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Pronto tienda en línea con dos locaciones: México | Francia 🛍 . ♻️ GetUsed | Reuse Félinitude

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all these sexy simple fashion shoulder dresses are 100L each👗 would you buy these? Comment your favourite dress ♥️💕 slfashion secondlife secondlifepromo ❤️♥️ secondlifevirtualworld slfashionaachen secondlifefashionandstyle secondlifeshopping 💕❤️ sexy simple shoulderdress couture virtualdesign secondlifecreator ❤️♥️ secondlifeshopping secondlifefashion secondlifefashiondesign shoppinginsecondlife ❤️ elegant sexyfundresses digitaldress♥️

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no bra club🚫

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Music WICKED BLOG . Walked in a Night Club in Second Life and the place was a blaze. Looking through he musty smoked filled room I saw her. The desire on her lips that men or women could only dream of kissing. Only fools could think they had a chance with her. She started walking towards me. My knees got weak and my foolish desire wept as she walked on bye. Suddenly she turns back as our eyes meet like strangers in the Night. The Night Club packed with patrons suddenly emptied as I looked into her eyes. The thirst that she brought was like no other. We touched and started to sway to the Music. Was this a dream? Was it real? She whispered to me “they call me Kitten”, which I thought to myself “what’s my name again”? I couldn’t think as she Gyrated her hips upon my pelvis with a short short skirt. She moved slowly gracefully against my crotch as our blood boil between us. I have to breath, come on boy breath. That’s it, I’m breathing! I kept telling myself to breathe. I whispered in her ear and told her my name. After I told her my name and I didn’t even know what I said to her? Did I tell her my right name? Suddenly Without asking she turns to me and places her lips on mine. I’ve never touched or kissed anything so amazing it was like you’ve gone to heaven or on cloud nine just the most amazing feeling you’ve ever known and We kept kissing and kissing. Was I was addicted? I needed more. I needed more. Like a wild animal I thirsted I thirsted for more more more more more. She starts to purr. Omg! The purring driving me nuts. What a Wicked Game she played to make me feel this way Suddenly I freeze. Nooo! My SecondLife viewer is tweaking black and flickering! No no not now. After a minute or two, then finally I get back to the dancing She is gone? Oh no! I look frantically look around and yes, she is Gone. I look through the smoked filled Night Club and also I don’t see her name on local chat Was it just a dream? Was this Kitten purring with my mind? Such a Wicked Game she played clawing with my dreams this way No body has ever purred with my soul this way Will she come back? Or

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I've survived the Twisted Hunt! 🙀🙀🙀 Now to unpack 60+ prize boxes in my inventory Oh wait, there's also MadPea's hunt going on. Umm unpacking later? 🤔 Went a bit Art Nuoveau with this stuff on the wall. 😅 The dress I am wearing isn't from hunts though, it's one of the latest releases from COTTON and comes in all sorts of beautiful patterns. COTTON store is located here, if you want to check it out: CottonSL secondlife secondlifestyle secondlifeavi secondlifeonly secondlifeblog secondlifeworld secondlifefashion secondlifeavatar secondlifemodel secondlifers secondlifeblogger secondlifephotography secondlifebeauty secondlifer secondlifefashionblog secondlifeblogging sl pretty girl beauty

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MINA Hair - Brianna for Uber! Brianna is a medium length hairstyle with bobby pins. There is also a unrigged version and a styleHUD with the new color picker included. Uber opens the 25th at 12 am SLT Taxi to Uber: Camshopping 1: Camshopping 2: As always I will place a demo in the mainstore once the event starts. Slurl: Hair/153/136/29/ MINAhair slhair secondlife secondlifefashion slfashion Uber virtualfashion virtualworld videogame videogamefashion avatar minahairsl