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🌊 🐢 Sea Turtle 🐢 🌊 Did you know that Sea turtles are one of the Earth’s most ancient creatures? Unlike other turtles, they cannot retract their legs and head into their shells seaturtle seaturtles seaturtleart seaturtledrawing wip oceanlife sealife seacreatures zentangleart patterns penandink . draw365 draweveryday drawing sketchbook sketch_daily illustrationart illustragram traditionalart artistsofinstagram art artsy artsupporting supportart animalart animaldrawing artdaily Becreative inspiretocreate

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Open ~ another great Oerol festival

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Jumpstart summer at Black Rock Harbor’s glistening waterfront with our HumpdayHotspot, captainscoveseaport🍤. This unique restaurant places you in the middle of a serene, natural atmosphere, as you enjoy your favorite seafood specialties, including crab, lobster, and fish🦀. If you’re a student at ubridgeport, be sure to grab your friends and see what the buzz is about together!

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Today’s burntjune prompt is historic. Burning this prehistoric shark jaw brought back many childhood memories. As a my family and I often went searching for prehistoric shark teeth on the beach. The teeth you see in this pic are a small part of my collection Thank you woodburncorner and walnuthollow for hosting burntjune♥️ woodburning woodburningart pyrography pyrographyart burntjune walnuthollow shark sharkjaw jaw sharkteeth prehistoric prehistoricshark prehistoricsharkteeth sea sealife prehistoricsea nature naturelovers etsy etsyseller childhoodmemories

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Первый и лучший снорк! После такого осознаешь: простое барахтанье в воде - деньги на ветер! А быть котлеткой на пляжу (курой-гриль, увы, никогда не получалось) - так вообще, думать стыдно! Скукотища одна, да и только! рыбы подводой рыбабабочка butterflyfish рыбаласточка damselfish кефаль mullet египет egypt vacation snorkeling снорклинг fun funtime undersea discover nature naturephotography фауна geography naturegeographic discovery redsea hurgada хургада fish sealife морскаяжизнь

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A tour along the water’s edge of present-day Southport invites peaceful seaside views with evidence of a proud yachting tradition. But, further peeling back the historic layers of this former “Onion Capital of the World” offers a glimpse of the booming hub of commerce and activity of a preeminent NewEngland harbor History buffs and maritime enthusiasts alike will want to join us tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. for the opening of “Summer by the Sea: Sloop Logs and Ledgers.” Rare, historic documents and books kept by prominent local mariners in the mid-19th century will transport you, shining a light on Southport’s past and exposing a rich maritime history. Tour the gallery and then hear an illuminating talk by Westport resident and historian Richard Webb This exhibition was curated from our own SpecialCollections by Dr. Jamie Cumby. The reception is open to the public, but space is limited. Please visit the link in our bio to RSVP pequotlibrary localhistory exhibition librariansofinstagram library southportct maritimehistory historicplaces historicphoto sailing librarylife cthistory gallery gallerytour sealife

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Around the whorled! 🌀 Are you right- or left-handed? 90% of gastropod species have the opening and whorls of their shells twisting to the right, though a few species are left-handed. The twirl of the whorl results in beautiful asymmetry! visitNCMNS biology ocean sealife mollusk

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C o r n w a l l I am so happy that the sun came out today! I went for a walk to the beach and the sea is so clear! Sometimes I can’t actually believe that I live here and get to see this everyday, Cornwall is beautiful in any weather but when the sun is shining I feel so lucky! ☀️💙 I also got chatting to a lovely lady at the beach who I have never met before and I think we both loved having a chat about life here in Cornwall and we chatted for ages about life in general and it made me realised that although Cornwall can be isolating as in it’s quite far away from my family and some of my friends it’s such a magical and wonderful and creative place to live that I can’t imagine living anywhere else! sunshine falmouth swanpool cornwall kernow beachlife lovely clearwaters happyplace happytimes lifebythesea lucky lovecornwall sunny happywednesday sealife beautiful specialplace createyourownopportunities lifeisntarehearsalforanothergo

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Turtle island 💚

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🔊 این فیلم و حتما با صدا ببینید 🔊 کشتی نفتکش هِربی ۲۰ سپتامبر ۲۰۱۸ در یک تایفون اخر فیلم هم خسارات وارده 😨😨😨😨😨 ‌ با عرض خسته نباشید ، آرزوی سلامتی و شادی و سفری ایمن برای تمام دریانوردان عزیز لطفا پیج مارو فالو کنید و به دوستان و دریانوردان عزیز معرفی کنید 🙏🙏 عزیزان دل لطفا عکس و فیلم هاتونو جهت قرار دادن در پیج به ایدی تلگرام زیر ارسال کنید : 🆔 iranian_mariners2 .‌. کانال دریانوردان ایران پیج ما در تلگرام و اینستاگرام : 🆔 iranian_mariners post by🚢⚓ : amirask7

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Just meeting up with some friends after work 🐶 animalneighbors