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Taking care of yourself is not selfish when you're taking care of everyone around you, and especially if you also suffer from mental illness. Society truly has a warped sense of expectation of people like us sufferers and how we should be like the rest of the world. WELL SCREW THAT Knowing after the hell I'd be going through this week, I cancelled my therapist appointment 2 days in advanced and decided to sleep after taking my daughter to school. It was very needed & I'm glad I did this for myself. Reposted from selfcareandus - sleep feelings peaceful health mentalhealth selfcare selflove selfesteem loveyourself wellbeing putyourselffirst effort happy happiness emotions selfcareandus energy recharge reset success love friends metime quotestoliveby wordstoliveby stress - regrann

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Your past will never scare me because I had to push myself to my limits to overcome what I hated about myself. Your past will never scare me because I eventually learned to meet my past with compassion. Your past will never scare me because it only exists in the power we give it. Your past will never scare me because I’ve changed, and I know you’re not the same person as before, even if you don’t yet know it. Your past will never scare me because fear is a choice, and I choose love over fear I know how to accept you because I know how to accept myself. I know how to love you because I know how to love myself. All the love, Myles Scott My mission is to help men and women become more conscious thru raw vulnerability, self-awareness, and self-love. How you can help: Follow, Share, Turn Post Notifications on, and support/share the Kickstarter. Link in bio! Want a mentor? Search “Inner Circle w/ Myles Scott” on Facebook. selflove divinemasculine honesty selflovequotes thirdeye loveyourself loveyourselffirst masculinity truth selfawareness rawtruth selfworth selfaware higherself consciousness dtfbook loveadvice lovequotes divinefeminine ideservebetter toxicmasculinity vulnerability vulnerabilityisstrength selfconfidence evolve serveothers myleswrites

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Just because you come through the fostercare system does not mean that you are no longer extraordinary. We are the largest family on the planet with 12 million and counting and many of us are doing quite well! What could be more extraordinary than that? We've had a great time these last five years. And hope to keep growing the FCN family as we connect grow and thrive together. Welcome home and have a blessed weekend. ticketsinbio selflove levelup beextraordinary

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We’re t-minus 10 days away from the official launch of Resinate Company, so it seems like a great opportunity for me to do my first featurefriday ! 🤗 : They say behind every successful woman is a tribe of people that have her back. Well this statement could not be any truer for me, especially when talking about my better half Brandon (a.k.a. jmalcolm1900 )! 🧔🏻 : Every crazy idea I’ve ever come up with, he has in some way helped me make it happen. From house renovations to producing a podcast ( mynotsobalancedlife 🎙) he has NEVER said that I can’t reach for the stars. But instead, has always asked me how high I am willing to jump to reach them. ✨ : He is my biggest supporter and is in my corner in everything that I do, including building this business! : As soon as I told him what my dream was for this business he immediately asked how he can help make it happen. So with that said - the dynamic duo was born! : Brandon will be pretty behind the scenes with the business but it cannot be understated how beneficial his help will be. It is another chapter for us in our relationship and I couldn’t imagine building a dream with anyone else. ♥️ • • • supportsmallbusiness smallbusiness femalepodcaster femalepodcast womenempoweringwomen exercise healthylifestyle balance health wellness mentalhealth love friendship ketocouples womenwhopodcast shepodcasts orlandofl orlandopodcast winterparkfl rollinscollege UCF alumknight bodypositivity podcast bodyimage relationshipgoals selflove couplespodcast

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Nobody: Me: I’m tired of stressing over when to post, how to post, if this is fits my aesthetic, if I even have an aesthetic, if people even care, etc you get the point lol. Man I’ve really managed to take all the fun out of this app, but not anymore! Ion care nomooooo 🙃 so here’s an unedited selfie of me- this morning, after deciding that I don’t care and I’m no longer stressin’. Oh and I have a new video About social media toxicity and all that stuff. LINK IN BIO! Let’s liberate each other from the fake sh*t- it’s exhausting and unnecessary. ily go be great ✌🏽

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Not motivated no energy just tired AF but this is routine and I'm a stick to my routine and get my 6 days a week in.hard work pays off and I am lovin the results BodyPositive SelfLove

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BIG PPL SZN all 2019 onwards ❤️ I’m feeling the monochrome lately tbh. Image description: illustration of three gorgeous fat babes in bikinis sat together smiling. One has curly hair and a floral tattoo, one has a choppy bob haircut and a floral small tattoo on their leg, and the last is smiling with their eyes closed, their hair is in a messy pony tail and they have a tattoo reading “BIG GRL SZN” on their calf. bodypositive fatpositive selfacceptance fatbabe selflove illustration summer womenwhodraw queerart poly fatandfree relationships polyamorous bisexual lesbians queerlove beach bikini fatkini

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"Gelegentlich" verurteile ich mich ja schon dafür, nicht perfekt zu sein! Obwohl ich ja sehr gut weiß, dass Perfektion unmöglich ist, nicht erstrebenswert und stinklangweilig! Ich sag mir das drölf mal am Tag und dennoch 🤦🏼‍♀️ wenn ich dann aber meine Handstandfortschritte beobachte bin ich doch sehr stolz auf meinen ehemals sehr unkoordinierten Körper! Und YES, man darf stolz auf sich sein! Mit allem was dazu gehört! Ein besserer Mensch bin ich deshalb nicht! Aber alles beginnt mit der Akzeptanz, dass man eben auch nur ein Mensch mit Fehlern ist und sein Bestes gibt 🥳 yesyoucan yogajourney yoga yogini handstand selflove love journey derwegistdasziel practice yogaeverydamnday yogalife

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Happy Friday guys 🤩❤️❤️❤️! Today I wanted to ask you to share 1 thing you've done that you are proud of this week💕 it’s very natural for us to always criticize ourselves for the things we haven’t done 🤷🏻‍♀️ “I didn’t get to the gym 5 times this week” or “I ate this huuge burger when I went out with my friends on Friday” 🤬 but did you kill it in the gym 4 times that week? Did you stick to your meal plan 🥗🍳 on the other days of the week? This is sooo important to celebrate small victories and focus on the good things you have done rather than small mistakes you might have made along the way 💕 never forget that progress is NOT linear and it takes a lot of patience ❤️ and always remember that small wins can go a long way 🤩🎉! This week I am proud that I logged a lotttt of steps with all the dog walks I did. I also increased my weights for a lot of my workouts! (Check out my stories to keep up with my day to day adventures) 💪🏻 what are you proud of?🤩❤️ girlyfashion girlygirl girlystuff fitspiration petitefashion FitnessMotivation Fitspo GetFit GoalSetting YouCanDoIt FitnessGoals TrainHard NoExcuses FitFam FitLife Fitness FitnessAddict GetStrong GirlsWhoLift GymLife GymTime NoPainNoGain PersonalTrainer Sweat selflove curvyconfidence bestisyettocome Motivation FriYay FitQuote

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Missing the beautiful blossoms🌸

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“The stillness within you is where your answers lie” 💕💕💕 One of our favorite ways to practice Self Love Meditation. We are LOVING NYC & all of the amazing collaborations in the works here. Thank you for all of the love. Next up— Pop up tonight at shoplovelocked in Jersey City 6-8pm & Self Love Circle with bri.healthy & daniellebryan at athletanyc tomorrow 3-5 pm. So much to celebrate—- Including YOU 💕💕💕💕 breathe meditate selflove womensempowerment loveyourself gemstonejewelry womenscircle

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.Best wishes to all of my lovely IG ❤💐🦉🌹💜 .LOVE EMBRACING ALL CREATION .🌻🌹🌿 . The correct Respiration ( breathing) should be practiced daily to protect the nerves system healthybody healthylifestyle igyoga igyogafam igyogacommunity instayoga inspired inversion inversionjunkie learnyoga namaste namastayinbed meditation mensyoga mindbodygram motivation morningpractice movement myyogajourney myyogalife perfectlyimperfect practiceandalliscoming practicedaily practicemakesprogress practiceyoga selflove spreadtheyogalove indianstreetphotography

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No makeup kinda selfie ❤️ selflove

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OMG😍 Personal order for the gorgeous isabellebradford ! Wanting something I’d never seen before Issi came to BandeauBabes with an idea, from there I adapted and landed on this design 😍 Flared bottoms with a loop design and a strappy wrap top! (Top can be worn on its own without the bottoms)👗 Actually over the moon with how this came out, so remember if you have an idea or design of something you want I’m MORE than happy to give it a go! (Or at least let you know if it’s do-able) • • • • • Fashion OOTD Festival Y2k Bodypositivity Selflove Blondeshavemorefun Ootdfashion Glitter reflectiveclothing Festivalfashion Ravegirls festivalseason Edmgirls ibiza Raveoutfit Edmbabe Clothingcompany Bandeaubabes 00s 90s Fashiondesigner promoters StreetFashion OutfitOfTheDay

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For real, though. Think about it.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Apparently this is the status of my brain right now - I'm laughing hysterically thinking about dinosaurs drinking coffee.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Long weekend camping heeeerrrreeee weeeeeeeeee commmeeee! Anyone else need any extra cup or three today?!

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Tacofridaaay🤩🌮💘 if there’s any food I could eat everyday for the rest of my life it would be tacos🤤🌟

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🗝It started out me just wanting to feel better 🗝Then it turned into something I love ♥️ 🗝Then it turned into my business 🗝Then it turned into helping others This is what you get 💖No website fees. 💖No quotas to meet. 💕No buying products. 💖Weekly pay. 💰 💖Car bonus 🚘 💖$600 in bonuses. 💖Training provided. 💖Amazing team. 💖No auto-ship for customers or business owners. 💖Free products for customers and business owners. 💗Run your business for ZERO‼️ Interested? Leave a comment 📥 or emoji 📲 below or message 💌 me.

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Follow   myspiritualpath  for more. TURN ON PUSH NOTIFICATIONS FOR LATEST UPDATES

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If I asked you to name the things you love, How long will it take till you name yourself? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ You matter too!

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Want to know who I talk to the most? The person I can’t help by chat with no matter what time of day. This person is always there to meet me and can be my biggest champion or my biggest bully. This has definitely been the longest relationship I’ve every had. Wanna know who it’s with? Myself. And that is the same for you. You are the person you talk to the most! Have you ever thought of it that way? Can I get a bit vulnerable and share that I was (and still can be) downright nasty to myself. I would scream at myself whenever I made a mistake “God dammit MegAnne!” “Why do you always do this?!” “Come ongeese!” Even just yesterday I got caught in my shame storm (as brenebrown says) and I started to spiral into my negative track. I call this spiral my inner bully, and realized since coming to Madison I had stopped my love notes to my inner bully- and that was the reminder to me that she needs some love- ASAP! If you’ve been following me for a while or are a member of How to Build Your Kind Family you’ve heard me mention “HALT” well yesterday I was feeling MEGA LONELY! And had a meltdown. Now here’s why I share. Those scripts get imprinted so quickly into our subconscious when we are . And when we are unaware of them we start to project them onto the others around us. Especially the in our care. If we are not doing our own growth and yet asking to do there’s things will become resistant, forced, resentful and tiring. Self-growth doesn’t mean you bad, wrong, broken- self-growth means that you’re ready to bring like to the shadows so you can shine your light BRIGHTER! And when you can, your can! So tell me- what sorts of self-growth are you dipping your toes in recently? Comment below!

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Daily motivation 🙆🏻‍♀️ For the Memorial Day Weekend, you can buy one case and get another one FREE! 🎉 Use the code “BOGOFREE” at the checkout 🛒 Visit to shop 🛍

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Reflexão sobre como o relacionamento entre as mulheres ainda se baseia na comparação e como podemos mudar isso.

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Made an effort to SMILE FOR ONCE on my mammys birthday 🙄😂