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2 days ago

One year ago today was my Hen Party in Amsterdam. What a send off my favourite girls gave me the best memories, the most beer and the longest gigglesbest time of my life ❤️❤️❤️

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4 days ago

90s forever. Listing today!

5 days ago

And off we go! Send us traveling mercies as we travel to Juneau today (with stops in Chicago and Seattle) and then to Haines, AK tomorrow morning. ukirkwetravel ukirk sendmeonmyway

1 week ago

I arrived to Marshall, TX. The Texas welcome sign snuck up on me (the only thing that sneaks up on you in Texas is the sign) so I had to art my own. Tomorrow, all day, is from Texas to Texas. Some highlights were the following: passing a town called Chunky, Mississippi, and learning of a place called Uncertain, Texas. I stopped in Shreveport after a tornado emergency 🚨 message appeared on my phone. Qué tecnología. I listened to Harry Potter, book one, in Spanish and learned a bunch of new words. ifyoudontuseityouloseit marshalltx smalltownUSA drivingthroughtexas roadtrip roadtripusa sendmeonmyway humidityiseverywhere harrypotterlibrouno broughttoyoubyaudible audible audiobooks harrypotterylapiedrafilosofal carlosponce leídoporcarlosponce mississippiriverbridge mississippiriver

2 weeks ago

After a year and a half since my Island Peak summit and hospital stint in Nepal, I’m finally ready to baby-step back out and attempt my next mountain in two days (albeit 7,000 ft less in altitude)! Regardless of what happened on my last climb, one of the things that I will always continue to paradoxically love about mountaineering is that you can’t hide from yourself. It exposes you and relentlessly tests your character. You find out a lot about yourself as a person and yet, you always, always come out better, stronger, more self-actualized. I have so much gratitude for every circumstance that has directed me (and just as importantly, reaffirmed me) to climb. Without those awful experiences I never would have gotten to the place that I am now, and I’ll be forever thankful for all of the people, supportive and especially those who were not, who have inadvertently guided me here. I can’t wait to get back to the high altitude peaks of the world once I (hopefully) bag Rainier. I’ve been waiting for this day to finally come again for so, so long, and my heart is so, so full 💙 sendmeonmyway 🏔⛏ mountaineering choosemountains gear climbing mtrainier backcountry rei1440project optoutside neverstopexploring girlswhoclimb rei welivetoexplore adventure backpacking trekking getoutside liveauthentic blackdiamond expedition stayandwander exploretocreate mountainlife moosejaw moosejawmadness

2 weeks ago

Send me on my way this song makes me really wish I had a band or even just some one who could play and instrument and just creat and enjoy music. I miss my high school garage band days Haha As always Thank you so much for your support!  sing cover singingvideo singingcover vocal vocalist alternative goodvibes latenights talent natural myvoice music musiclover vibe listen lifestyle listen feel beyourself passion fun emotion artist indimusic instavideo rustedroot creativesoul sendmeonmyway

3 weeks ago

hide your natty lights

3 weeks ago

Here’s a cute pic of us because I’m refusing to believe you’re about to move across the country without me. So we’ll just keep pretending it’s not happening 💔K?

3 weeks ago

I have a physics 2 exam Wednesday wish me luck! Onto more exciting stuff, I'm starting my research with biomaterials and angiogenesis next year and moving out with my sweet girl bailey! I want to thank my friends and family for helping me make the final leap to make like Shia lebeouf and just do it! Thankfully so far it also appears I'll be keeping at least my 3.43 GPA this semester if not raising it Not to mention it's been a year since one of my best friends d3xt3r131313 came into my world and since I finally purged out the negative from my life and swept in a new set of morals, mottos, and mind sets. As of which those changed especially after last semester when life tried to get me down after my grandfathers passing and some gentle reminders of human nature as well as learning more about what I want for myself and my future. I couldn't be more grateful for my closest friends though in sharing in this adventure with me! I definitely can't wait to have more! converse.fencer bloodofthetigri amanda_please19 As for music suggestions I suggest Moscow by Autoheart mst college angiogenesis research biomaterials sendmeonmyway

3 weeks ago

Incredible time performing the other night at sandhillwine for colleenmpeterson and Nicole’s going away party! (See you up in TC sometime soon!) My friend and creatureofone bandmate kayleighgolightly did harmony vocals for some of my set and it was perfect! 🙌🎶 Then she had her own set and kicked all kinds of ass! Here’s us closing out my set with rustedroot’s “Send Me On My Way” ✨ . 📹: sarahjeansews

3 weeks ago

L'immaginazione creerà la strada. Chiunque ha creato. L'uomo crea, gli animali creano, le piante creano altre piante. Tutto cominciò dallo spunto. Da un disegno chiaro in mente. (Tranne che per le piante). Ma magari come Dio, non ce l'ha avuto mai un disegno interplanetario? Un uomo che ha cominciato a progettare la propria vita. Si comincia a creare da qualcosa che si vuol continuare? E perciò continuare? Perciò si instaura un progetto! Un progetto che ha delle chiavi. Una di queste Che può essere l'ordine Con creatività sceglieremo l'ordine al progetto! A dire la verità saremo sempre accantonati da artisti! a dire la verità l'arte è nella mente di chi sa crearla. sendmeonmyway CreAMI creative sowegetstarted PH💙: giannimigliorisi Evento: isolaverde

4 weeks ago

Quando ouvir o começo dessa música talvez sinta uma pequena nostalgia, e quem sabe, até tentar fazer um pouco de magia. O ritmo dançante nos contamina e nos faz lembrar das sessões da tarde. Confira mais sobre a música "Send Me On My Way" da banda Rusted Root. É só arrastar! - Texto: anaraquelmello Fotos: Filme "Matilda" - repensecinema matilda música filme rustedroot sendmeonmyway nostalgia

4 weeks ago

Strength and transformation. That’s what I see here mariavnoell ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ One year ago today, we dropped anchor and married. It was the best decision ever, and the happiest day of my life. 😌 Since then, I have watched in awe as you’ve grown stronger and more powerful. You’ve done this through pilates instructor training. Through meditation. Through books, learning and pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. Through yoga, and maybe even a bit through running. 😉 Today is a day to celebrate transformation and us. Happy Anniversary and Happy Easter Mi Amor🌹 ohvita sendmeonmyway

1 month ago

Well, I would like to hold my little hand And we will run, we will, we will crawl, we will I would like to hold my little hand And we will run, we will, we will crawl Send me on my way (on my way) • Rusted Root - Send Me on My Way - Woodstock 1999 Gosh I love this song. It was my brother’s graduation song, and then we were able to see them in concert a couple years ago. Michael Glabicki is an absolute talent. The sounds his vocal chords can produce is impressive. Love to see some Woodstock video and a younger group! Enjoy! porchradio rustedroot sendmeonmyway 1990 90s 1999 woodstock newyork vocals yodel indierock acousticguitar djembe drum jamband wook

1 month ago

BRACE YOURSELVES, THE BOMBARDMENT OF CLIMBING PHOTOS ARE COMING NICAS Level 2 - Top Rope Climbing Course ✔ 🎉🧗🏼‍♀️🧗‍♀️🎉 Another New Year's resolution smashed! sarahmccreedy81 and I are now qualified top rope climbers, so we're qualified to climb independently in in any NICAS climbing centre. Finished out our Level 2 by sending 5C's, 5C+'s and getting half way up a 6A and a 6A+. 👊💪 We're so close to clearing those 6A'S 🙈 so so so close! 🧗‍♀️🧗🏼‍♀️ chalkitup betterbelayit boulderbandits badassbelaybeotches badassbelaybabes belaybesties sendmeonmyway indoorclimbing girlswhoclimb womenwhoclimb climbinggirls adventure_girls mardykearena ucc nicas topropeclimbing indoorclimbing newyearsresolutions 2019

1 month ago

My favorite person in my favorite place. Let’s go back real soon, K? 💋

1 month ago

~That’s How We Know We Care About Someone, When We’re Scared Of Losing Them,You Know;) • • • • I’m Not Done Yet BY POPULAR DEMAND! ( Mainly from myself) • “Nicki99” Presents: 🎬 “THE SONGS OF THE SUMMER OF 1999 IN APRIL.” 🤷‍♀️🌴🏖 Day: 1️⃣4️⃣: Featuring: { RustedRoot , SendMeOnMyWay } • ** Rusted Root preformed "Send Me On My Way" At Woodstock 99'** • • {So, the countdown got a little messed up🤷‍♀️?} • • • • Instanature Trees FallFoliage Clouds green BlueSkies Colors Instasky Sky Nature Explore BeautifulWorld Happiness Positivity Success Goodvibes Oneday Chicago ChicagoSuburbs Mtv Goodlife Beauty Love 1999 SeniorYear 90s Friends woodstock99 ° *This song was not originally released in 99' , but I remember it from that summer, so

1 month ago

Adventure is out there. Go get it.

1 month ago

”Now pick me up with golden hands. I may see you, I may tell you to run; you know what they say about the .” 🌅 💛🌊———————————————————————— canon rebel canonrebelt5i rebelfocus photooftheday lifeofadventure lake lakesunset lakeerie exploretocreate clegram thisiscle cleveland goldenhour igers ohioexplored lakemetroparks sunset igersohio igersoftheday igerscleveland rustedroot sendmeonmyway sunonwater naturephotography lake folkmagazine marvelous_shots sky