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Lion king love hurts. But

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Soft TPU Airpod Protective Case - FUCK IT⠀ ➤ USD 15.00.⠀ ⠀ - Designed to protect AirPods⠀ - Lightweight⠀ - Impact resistant⠀ - Scratch Proof⠀ - Easy to install⠀ - TPU material⠀ - Fun designs⠀ - 2 Separate Pcs⠀ - Keychain Hole⠀ - Mulitple Colors Available⠀ ⠀ love fashion beautiful cute inspirational follow fun pinkbox originalpinkbox motivation lovelife jewelry fashionjewelry handmadejewelry Bracelet Necklace Gemstone Beads metal accessories selfmade design apparel instagood photooftheday trending

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My feed is all about ocean and myself lately and I won’t complain.

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ITS THE WEEKEND Woot 🧚‍♂️ This the first weekend off I have had in Melbourne since moving here Going to go walk nahli and sit in the sunshine 🧚‍♂️🌿✨ • • • • enby transdude transculture gendereuphoria hrt transtakeover selfmade transhuman selflove transvisibility transgenderasfuck selflove bodyeuphoria afab gay instagay brand transpride transproud cutetranspeople cuteandtrans thisiswhattranslookslike selfmade gayboy gays gayboys gaysofinstagram genderqueer transantdshirtless nonbinary

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. 早安 早餐 南瓜蒸蛋 / 蒜香法棍切片 / 芒果 /烤蔬菜 . 南瓜蒸蛋 終於處理了放很久的栗子南瓜 把中間的肉刮一刮讓它變成南瓜盅 因為尺寸很小所以只打了一顆蛋 放兩根蟹肉棒絲和玉米粒下去電鍋蒸 看起來有點稀(水放太多),但口味還不錯 早上的氣溫已稍微偏高 窗外陽光刺眼,今天要趁著天氣好 來整理一下陽台的小植物 之前,吃樹葡萄剩下的籽都冒芽了 也該讓他們入土為安(亂講話) 🤣 在家吃早餐 taiwanfood 栗子南瓜 cooking yummy selfmade dessert instafood eat foodgasm homecooking hungry lovefood 朝食 料理 手料理 cookies Baking bread cafelife brunch breakfast foodie 啾姨吃早餐 「不是每個人都懂得感恩;最難的是分辨哪些人是真心,哪些人是別有用心。 」

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Everyone has the same 24 hours, but do we all regard it as sacred? Reflect on how you use your time. Readjust your behaviors, if necessary, with this heightened awareness. There's no reason for being stuck AND unaware 👁 It’s an act of self-care to reflect on your attachments, beliefs, and behaviors. Also, it’s crucial to release those things that aren’t giving you a return on your investment. It’s easy to blame your circumstances for why you haven’t gotten further in life. However, the truth is that what you presently spend your time on is what will come to fruition in the future 🔂 For example, you won’t become a successful entrepreneur if you aren’t continually networking, marketing, selling, and building awareness of your brand. Likewise, it’s impossible to lose weight if you refuse to eat healthily and exercise. Don’t blame it on the holidays 🤔 headhearts0ul s0ulfood knowyourself selfawareness personaldevelopment empowerment timeissacred useyourtimewisely timemanagement reflection selfcare releasetoxins accountability authenticity selfmade girlboss actionsproduceresults

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Sometimes I don't take the picture. Sometimes instead I take in every detail choosing to be fully present in the moment. Put your camera down, put your phone down and see it as it is. Trust me, it's glorious Pic by me from workshop last month

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Mazeratti drippin in my driveway like I stole it Crossin over state lines runnin from 12 Like I'm on it, bitch my head so foggy Think I'm movin like an old head

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New podcast is live! Click the link in the bio to listen! - In this episode of the Til You Collapse Podcast we talk about the importance of creating a family culture for your team. You can have all the qualifications in the world on paper, but at the end of the day personality and character are key for building a successful team and business. Skills can be taught, character can not. - familyovereverything newpodcast podcast

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Prophet My Way self made music vid now available on YouTube go subscribe Prophet Illiatic Records The LP Prophet My Way available on all platforms one love yo selfmade hiphop illiatic myway

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Friday afternoon 9 HS Athletes All putting in Off Season Work That’s WINNING 💯💪

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Damit es niemals zweifel gibt wer hier der Texter ist! Ich werde nie vergessen, aber spielt das überhaupt eine Rolle! Es gibt Menschen die haben deine Liebe einfach nicht verdient, aber lass dich nicht davon aufhalten Versprochen jeder bekommt was er verdient " verdammt freue ich mich auf meine nächste Single " das wird mein Abschluss! Und danach kann ich mich auf mich Konzentrieren! - es geht zurück zur Schulbank goforabitur BULlettime Gatlingreversetime Artist Rap Rapmusic rapper rappers hiphop deutschrap deutschrapnewcomer realrap rapartist rapgame raplife rapnation rapradar newrapper raplifstyle selfmade selfmadeartist YouonlylisteningRapMusic musik music MemyselfandI Munichworld Munich Bayern Muc Minga

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Our mission and vision is to help you execute! Let us take your business to the next level with expert coaching, thorough business analysis, and solutions to strengthen your team! Give us a call today at 1(888)823-7757

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THE LIFE OF AN 🛸🌏👑👽ALIEN👽👑🌏🛸👽TRACK TITLE: 🛸 "UP IN ORBIT"🛸👽🛸PROD. BY welcurybeats🔥🔥🛸🌏👑👽🧠MIND OF AN ALIEN🧠👽👑🌏🛸🔥🔥5 / ? / ? hitafterhit neptune undergroundrappers fbg outerspace kcloud N2LMADE👑 unsignedrapper mylifeisamovie taprap canada galaxies riseoutofpoverty finland selfmade mindofanalien artists Mixtapes freebandshottafromneptune freebandz alien👽 looking4thebest fbgglobal rapper recordlabel spaceship hiphop freebandgang atlanta alienlife

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I always look forward and never turn around.