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READ: I love when I have something to say about each piece of clothing I’m wearing. First, the shoes, I got these allenedmonds from a thrift store in Long Island for $12! The socks, are the awesome tweed socks from boardroomsocks and the 4 winners of that giveaway are p.aulhanna, g_c_a_k, jonathan.s.goldberg, and colin.woodford.jackson! Congrats to those guys and for everyone who didn’t win, I’m already working on more giveaways coming soon. And lastly, this pair of jbrandjeans was my intro into the world of higher quality denim & selvedge - and I’ve come a long way. allenedmonds

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menswearenthusiast mensoutfit mensoutfitideas menslifestyle menswardrobe stylegrid outfitgrids mensweardaily menslook menstyleguide menstylefashion selvedgedenim selvedge selvedgestyle denimdudes denimheads wrangler wranglernation wranglerjeans yellow108 legendaryboots peterthomasroth whiskeyleatherworks raybansunglasses This is for the real Selvedge wrangler heads. Something to wear to casual outing like a pool hall. You can't just show up with a good pool stick, you gotta show up dressed to kill with it. With the outfit, you gotta have some great accessories to boot with: ·Reel Montana & Natural Veg Tan Belt by whiskey_leatherworks ·Grey Dylan Fedora Hat by yellow108 ·Gunmetal Brown Aviator Gradient Sunglasses by rayban ·Peptide 21 Lift & Firm Moisturizer by peterthomasrothofficial ·Alien Man Eau de Toilette Spray by muglerofficial · El Paso Med Brown Pacific Shark Boots by legendarybootco Everyman with maintenance that is high would wear this look with pride and swag. 1. Wrangler Icons New Wash 124MJ Denim Jacket $139.00 at 2. Wrangler Retro Blue/Black Plaid Overprint Snap Long Sleeve Shirt $49.00-$51.00 at 3. Wrangler 1947 Selvedge Slim Straight Denim Jeans $125.00 at 4. Reel Montana & Natural Veg Tan Belt $189.00 at 5. Grey Dylan Fedora Hat $108.00 at 6. Peter Thomas Roth Peptide 21 Lift & Firm Moisturizer $78.00 at 7. Mugler ALIEN MAN Eau de Toilette Spray, 3.4-oz. Created for Macy's $88.00 at Macy's 8. Ray-Ban Gunmetal Brown Aviator Gradient Sunglasses $168.00 at Macy's 9. El Paso Med Brown Pacific Shark Boots (price upon request order) at

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Chippewa, Red Wing, & Thorogood are three boot companies with deep roots in the US and all began out here in the Midwest. The brands make great heritage boots that pay tribute to those that came before us.⁣⠀ 🇺🇲⁣⠀ .⁣⠀ These plain toe boots are a throwback to the service boots of old. I will do a comparison write up soon!⁣⠀ .⁣⠀ .⁣⠀ .⁣⠀ 3345 Blacksmiths made by redwingheritage⁣⠀ .⁣⠀ 814-9011 Beloits made by 1892_by_thorogood⁣⠀ .⁣⠀ 1901M27 Service Boots made by chippewaboots⁣⠀ .⁣⠀ All boots shown are finished with Made in the USA paracord laces by pisgah_range_ltd⁣⠀ .⁣⠀ .⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ Started a Heritage Boot Collection Page on the Website! Check it Out! ⁣⠀ .⁣⠀ .⁣⠀ .⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ findingcrafters boots chippewa horween leathercraft leather chomexcel selvedge rawdenim selvage myredwings workwear denim mensbootd selvagedenim selvedgedenim denimheads redwingheritage vintagefashion chippewaboots vintageworkwear vintagestyle madeintheusa thorogood thorogoodboots redwings leatherboots goodyearwelted handcrafted heritageboots

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A little black and blue Jacket: levis commuter Shirt: nordstrom chambray Denim: weargustin 15oz. Zimbabwe cotton Japanese selvedge

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An OLD picture (hence the lack of facial hair) but this is one of my favorite non black-tie looks that incorporates the velvet slipper. With the irreverent juxtaposition of the slippers with rugged jungle jackets and wide selvedge, it has a brycelandsco and toneloki flair that has definitely influenced me throughout recent memory. What do you guys think? I like it a lot, but I might have to make a summer variation as it starts to heat up in LA. ethanmwong

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Great shot from rocket19 wearing the BB Shipyard jacket 🔥

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Tuesday choices for trumantuesday and speedytuesday • 👢 trumanbootcompany Aubergines, Black horse rump and coach rambler • 👖 shockoe_atelier slim Kojima • 🧥 ironheartdenim IH-526-ODG • Vintage omega speedmaster 345.0808 • _ [ advertisement due to tagging of brands] • tuesday ironheart ironheartdenim ironheartarmy ironheartarmy ootd wiwt shockoe_atelier kojima denim jeans selvage selvedge japan japanesedenim handmade boots usbootfreak horse horserump italianleather vegetabletanned stufffinegoods omega omegamychoice

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If the sky that we look upon should tumble and fall. Or the mountains should crumble to the sea. I won't cry, I won't cry, no I won't shed a tear. Just as long as you stand, stand by me. /nc - 🧥 myironheartdenim - [unpaid advertisement] - ironheart ironheartdenim ironheartjapan ironheartarmy myironheart ih526l 21ozarmy ultraheavyraw rawdenim japandenim selvedge selvedgeforum denim drydenim fades denimfades standingdenim denimaddicted denimals denimalism workwear rugged roughruggedandraw ruggedstyle menstyle wabisabi makefadesgreatagain makefadesnotwar lovefadeshatefascism

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Summer footwear clearout coming very soon.

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The IH-555S-142 is the super slim version of the 14 oz indigo selvedge denim from Iron Heart. Available online and in both London & Manchester stores.

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Finding color inspiration at the SoCal superbloom

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“You can’t triple stamp a double stamp!” We did double stamp a TCR logo on a single stamp on these super Rad detroitdenim handmade aprons. If you missed the first batch in, this is your chance to pick up a blue denim or black Japanese amazing apron. Use them in the shop, in the kitchen, the bedroom, the studio, or wherever you please. We only have 4 left. Don’t miss out on this round. Detroitdenim jeans, handbags, and aprons. handmade rawdenim selvedge handcrafted colorado coloradosprings detroit michigan TCR apron leather

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airmaxday2019 with my favorite Air Max 95😏 These are the ICON. You can't talk about Japanese 90s fashion without them! Everybody went crazy for these🙀. I would say Air Max 95s are the most popular sneakers in the 90s.What's on your feet today? 今日はAir Max Dayということで、言わずと知れたエアマックス95です!90年代を過ごした方々には思い出深い一足ですよね。中学生だった自分には高すぎて買える代物ではありませんでしたが。。。エアマックスシリーズの中でも、95は独特の美しさがあります。 当時はどのカラーも入手困難でしたが、やはりイエローグラデは別格な気がします。これは通常のイエローグラデではなく、ナイキとミタスニーカーさんのコラボで発売された"プロトタイプ"です。通常のイエローグラデで白の部分が、黒になっていて何ともカッコいい一足です🤩。企画段階ではイエローグラデはこの配色になる予定だったとか。。。皆さんは今日何を履いてますか? 👖: lee101official 15oz White Oak conedenim Selvedge Lee 101 Rider 👟: nike x mitasneakers Air Max 95 OG "Prototype" airmaxday selvedge selvedgedenim denim rawdenim lee leejeans leeriders lee101 conedenim conemills nike airmax airmax95 airmax95prototype mitasneakers airmax95neon airmaxday rugged denimoutfit styleguide mensstyle styleguide outfitoftheday mystyle mensfashion デニム エアマックス95 ナイキ エアマックス95プロトタイプ ミタスニーカーズ

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•PB&Co.• 🥃✂️💈🥃

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Don’t forget to reserve your spot for the upcoming blueprint workshop. It will be held in a small group, so it fills up fast! See all the details online for working with this amazing 19th century photographic process. 💙🌿 drygoods bluegoods handmade indigo blueprint cyanotype sustainable handcrafted amsterdam slowfashion slowart wabisabi denimdays selvedge antiqueclothing antiquephoto vintagephotography craftsmanship boro art printingtechniques naturaldye botanical illustration alternativeprocess collodion wetplate glassnegative filmphotography

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📣📣 ready📣📣 • Merk : alphine • Tipe : sovenir gunung K2 • Size : (7/40)……. •COD bandung - rekber - bukalapak - tokopedia - shopee - amanah Tukar tambah. Wa/line : 083821671640 jualredwing redwing redwingbekas redwingsecond redwingori redwingheritage redwingindonesia sepaturedwing redwingshoes redwingbandung redwingjakarta redwingjogja sepatubekas sepatukulit moctoe jualironranger sepatukulitbekas mensstyle mensfashion darahkubiru jualdanner selvedge redwingmurah timberland timberlandbekas timberlandsecond timberlandindonesia pahi jualusabrand brooke

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📣📣 ready📣📣 • Merk : danner • Tipe : trooper • Size : (6 / 39 fit 40)……. •COD bandung - rekber - bukalapak - tokopedia - shopee - amanah Tukar tambah. Wa/line : 083821671640 jualredwing redwing redwingbekas redwingsecond redwingori redwingheritage redwingindonesia sepaturedwing redwingshoes redwingbandung redwingjakarta redwingjogja sepatubekas sepatukulit moctoe jualironranger sepatukulitbekas mensstyle mensfashion darahkubiru jualdanner selvedge redwingmurah timberland timberlandbekas timberlandsecond timberlandindonesia pahi jualusabrand bootmania

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Exploring Seattle for another afternoon. Going up to the top of the Space Needle, which is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, even if it is a little touristy. What other can’t-miss things to do are there here in the city? 👖 fitted.underground J13 Dark Matter 🧦 chupsocks Socks 👞 jcrewmens Suede Kenton Pacer

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Everyday Carry 🔥 fjordegoods ruggedstyle rugged vancouverfashion denimheads denimhead Bowenisland mensfashion stylefourm malefashionadvice mensfashionblog craftsmanship leather leathercraft leathergoods makersgonnamake makermovement maker leatherworks leatherbelt patina fades fadesfordays mensstyle  menswear  ootd  wiwt mensfashion  selvedge See our gear in action 👉 fjorde All our products are handmade with excellence and care. When you sport one of our items, be sure to hashtag us at fjordegoods for a chance to be featured! We love shoutouts and collabs! Please dont hesitate to send us a DM with any questions. 👌

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lots to do, but taking a minute for self care. can’t go wrong with a walk around the lake!

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Searching for perfection • High density Japanese popeline detail • fused stripe • mother of pearl buttons • Made in Japan 🇯🇵

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Marvington I with this jacket is one of my favorite combos. Also, this sweater by taylorstitch is so good, gotta get that texture in before warm weather hits goldenbearsportswear taylorstitch Moto Jacket in Whiskey scottandcharters Beanie in Grey taylorstitch Lodge Sweater in Charcoal pure_blue_japan AI-003 in Natural Indigo vibergboot for witheredfig "Marvington I" in Aged Bark Roughout goldenbearsportswear taylorstitch purebluejapan vibergboots vibergforwf viberg witheredfig motojacket leatherjacket topdownsweater rawdenim selvedge selvedgedenim japanesedenim slubbydenim stitchdownconstruction roughoutleather wiwt waywt malefashionadvice malefashion menswear goodyearwelt mensweardaily outfitoftheday outfitinspo