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My familiar is chihuahua mixed dioxin, like my irl onevshe is my bestie and i love her soo much she my every thing 💖. Theme: doglover familier witchblood love cabbagly imvucabbaglymyfavorte For second life 🖤 Thanks for the tag! 💋 🖤 Follow, like, comment Show them some love! 🤭 Cabby was here. 🖤Tag us for a chance to be featured too! secondlifeslay secondlifeedits secondlifeedit awsomesecondlife secondlifefinest secondlifemodel secondlifesexy secondlife secondlifephotography secondlifeavi secondlifefashion secondlifelifestyle secondlifepictureperfect secondlifeonly secondlifedope cabbagly imvucabbaglymyfavorte imvu secondlife witchblood familiar doglover

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C is for COOKE Featuring Sass, Foxy, Hangry Blog: Flickr: FB: secondlife secondlifer secondlifers secondlifeavi secondlifeonly secondlifestyle secondlifeworld secondlifefashion secondlifeavatar secondlifephotography secondlifeblog secondlifeblogger secondlifehair secondlifefashionblog secondlifestyles secondlifeblogging secondlifefinest