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Okay I want to show how diverse SL can be. On SL I teach a Bible class, I am a father and family patriarch, and I'm a DJ and businessman. But the thing about SL is you can be diverse in your story. My PC Josh is also a prospect in a Motorcycle Club (MC) be diverse with your story! Flow my story secondlifeworld secondlifeonly secondlifeblogger secondlifefamily secondlifeavatar secondlife secondlifers secondlifefashion prilaga secondlifephotography secondlifestyle secondlifeblog secondlifer secondlifeavi

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Shh: Do Not Disturb ;) Featuring: Sass, TLB, *CS* Adored, :::Phoenix::: Blog: Flickr: FB: secondlife secondlifer secondlifers secondlifeavi secondlifeonly secondlifestyle secondlifeworld secondlifefashion secondlifeavatar secondlifephotography secondlifeblog secondlifeblogger secondlifehair secondlifefashionblog secondlifestyles secondlifeblogging secondlifefinest

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My Perfume It's You. Couple Pose by Jess Poses / Poses Addict. Bloglink in bio.

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The life of us: Woke up this morning smelling food being cooked.So I rolled over to get out of bed thinking damn my son has it smelling good downstairs. But asi was getting up out of bed the door open and I look up to see Montrell coming in with some food telling me to lay back down.I looked up at him and did just that lol. He walks over with this Apron on with words saying (If the food good kiss the cook)😏. So ofc y’all know I love to eat. I straight smashed that food.I can feel him watching me & hear him saying baby your glowing. I looks up and smiles at him. He leans forward and kisses me saying softly your so beautiful this morning.After I finish eating he picks me up and sits me on him just holding me. Whispers( I’m never letting you go)We all knows what happened next.I can say this morning was one of the best mornings I ever had🥰😊Time to get our day started. secondlifeblog secondlifeworld secondlifeavatar secondlifestyle secondlifeonly secondlifehome secondlifephotography secondlifebeauty secondlifebusinessowner secondlifesingle secondlifemodel secondlifecouple sexy positivevibesonly queenstatus likes likesforlikesback likeforlikes likesforlikesback secondlifeavi likes likeforlikes likesforlikesback secondlife beauty avatar sexy secondlifecouples