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We are officially open… Signage is out, and our farmstand is self-serve, except for special occasions. Hours are 9am-7pm. 132 Kingston Rd (Rt 111) in Exeter. 🌱🍅🌿🍆🌶 Tomatoes: $1 each or 6/$5 - Mix and Match Slicing: Beefsteak (Pole) Glacier (Bush) Red Pride (Bush) Ace 55 (Bush) Golden Jubilee (Pole) Green Zebra (Pole) Oxheart (Pole) Plum: Roma (Bush) San Marzano (Pole) Cherry: Sweetie (Pole) Sun Gold (Pole) Peacevine (Pole) Bumble Bee Series (Pole) Tiger Stripe Series (Pole) Principe de Borghese (Pole) Jelly Bean Red/Yellow(Bush) . exeternh newhampshire seacoastnh growyourownfood vegetablegarden herbs urbanfarm raeroserainbowfarm

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Warm temps and poolside cocktails make me a happy girl! ☀️ 🍹 I literally lived in my new Black Cropped Light n Tight leggings which were the perfect length as we transition from spring to summer! 😎 My Blush Bomber Jacket was ideal as there was a slight breeze in the air, worn over my favorite Radical Bomber Bra! 💕 Both the bra and jacket are available in many different colors and patterns, perfect for the warm weather months ahead!🏝 Black Cropped Light n Tight Leggings- $55 Bomber Blush Jacket - $69 (Also available in white, jade, black and a radical print) Bomber Bra- $34 (Also available in white, black, hot pink, navy, nude and jade) 🌙shop link in bio🌙 zyianh zyiaactive_nh activewear fitover40 fitness fashion momboss seacoastnh style chic athleisure personalshopping active boutique uplift workoutinstyle hiit crossfit train yoga run cycle newengland cheers poolside leggings spring summer

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Can’t wait to see this view again! Repost from nekomarik - View of Odiorne Point from the Drowned Forest. The Drowned Forest is a section of the rocky shore that was formed from fossilized trees. It’s a fascinating place, and so beautiful. Did this to practice loose painting and simplistic strokes. Reference photo from last September. sennelier1887 watercolours on khadipapers watercolour coldpress, rough texture. silverbrushltd Black Velvet brush. watercolor watercolour paintexperiment khadipapers sennelieraquarelle watercolorpostcard odiornepoint mistymorning autumnshore seacoastnh silverblackvelvetbrush landscape rockyshore technicallymaine mainecoast

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Took in this moment last night. The smell of the ocean was strong, the sound of the waves was calming and repetitious, and the view? This photo doesn’t give it the stature it deserves, but I had my phone and wanted to be able to remind myself of the moment. It was late, and we were tired from cleaning the camper and painting the deck. We could have driven back to camp, but we knew we’d be missing something special. I’m glad we chose to take an extra moment for ourselves. We all deserve it. breathe deepbreath cleansingbreath oceansounds ocean yorkmaine countingmyblessings countyourblessings grateful thankful blessed family friends framily perfectlyposh metime seacoastposh seacoastnh nhseacoast natural skincare selfcare kindness sharekindness showkindness

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Sunset at the Wentworth Coolidge Mansion - Portsmouth, NH portsmouthnh seacoastnh capturingportsmouth The Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion Historic Site is an 18th-century 40-room farmhouse located on Little Harbor in Portsmouth, home of 1753 Royal Governor Benning Wentworth and is now an active historic site which offers tours, lectures, event rentals, and more Connect with us on Facebook! WE JUST PASSED 6,700 LIKES, THANK YOU -

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Nourishing your body and your soul doesn’t have to happen overnight. A little care here, a few drops of kindness there and a whole lot of patience later you may find your self getting better acquainted with your nourishment needs. The journey is all about restarting again lovingly and kindly when you feel that you’ve failed. Forgiveness is knowing that inevitably you will not succeed in nourishing yourself 100% but because your soul nudges you to, you will keep trying. adropofom healingenergeticwounds

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Right here; right now. Another fleeting spring flower added to the mix.

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Had a great time at pepperrellcove attending Gather and Snap Event. It was wonderful to connect and learn more from business owners who have used the Instagram platform to grow their business. A big thank you to the hosts rayaonassignment and seacoastlately for hosting this event!

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A full stack of blueberry pancakes from the CVR is a perfect way to start your Sunday morning! 🌼

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Weekend sunbathing🌻🌱

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Touring weather is here! (kind of) See the tour route posts for prices and tours! seacoastnh portsmouthnh

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Welcome to the Bohemian Bungalow. Inside this door you will see what happens when you allow pure imagination to fully drive the force of your first renovation project. wadecoastalhomes myfirstrenovation myreno craftsmanhome bohemiandream bohemianbungalow pureimagination willywonka peepmypad interiordesign lifestyle dreamingreality jungalow junglevibes spanishdress greenhouse poweredbyplants dinnerparty welcomehome nhrealtor nhrealestate nhseacoast seacoastnh dovernh livefreeordie

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What do you do after a gig on the seacoast Unwind with a stroll on the beach. seacoastnh

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This beauty has joined the 2️⃣5️⃣0️⃣ club 🎉 Big congrats are in order for our amazing teacher Danaea ❤️ She’s been with our studio since the beginning with her barre ⭐️ form that everyone copies🔥 Danaea, we have loved watching your journey from client to seat-kicking teacher 💪 You do it all while being super mom to two beautiful babes ❤️ We all love you Danaea and are so incredibly proud of you! Continue to shine girlfriend, we can’t wait to see you at the 500 club💪 goals thisispurebarre onto500

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“Steeped in History”

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There’s a scavenger hunt afoot today in Hampton (and flannel is on the list) 🤟 These ladies knew where to find their flannels 🙌 itsanewenglandthing

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The Hygiene Dream Team! 😁⭐️😁Over 50 years experience with this dental hygiene team. They are an amazing team, working to help patients not only keep their teeth and gums healthy and strong, but also helping you customize your prophylactic care What does that mean? 🤔Well some of you, the lucky ones, will only need to see the hygienist every 6 months. But many people will find themselves benefiting from a more customized regimine of 3-4 month hygiene visits. Why? Sometimes it's because patients can have more risk factors for periodontal disease, sometimes it can be arthritis or an injury keeping a patient from being able to brush/floss well What are some of the risk factors for Periodontal Disease? *Age (over 65) *Smoking/tobacco 🚬 use *Genetics (more "bad" bacteria) *Stress (more difficult to fight off infections like gum disease)😫 *Medications💊 (anti-depressants, oral contraceptives) *Systemic diseases (like diabetes) *Poor nutrition and obesity Unsure if you are at risk for periodontal disease? Form a relationship with your dental hygienist ❤️😍 make sure they are talking to you about your oral health and risk factors that you may be able to control. Want to find some of the best hygienists? Come visit us; ⭐️we welcome new patients and are excited to help make you a part of your dental treatment decisions oralhygiene periodontaldisease dentalhygienists dentalhygiene oralimplantology dentalimplants cosmeticdentistry dibonadental weareexeternh strathamnh ryenh exeternh seacoastnh FAGD AAID preventgumdisease 📷 rayaonassignment

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GIRLS, IT'S TIME!🙌 • I know you've heard me getting stoked about what this summer has to offer. And SERIOUSLY, this program is going to be AMAZING✨⚡️ • Join me and other kicka** females for Girl Power Bootcamp! Outdoor agility💥 Team workouts🎾 Games🏆 Reflection + goal setting✨ • 1 week sessions Offered 2 weeks! • Registration is on May 28, 5-8PM the Connie Bean Center in Portsmouth Can't wait to see you girls there!🙌💓💪⚡️

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Thank you to surfridernh for hosting a beach cleanup today. We gathered three 5 gallon buckets in just over 30 minutes! This is just a reminder to think before you toss something out. If the beach trash cans are too full, bring out what you brought in. And if you do bring food & drink to the beach this summer (or out on your boat) make sure you dispose of everything properly. It takes all of us to work together to keep our beaches beautiful, not only for us, but for the beautiful ocean creatures that need it most. Try reusable containers this summer keepouroceansclean beachcleanup beachcleanups bringoutwhatyoubringin usereuseablebottles lessplastic lessplasticwaste ryenh seacoastnh toomuchtrash teachingkidsearly kidsthatcare keepourbeachesclean skipthestraw usecompostables compostablecups welivehere letsworktogether

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Our summer hours have begun! Golick’s Rochester and Barrington are both open until 9:00 pm, 7 days a week

11 hours ago

Buddies at the Brewery 🍻 We love seeing friends in our merch! We've got new summer swag coming soon! 👀👀 Taproom is open noon-six!

11 hours ago

Part of our hood got together last night to pick up trash and clean up an area that had really been neglected. We have the greatest neighbors