the sculpture that I just talking about: Saddle 2010 by Janine Antoni . A full raw cowhide draped over a mold of the artist body. In the last two picture my sculpture “ In the name of doG” 2010 by Ciriaca+Erre. This sculpture are in the Museo del Parco’s collection in Portofino, surrounded by other great artists as Joseph Boys, Sol le Witt, Joseph Kosuth, Jan Fabre, Melotti, Merz, Oppenheim, Spalletti, Jan Fabre to name a few. In this pictures was installed at museobagattivalsecchi in 2010, surrounded by huge armature Credit janine_antoni luhringaugustine janineantoni instaart installation sculpture redthread powerfulart londonevents immersive womanartist pioneerwoman 5womenartists femaleartist installationart contemporaryart femaleartist contemporaryartist amazingartist womanartist artistquotes instaartist instaart masterpiece artwork artoftheday artlovers artblogger onview astrupfearnley portofino

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A view of the back side of the sculpture I posted two days ago. Driftwood and shattered glass with perhaps a bit of paint; they are really about paring down to the most minimal of materials and following their lead How to display them has had me flummoxed for quite some time. I'm thinking I may have found my solution What do you all think???? kdaphnaekoop beautyiseverywhere contemporaryart collectart creativelife dimensionalart driftwood experimenting elevatingtheordinary fineart gallery inspiration lakesuperiordriftwood modernart mixedmediaart nonrepresentationalart process progress repurposedmaterials shatteredglass sculpture materialsbasedart followyourmaterials woodart driftwoodart

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Repost enslavedafricansraingarden ・・・ Olusola&Olumide(约鲁巴语发音:Oh-loo-show-la&Oh-loo-me-day)约鲁巴语是非洲第三大语言. Olusola & Olumide (Yoruba names pronounced: Oh-loo-show-la & Oh-loo-me-day) Yoruba is the 3rd most spoken language in Africa. sculpture 雕塑

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