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Oy, gays, and their lust for SeanMendes, a cute straight dude with six-pack abs in his underwear. I mean, more than half my IG friends/followers list are sexier and more handsome (let alone, talented). But, he’s pretty and half naked, so, of course. Such is the CultOfFaggotry. Faggotry Twink

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LET MY SOUL ROCK ~ still rockin’ now even on a Sunday night 3am ~ because the music was awakened in me again ~ one who lives from the heart ~ with compassion for all ~ and possesses a tenacious enthusiasm for music, life, and the planet ~ michaelfranti grammyawards aliciakeys who invited a depth and conscious kindness into every word as usual dianaross who celebrated life at 75 and got the good ones flowing free gaga who entertained from the deep places jlo who gave her all and repped Motown despite the critics dualipa who sung her heart out drake who had something pertinent to say smokeyrobinson who is class all the way rickymartin who can zest up anything seanmendes who is and talented and dripping with joy beberexha who was style and glamour and fought for it and showed up radiant arethafranklin who we miss as the queen of soul allthefeels and so many more inspired but aliciakeys you and your magical peaceful balanced soul shine bright and deepand you, Queen, commanded the word stage to respect themselves, and others. You, are a Musical Queen of your domain and you set the necessary tone 🎹 for the world to sing on key 🎼 and in time 🎶I am grateful for how you stand in your potent influence in any realm. truebeauty keysclub lionessarising alignment 🎸 consciousliving highestself inspired awakentheworld callthemup soultribe 🎹

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Some days with chronic illness and mental health conditions are harder than others. This week was rough. But tonight is better. There will be more difficult days. But there will be more good ones too. No matter what you’re going through, you are never alone. Don’t give up. It isn’t in your blood. _ 💛 💛 💛 💛 💛 _ 🎼: Shawn Mendes, “In My Blood” selflove bekind kindess mentalhealthawareness chronicillness anxiety ocd depression livewell takecareofyourself inmyblood seanmendes lyrics songlyrics teacher lifeofateacher

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Now the trainer has become the trainee💫😁. TY for the call kettlejitsu Great lesson yesterday, (when your lesson is all about relaxing and breathing and it feels like it has nothing to do with singing, but we heard the dif 👍🏼) vocals vocalcoaching avoidingstrain beentheredonethat breathingexercises breathingtechniques relaxation lowbreath singersongwriter fitness fitnesstrainer mondaymotivation jiujitsu sensei singingcover seanmendes lyricist kettlebellworkout kettlebelltrainer kettlejitsu neverstoplearning

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Life becomes more meaningful when you realise the simple fact that you’ll never get the same moment twice GirlPower sundaygirlmagazine

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"A Little Too Much" with sound waves by Sean Mendes. This sound wave art print was created for a client who wanted to commemorate a special journey of transformation she and a group of other women went on together. This song represents their challenges and also a reminder that they can get through anything. Did you know I provide digital sound wave files to remote clients to print on your own? This is a convenient and low cost option if you don't live in Calgary but want to get your design printed right away and don't want to pay for shipping! Check it out on my site instaabstract artcollector abstractexpressionism artoftheday originalart inspiredbymusic abstractartist creativebusiness mixedmedia contemporarypainting contemporaryart makersgonnamake doitfortheprocess creativelifehappylife alcoholink soundwaveart seanmendes artgallery sharecalgary calgarylife canadianart sound soundart music yycarts yycart yycartist resonanceartstudio yycblogger alittletoomuch

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Hbd to my fav Can’t wait to see how good 23 looks on you when I get back 🔥 I love you and hope you aren’t too hungover when you see this ❤️❤️ seanmendes

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When they thought concert tickets were arriving on their birthdays ♥️♥️😂 seanmendes electricpicnic

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Lost in Japan Do you got plans tonight? I'm a couple hundred miles from Japan, and I I was thinking I could fly to your hotel tonight 'Cause I-I-I can't get you off my mind Can't get you off my mind Can't get you off my mind seanmendes zedd lostinjapan

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All the stars in the sky could see, how you're perfectly wrong for me. 🖤🖤🎶🎶 PerfectlyWrong SeanMendes

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“I just thought my fly was undone” IM DYING

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Sassy 😂 sorry for the quality