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Sunset 😍🌅🌇

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oggi è stata una giornata talmente impegnativa che l’unica immagine che posso tollerare adesso è di assoluta calma piatta🐾

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I can see this one working as a broochor a printor a wall hanging! 😄

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Yes, please 🏖🏄‍♀️👙🧜‍♀️☀️

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When was the last time you did something out of your comfort zone? In the spirit of new experiences we are bringing you this Cape Verde adventure package. Go on an epic tour of the islands, scuba diving, and make the acquaintance of a great white shark for just N130,470 Send a DM to book or contact us at info

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Day dreaming of paradise ☀️ and by paradise I mean leg day 😅

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Fishing for a raggie in some reefy areas I used very heavy tackle to make sure once he is hooked I've got the best chance to land him! This poor Spotted Gully Shark decided to jump onto the bait and even though they are very strong fighters he didn't have much of a chance! I don't like putting fish on dry sand but it was the only way to get the fish to behave to take the hook out and get him back safely! - - - - fish fishing rockandsurf surffishing landbased bait penn slammer whiplash 80lb berkley venom medusaxl catchandrelease southafrica pondoland winter surf purefishingsa photooftheday seashore waves beach conserve like4like taggedandrelease

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After 3 months in Belize it’s time to head home, but on the waya little time to transition back into stateside life! 2 chairs are waiting for you—see you on the beach