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gretavanfleet setlist foresthillsstadium Wild Thing (The Troggs cover) The Cold Wind Safari Song (Danny's Drum Solo) Black Smoke Rising Flower Power Watch Me (Labi Siffre cover) You're the One (Preceded by verse of "The… more ) Age of Man Black Flag Exposition Watching Over Lover, Leaver (Taker, Believer) Encore: When the Curtain Falls Play Video Highway Tune

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Another stellar concert by Florence and the Machine. She played Nig God which I've had stuck in my head for the past month during the encore. florenceandthemachine biggod setlist

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I am so excited for this next week's showcase at thecinemabar_ ! Joining me on stage are 3 amazing local musicians Jacob Ortiz, Charlie Millikin, and Josh Lewis! The night is sure to be inspiring with a mix of genres and sounds that will delight your ears and keep you wanting more! The Cinema Bar has a cozy dive atmosphere with a delightful outdoor back patio to relax with friends. Drop by and say hi! No cover and free street parking in the area. DM for lineup times and more details. Can't wait to have a blast with you guys this Wednesday at 9pm livemusic photography setlist lineup cinemabar thecinemabar culvercity westsidemusic charliemillikinmusic charliemillikin jacobortiz joshlewis thedirtsyndicate tyleralexis tyleralexismusic showcase thingstodoinla thingstodo music musicians singersongwriter lamusician westside sepulveda musiciansnight westsidemusicscene

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No hangovers this weekend ❤️ Just fresh days and early nights. Embracing my day off today, meal prep and movies ahead. Focusing on nothing but sober weeks, weight loss, mindset, work, learning, saving and preparing 😀 Looking forward to the yourshotau contestant meeting next week and my first lesson at theacademyaus 😬🙌🏼❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 |||||||||||||||||||| • scotlandabroad vonubeer alcatelmobile goldcoasttosydney pioneerdj theacademyaus Yourshot myshot work redbull rumcofiji djcomp setlist homethevenue sydney fitness lifestyle lashes hair dolluxehair bondisands liquidgold

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Here is a clip of “Promise & Hope” by Queens County Roots from their set last night at the shrineharlem. Click the link in our bio to watch the full song and many others from their performance! [Link in bio!] 📸: Lisa Holahan

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Jesus, our redemption⠀ Our salvation is in His blood⠀ Jesus, light of heaven⠀ Friend forever⠀ His kingdom come

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You have no rival You have no equal Now and forever, God you reign ✨ . A few of our Worship + Media superstars this morning 💗 oneteam onefamily

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Second rehearsal in Gelsenkirchen 26.05.2019

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Philo & Gunge Set samenstellen voor 30 mei Aalten Oergkroeg Schiller ergens tussen 16:00 en 23:00 uur

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If you’re fishing for the best shows of the week, then our brand new SetList is going to have you hooked.

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【🎹🎦 piano茜色AkaneIro鼓緒太こおた, KotaLIVE All pieces are composed and played, performed by 鼓緒太Kota). 2019.5.21 Tuesday StudioWUU ・ 【 SetList】 1. 初恋薊( HatsukoiAzami) 2. 曲水( MeguriMizu) 3. 紫陽花( Ajisai/ Hydrangea) 4. 十六夜( Izayoi) 5. 夢みる花園( YumemiruHanazono) 6. 旅の途中で…( TabinoTochuude) 7. まなざし( Manazashi) 8. Caelum et orationem~requiem aeternam<天、そして祈り> ( 天そして祈り) 9. 茜色( AkaneIro) ・ ピアノ

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I’ve always enjoyed the subtle art of creating a set list. Choosing the right blend between tempos, keys, and moods to try and keep the audience engaged. Hook ‘em early, wander a little but always finish strong. Whether it’s a live show or an album track placement can make or break the experience. It’s exciting and an underrated component of performance that I’m constantly tweaking. When I first started playing in bands most of the songs were covers, it’s a satisfying feeling as an artist to have enough originals to play with. (Bonus points if you can spot the cover though!) setlist singersongwriter livemusic liveacoustic liveacousticmusic harmonicaplayer

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Metal shows are the best. There's nothing quite like the controlled chaos, the barely restrained energy, and the bonding with the random person next to you through mutual headbanging. There is no family like complete strangers at a metal show. I made so many new friends tonight and I witnessed tons of generosity and kindness. Metalheads are for the most part some of the nicest and accepting people you can meet. And they have good taste in music, too. (thanks jalomaah for this setlist!) I also got about a dozen compliments on my officialbatushka shirt. I was pleased to find so many people who know that _derph_ is the real author of the music devstationonthenation darkfuneral batushka metal blackmetal setlist metalheads

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Slowly getting the Act together 👍😎

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Last night’s setlist from the BG + hB show at the greyhorsetavern with (almost) all appropriate edits made after the fact. We cut only one song, which miraculously somehow we clocked in at only about 65 minutes for a 15 song set. I’ve been trying to stick to writing and covering some solid Rock/Pop tunes, and I guess it shows. Thank you to everyone who was able to make it out last. A special thanks to sydswinson and her cohorts in Squid who brought their A-game. Also, endless thanks and praise must go out to both ringandco & Irene, the owners and proprietors of the gem of an establishment that the GHT has been. It is no exaggeration to say that in my musical journey I’ve become a better songwriter, singer, and performer because of all of the opportunities that were afforded to me because of the GHT. Tonight’s performance with mickhargreaves & abandinship’s Nick Balzano as my rhythm section, and pete_mancini joining us for the latter part of the set felt truly magical. I don’t want to say that it’s something that could only happened at the GHT (as I’m hoping to take the sounds and experiences felt last night to other gigs in the future) but there’s just something special in that building that will be so hard to replicate. The space, the sound, the stage, and the community of people lifting you up and literally rooting for you to succeed, are something I never took for granted, and will cherish always singersongwriter songwriter musician greyhorsetavern setlist peacelovegreyhorse bryangalloandhisband

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【🎹🎦 pianoCaelumEtOrationemRequiemAeternam <天、そして祈り>( 天そして祈り) Composed, played, performed by 鼓緒太Kotaピアノ 2019.5.21 Tuesday StudioWUU ・ 【 SetList】 1. 初恋薊( HatsukoiAzami) 2. 曲水( MeguriMizu) 3. 紫陽花( Ajisai/ Hydrangea) 4. 十六夜( Izayoi) 5. 夢みる花園( YumemiruHanazono) 6. 旅の途中で…( TabinoTochuude) 7. まなざし( Manazashi) 8. Caelum et orationem~requiem aeternam<天、そして祈り> ( 天そして祈り) 9. 茜色( AkaneIro)

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