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⚫️⚪️⚫️ . I can tell that your drinking eye Has never opened I insist somebody will die And I hate moping Wishing that the pills let you cry And I hate hoping Someday I will go back outside And see her ok . ⚫️⚪️⚫️ More information on Flickr Inspired by puffiedoll puffieart lazybbi secondlifefemboy pride secondlifer lgbt secondlifefashion secondlifeworld secondlifeavatar sl darkskin music afterthought body inspiration secondlife secondlifeonly secondlifeblogger babyhotlinememe babyhotlinejackstauber pastel aesthetic soft softmusic secondlifebeauty digital secondlifelove 3dart jackstauber secondlifestore kawaii bright

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νιятυαℓ ѕιηgℓєѕ σƒ ѕℓ is back and where are looking for all of the singles of this amazing virtual world , you tired of going to bed at night in your skybox or on your land ? You tired of going on dates alone ? Are you tired of exploring the SL Prims And Ready To Have A Special Connection With The Right One ? Well You Came To The Right Place. We Will Help Get You Conversation If The Feelings Of A Man Avi & Woman Avi Is Mutual For One Another , We’ll Get You Started . Let The Tagging Begin ✨🥰❤️ secondlife secondlifeavi secondlifeblog secondlifeonly secondlifestyle secondlifeavatar secondlifers secondlifefashion secondlifephotography secondlifelove

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Next Chapter (Thank you Next)🙅 Sorry ive been away for so long but ive been recovering and Healing under some difficult circumstances.YESits true,Me and my ex husband are separated and are currently devorcing in marriage,im sad it had to come to this but i must do whats best For me and my ,all is love,and I wish him the best but i must move on with my secondlife with hopes for a better future plussizefashionThankyounextsecondlifesecondlifeaviMetimesecondlifersecondlifefashionsecondlifeonlysecondlifeavatarsecondlifemodelsecondlifebloggerslmodelsecondlifegamesecondlifeloveslaviimvuplussizemodelimvuaviNewlifecurvymodelstorytimePlusmodel

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Show off your side chick/lover with this pose! Grab these for only 99L (each) in the NinaX Main store! Show off your man and your side lovers ;) TP: Also! Please join the in-world group for Fabulous Friday’s to get the full list of talented creators who have joined in the sale! :) secondlifeavi secondlife secondlifestyle secondlifeworld secondlifeblog secondlifeonly slbloggers sofasobmedida slfashion slfree giftguidesl secondlifegif secondlifegift slevents secondlifeevent secondlliferomance secondlifelove slromance