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Welcome aboard Britannia. Setting sail from Southampton to Bruges for the weekend at 5:30pm.

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🚢5 horn blasts + fuel doc fun Cory, a couple of friends & I set sail for the first time since last spring.l We left our slip in Clear Lake Shores and ventured out into the Houston Ship Channel. Cory got to experience 5 horn blasts as a ship creeped up behind us. By the way, we were where we were supposed to be and had to fall into the channel to avoid that guy. Cory handled it well. We pulled in to the Galveston Yacht Basin and got a transient. After a not so good dinner, we toured the lit up transformer looking shrimp boats + turned in for the night. We all woke up with such excitement, we could feel the nerves in our bellies. This is the farthest we have ever taken Slow M'Ocean. After disconnecting from the doc, and getting grounded by the fuel doc, we headed to the Gulf of Mexico. Cory has had a dream of getting out in the ocean where he could no longer see land. I may have suffered a bit from sea sickness & may have slept through the water changing from milky brown to a deep navy blue but I woke up in time to see all water and no land. success Our trip was a success + experienced so many firsts. This is just the beginning for us and as time is passing, all we can think about is where to next sailingslowmocean slowmocean sail sailboats sailboat sailing saillife boatlife boat boats yacht yachtlife houstonshipchannel liveandlearn shrimpboat transientslips deepblue gulfofmexico alittlefarthereachtime catalina400 monohull setsail live life love travel happiness adventure ourstory

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"Hello Bar Harbor, Maine! For our second port, we took an excursion to Acadia National Park, which has been on my bucket list for awhile! We drove to the top of Cadillac Mountain to take in the views, and then there to the shore for the pink granite cliffs. Even on a cloudy day, they were stunning! It was nice to get a small taste of Acadia, and I’ll definitely have to come back and explore more of Maine sometime. This was actually my first time in Maine at all! Where should I visit next time I come to Maine? Would love to have some recommendations!: - readysetjetset seabourn SeabournQuest ExtraordinaryWorlds SeabournPartner RSJSinMaine RSJSCruises setsail barharbor maine luxurytravel cruise beautifuldestination

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Sunset sailing with oceaniacruises 🧡⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ oceaniacruises CruiseAway⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📷: nando_hellmeister⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ cruise travel igtravel travelgram holiday cruiser travelholic cruiseship ocean explore mytravelgram instatravel instatraveling travelphotographer picoftheday travelawesome stayandwander sunset atsea setsail travelgram beautifulplace luxurycruise horizon luxurytravel oceania luxurystyle

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Excited to be representing Rope Drop Travel at the Kimberton Flea Market in Chester County, PA tomorrow, 9/21 from 8-1 🎉 I'll be sponsoring two 💫FREE💫 raffle baskets- one for a and another for an adult Come on out and enter and get some information for your next vacation! ✈ disney waltdisneyworld disneyvacation familyvacation travelagent disneytravelagent disneytips disneytricks disneyplanning travel travelwithkids makingmemories vacation wdw momlife dadlife momwin family universal cruiselife setsail ncl carnival

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Dubai, you’ve been yachts of fun. 💕

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nofilter or nah? 🌅 | Sunsets are beautiful and all but confirmed they are 10x better on craicyachtcabo while drinking margs with the best company. Would 12/10 recommend while visiting Cabo 💕” ⠀⠀ lynleeposton

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Today was truly one for the books! A group of residents and staff from TCFD set sail on the impossibledreamcatamaran, a 60-foot wheelchair-accessible sailing catamaran that sails the entire East Coast each year to offer sailing outings for those with disabilities. On its 11th sail, the crew set out from Kingston on the beautiful Hudson River for a trip filled with smiles, sunshine, blue skies, and new friends. Thank you for making this dream possible! whathappensherematterseverywhere healthwellnessandwonders futurefullofdiscovery impossibledreamcatamaran impossibledream setsail sail sailboat hudsonriver accessibility inclusive boating possibledream anythingispossible wheelchairaccessible

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The 1981 Dufour 35 Namani departing Port Antonio in Jamaica, headed for Panama. 📷: Nadine Slavinski

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I used to always play it safe. Honestly, I was scared of setting sail, aka getting out of my comfort zone. I was scared of going after what I wanted. Hell, I didn’t even know what I wanted. Why? Fear! 🤯 Fear of failure. Fear of success (I mean did I really deserve it?) Fear of what people may think. You get the picture, right? Maybe you’ve even experienced the same, maybe you still do. 🤕 Then, I learned better. Did it happen instantly? NO! I’m still a work in progress but with the help of my amazing community, my team, and leaders in my company I am now 💯 sure I deserve to have it all. I’ve set my ship to sail. It’s no longer parked in the harbor (figuratively speaking rightI actually don’t have a boat, nor do I want one 😆) but what I do want is to help others set sail. To get out of the harbor. To Get out of their comfort zone and go after exactly what they want. 💜 Is fear holding you back? I promise, there is more and YOU deserve to have it all. Including a boat if that’s your hearts desire 🤪 setsail safetyintheharbor opportunity success fear fearoffailure fearofsuccess whatothersthinkofyouisnoneofyourbusiness more better livelife fearnot lovelife community youdeservebetter

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Summer isn’t over yet! 80 and ☀️ this weekend!

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Set sail on a seabourncruise to Thailand and experience breathtaking limestone cliffs, sapphire seas, world famous white-sand beaches, and colorful junk boats. Phuket island is one of Southeast Asia's most popular destinations. 📷 by seabourncruise

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Here at Rope Drop Travel, LLC we are not only specialized in Disney Destinations, but offer vacation planning services for so many other vendors 🎢Universal 🚢Cruise Lines including Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Carnival, and more! 🍹All-Inclusives 🏝Hawaii 🌍Over seas! 🗺Many other great destinations, cruises, and vendors just ask! 📧Danielle 📱732-500-7329 disney waltdisneyworld disneyvacation familyvacation travelagent disneytravelagent setsail disneytricks disneyplanning travel travelwithkids makingmemories vacation wdw momlife dadlife momwin family cruiselife foryou fyp universal Europe

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The Baltimore Beacon is a in 1798 builded Beacon, which shows the way to the Baltimore harbour. It's 15m tall and approximitate 5m broad. It was very foggy that day, but the journey was worth it. But even the Fog makes this Picture so fascinating The Beacon ist ein 1798 gebautes Leuchtfeuer, das den Weg zum Hafen von Baltimore zeigt. Es ist 15 m hoch und ca. 5m breit. Es war sehr neblig an diesem Tag, aber die Reise hat sich gelohnt. Aber gerade dieser Nebel macht dieses Bild so faszinierend thebeacon baltimorebeacon baltimoreirelandnotbaltimoreusa baltimorewestcork beacon cliffs sea setsail morningview shadesofnature 50shadesofnature naturephotography landscapephotographer landscapephotography awesomelandscape beautifulview planet_earth_shots awesomeearthpix awesome_earthpix leuchtfeuer roughsea fog foggy foggymorning coloursofnature ireland_gram irlanda countycork irelandtravel sonya6000

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twodollarstoparadise shoutout to a great senseofhumor 🤘🏾 WHOM ever made this; you're awesome, you can do anything, you're special and I 💗 you! shopping from the puppylove to the grave 😂👍🏾 thatwalmartlife 👌🏾 waltonfamily plasticfantastic setsail shipoff walmartshoppers deathwears a plasticmask family skeletonparty iwanthis but with real bones 😘 lowprices lowexpectations extinctionbecause damn this is probably like the bestthingiveeverseen here 😂👌🏾

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🏴‍☠️ Ahoy Mateys from Cap'n Mare! Well shiver me timbers, guess what day it is Arrrrr me Hearties celebratin'? ⚔️ Arrrrr ye Wenches ready for swashbucklin' on the briney deep to find treasure? 🗺 Land Lubbers, put wind in yer sails & hoist the Jolly Roger! Beware of peg legs & Parrots 🦜 🌊 Yo Ho Ho! ⚓️ spokane talklikeapirateday arrr ahoy matey rum pirate captain pegleg setsail hearties piratecostume captainmorgan shivermetimbers dresslikeapirate swashbuckler jollyroger piratesofthecaribbean lifeisshort havefun

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Yo ho ho Today is international talk like a pirate day Have you caught up on your pirate lingo? Here's a few words that might surprise you. Have you ever heard of an old salt, well that's a term to use for an experienced sailor. Or how about a baggywrinkle? I'm not gonna tell you that one you'll have to Google it. We even use this term today, shipshape. So weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen, don't be a landlubber and join us out on the calm seas. Three cheers for Pirate Dog & Company abqfoodtrucks supportlocalbusiness pirateday familyfriendly setsail