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The only thing blue about this Monday is the brand new Out Of The Blue eyeshadow palette from PÜR💙 Tap into your creative side with this 12 shade, light up eyeshadow palette that features a mix of inspiring matte and shimmer shades to help create a flattering makeup look. Blue light defense, cruelty free, gluten free and vegan friendly🙌 Sometimes the best surprises come out of the blue🤩💙 pur purcosmetics beautyjunkie beauty eyeshadow eyes eyeshadowpalette palette blue bluemonday mondaymorning makeupblog shoppersdrugmart beautyboutique brampton vaughan caledon kleinburg mississauga toronto gta outoftheblue surprise colours colourful shimmer matte shadows

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名古屋PUNXは月曜だろうが退勤直前に仕事押し付けられようが渋滞にハマろうが一度決めたら絶対行くのである dustbox SHADOWS

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今日は名古屋クアトロのdustbox/SHADOWSのライブに参戦 名古屋は去年のジョイパ以来 そん時もヘイとダスト♪ なんかダストは名古屋でご縁があるな〜と思ってたらダストがバンド結成して初めてのツアーでまわったのは名古屋が最初らしいとジョージさんゆってはった ライブはもちろんダストもSHADOWSもどちゃのくそに楽しかったですありがとうございました⤴⤴⤴ dustbox shadows 名古屋クアトロ

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Just another tile in the wall I like to take pix of wallpaper, wall textures, bricks, and tiles. Sometimes it can lead to awkward conversations when I'm caught pulling out my phone in a restroom… If you want to link directly to this image, please use this unique ID tag: RichTatum1569.

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Where The Lines Overlap. 🎶

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❇️ 1.1 Grafite da refectocilbrasil é uma sombra cinza escuro que consegue cobrir discretamente os fios Brancos. É especial e eficaz nos fios grisalhos ✓ Utilizamos esse tom com mais um tom da Refectocil que é nosso segredinho, usamos as técnicas da colorimetria e visagismo para todos nossos clientes. misshoneystudio

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I’ve really cut back on how much I’m on here. Seriously, my screen time average is down like 108% What initially was a platform to a cathartic process of casting my thoughts into a digital ether paired with my captured imagery has twisted and deformed into more of an egocentric showboating circle jerk. It’s no longer about expressing personal feelings and ideas so much as it is about impressing strangers in a never ending rat race for clout, conditioning a society that spends more time documenting their life experiences than actually living them. What was once a more secure platform for my expression has quickly diverged into a catalogue for particular individuals to copy conceptualized compositions and an aesthetic I’ve sunk years into developing to put out there as their own and gain almost instant acknowledgement for, leaving me with nothing but a garbage silver lining of what might be considered a passive compliment or “motivation” to try harder. I can’t truthfully say I’m never taking photos again but admittedly I won’t be sharing them here nearly as much. When you’ve dedicated nearly a decade to studying and developing a craft straight from the heart only for it to strictly benefit other people, it doesn’t encourage me to futilely keep at it through another broken platform abandoned_junkies abandonedafterdark grimelords urbexexplorer urbex_supreme urbexphotography kings_abandoned ATL reflection moodygrams urbex reflectiongram puddles abandonedseekers urbexworld grimescene smartass urbandecay panorama urbexsupreme highlights shadows color e_i_a basement jj_urbex wetfloor flooded bandorebelz

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Witch’s Cauldron 2~

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Love when the late afternoon sun casts shadows on the wall