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1 week ago

It’s always fun when I can have a late night, goofing around with moma. Her only weapon against me is the tickles, they are evils. When ever she tries to tickle me, I attempt to bite her fingers. Only issue with this is that, I only have my two front teeth in.• With mama returning home from work, she brought me a surprise gift of a new princess high chair. It so cute and has a little bow on the back. As her and moma Tah we’re getting dinner ready, they let me sit in it and play with play dough. I’ve always loved the odd satisfying squishy of it all. Then I got to thinking maybe it taste just as good.• Reaching down from the green ball I pull a small piece off a corner, and stick it in my mouth. Puckering my lips quick, and spitting it out I whine, “Sallltyy” goes through my head. My mommy’s must of notice what I did because they were laughing at me. Here’s another day of learning, Don’t eat play dough!• Until next time🌸• • • • secondlife secondlifefamily secondlifekids secondlifepictureperfect secondlifeblog secondlifeworld secondlifefood secondlifehome secondlifebetterlife secondlifecute secondlifeavi secondlifephotography

2 weeks ago

Bog Oak is the household name for oak wood that has been buried in peat bog for hundreds and in some cases thousands of years. Peat – or turf – is a build-up of decaying organic matter. The trees, trunks and logs we reclaim are from large oak trees that were felled many moons ago by man or nature. During the centuries the wood sank ever deeper into the black mud, enriched and coloured by acids and minerals. The rich, dark shades of brown and intense blacks give Bog Oak its exclusive look. 🛠 welovereclaimed loveforwood wonderwallstudios craftedlocallyrockedglobally secondlifebetterlife wallpanels wallpanelling reclaimedwood walldesign