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1 day ago

I can't find the video where he's eating cookies. So watch this video where shawnmendes: 1. ruins his teeth 2. got his dentist quaking 3.struggles to open a fucking water bottle then doesn't drink. 4.after successfuly opening the water bottle he takes a bite of his sandwich A round of applause for SHAWN MENDES EVERYBODY👏👏👏 shawn mendes shawnmendes seanmendes camillacabello mendesarmy mendesupdates charlieputh shawmila shaily shiall shawnmendesthetour shawnmendesthealbum illuminate handwritten lifeofthparty johnmayer theresnothingholdingmeback senorita niallhoran bts onedirection harrystyles haileybaldwin haileysteinfeld zaynmalik muffinmendes shawnmendespics shawnmendesedits connorbrashier

1 day ago

I usually don’t tag ppl cuz I’m lazy, but I did today, so I guess that’s an achievement (╹◡╹) Anywayyy (in case u haven’t read my bio) I’ll be posting stuff like this (that doesn’t involve Shawn) once in a while :) - - credit- one1d_au - - - (Ignore) shawnmendes shawn shawnmendesedits mendes mendesarmy shawnmendesarmy shawnmendesthetour shawnsmuffin shawnie shawnieboy shawnn shawnyboy mendesigner mendesmuffin seanmendez seanmendezarmy seanmendes shawnyyy shanemandes dearshawn harry styles harrystyles harryedwardstyles hazza shawnxharry harry styles harrystyles hazza onedirection 1d - - - ♡ ♡ ♡

6 days ago

Tell me they’re not cute and you’re dead💀💀

1 week ago

Took my daughter to see this dude last night. Very talented guy and pretty cute too. 😉

2 weeks ago

Since right now it’s 12:00am here, and it’s the best day in my life so far cause at this mfing day Sean Peter Raul Mendes, my only inspiration, was born today, no one cares about what I’m writing rn, but this is one of the most important days in my life, I wish the best for him because he accomplished a lot, and he’s an amazing person and he deserves the best of all, I LOVE YOU SM SEAN MENDES, I FUCKING LOVE YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BBY :,,,,,,)❤️💜💝💝💜💓🧡💚💙💖💗💗💓🖤🧡💙💖💘💘💗💓💝💝💜🧡💛💕💖❣️💗💓🖤💞💞 shawnmendes shawn shawnsbirthday shawmila babyshawn cute happybirthday iloveyou mendesarmy youreamazing iloveshawn seanmendes cuteshawn explore explorepage

2 weeks ago

With 8 chart-topping albums, youtube sensations thepianoguys are coming to New Brunswick with an innovative mix of classical and pop music that you don't want to miss. Click the link in our bio for even more Entertainment on the EDGE - the one-stop shop listing where tickets are hot! Pic courtesy of thepianoguys ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ . EdgeMagazine EdgeMagazineNJ NJ NewJersey thepianoguys backstreetboys kiss seanmendes beautyandthebeast jojosiwa intothewoods summer summertime summerconcerts music ilovemusic summerfun showtime concert concerts concertseason livemusic bands dance timetodance itsshowtime entertainment concertphotography liveshow liveshows

2 weeks ago

I know I can’t be the only one that imagines doing some type of Latin dance with some hot guy while listening to this song 😂🤣 aww my imagination is too much sometimes, makes me wanna take a dance class though 💃 😂 seanmendes camilacabello musiclovers