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Das Leben ist das Leben. Es ist weder gut noch schlecht, sondern das, was du daraus machst

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The first time I visited Singapore I was the ripe old age of 13 years and I always remember one of my sisters telling me that, in Singapore, it rains everyday at 3pm~ "without fail". I was a skeptical who assumed this was just a myth however true to form, every day on my first Singapore endeavour, it did indeed rain at this time Perhaps it was just a fluke? Fast forward 21 years and countless visits later, I can honestly say that this has been the norm But I love the predictability of this city and even more than that, I adore the rain 💦 To top it all off its always hot hot hot and there ain't nothing better than swimming in the rain 💜 thegypsysongstress singapore

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एक आधा बुझा दिन मिलता है, एक आधी जली रात से और वो कहते हैं , क्या खूबसूरत शाम है ➿➿➿➿➿➿➿ ➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿➿ ✳️ travelling traveller travelblog travelblogger shareyourparadise himalayanlaysa himgeo naturephotography mypixeldiary instahimachal indianphotography travelrealindia trekking camping indiapictures yourshot_india thevisualyatra india lonelyplanetindia igramming_india himalayasin travelphotography instagram hippieinhills StoriesofIndia himachal pahadan pahadi holydusk ☮️♥️🎶

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RömischesAquädukt, Wahrzeichen Segovias, erbaut 98 bis 117 n.Chr., 728 Meter lang, 29 Meter hoch und besteht aus 166 teilweise zweistöckigen Bögen. Man schätzt, das es aus ungefähr 25.000 Granitblöcken zusammengesetzt ist und ohne Hilfe von Mörtel miteinander verbunden wurde. Schon beeindruckend 😍 spain spaintravel travelspain euro_shots global_hotshotz global_family ig_europe thebest_capture ig_worldclub grand_globe allbeauty_addiction globalcapture ig_eurasia wondersofourplanet loves_world ip_connect worldbestgram ig_great_pics hot_shotz all_shots ig_today shareyourparadise beautifuldestinations discoverearth artofvisuals exploretocreate aquädukt acueductodesegovia

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Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring! As I wake up, I think of you and all of a sudden a sweet smile comes on my face. Your every thought brightens my day as you’re the sun in my morning. Spring has sprung and it’s the beauty of love as it’s always an magical adventure when I’m with you 💛🌻🐝 Happy FirstDayofSpring & InternationalDayOfHappiness 😁 explorehawaii explorewithus righteoushawaii glimpseofhawaii venturehawaii marveloushawaii actionhawaii alohaoutdoors shootforaloha wearehawaii representhawaii reelnautihawaii BJPHN liveauthentic LetAlohaHappen luckywelivehawaii kitvulocal living808tv hnnsunrise hawaiirising hawaiistagram hawaiiunchained hik3beasthawaii blessed cherisheverymoment appreciatethelittlethings shareyourparadise

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Malibu Street signs! 😃🎯🚫📵Paparazzi Free Zone

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Flying into Lviv.

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Weekend adventures with dad. 🖤

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Repost nights_dreamworld ( get_repost) ・・・ HashTag and Follow Nights_DreamWorld for a chance to be featured 📷📷 nights_dreamworld 📷📷 ✨CONGRATS 📷📷 FEATURED ARTIST - ✨ Head over and check out their amazing gallery! 👈🏼👆🏼 ✨Chosen by: johnny.visuals ✨ 💥Also check out our main feature page DreamWorldImages 💥 DreamWorldImages ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Repost from my.bajan.eye dw_my_bajan_eye - Big thanks to virgilreglioniphotography for the most amazing night we had. We got dancing lights, a beautiful lake views Astrophotography landscapelovers ig_thisworld ourplanetdaily trappingtones universetoday nightscape natgeospace shareyourparadise longexposure_photos scape_captures skymasters night_shooterz ig_nightphotography milkyway nakedplanet nightsky ig_nightphotography nightsdreamworld dreamworldimages

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Sound on & up 🔊 for slo-mo rainforest sounds and birdcalls. Interesting how different chirps sound when slowed down. - This is one of no, it's THE most beautiful, serene place I've ever had the privilege to stay at. 🌿 More to come, later. - bigislandhawaii volcanorainforestretreat volcanohawaii

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No ploris perquè les coses s’hagin acabat, somriu perquè han existit. L. E. Boudakian

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My beautiful Burgas, I miss you so much already. I was born and raised in this city and I have sooooo much love for it. 💙💙💙

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"I am all the places in which I've left my heart"

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Where our beautiful coastline meets the sea 💚💙 ▫️ ▫️ This morning’s sunrise brought with it some playful friends 🐬🐬🐬

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It’s one thing to remember what something looked like but it’s a totally different thing to remember the feeling.

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📷🌤️🌲🌳💚🌄 DoktorWald . Wenn ich an Kopfweh leide und Neurosen, mich unverstanden fühle oder kalt, und mich der Musen nicht liebkosen, dann konsultiere ich den Wald Er ist mein Augenarzt und mein Psychiater, mein Orthopäde und mein Internist, er hilft mir über jeden Kater, ob er aus Kummer oder Cognac ist Er hält nicht viel von Pülverchen und Pillen doch umso mehr von Luft und Sonnenschein, und kaum umfängt mich seine Stille, raunt er mir zu: "Nun atmen Sie mal ein!" . Ist seine Praxis auch recht überlaufen, seine Rezepte machen schnell gesund, und Kreislaufschwache, die noch schnaufen, sind morgen fast ohne klinischen Befund Er bringt mich immer wieder auf die Beine, und meine Seel' ins Gleichgewicht, verhindert Fettansatz und Gallensteine, nur Hausbesuche macht er nicht. 💚 🌳🌲 💚 ••• ^Marc🤙 ••• lifehappensoutdoors neverstopexploring getoutside expandyourplayground naturelovers greatoutdoors wanderlust beautifulplace shareyourparadise outdoor getoutstayout natureporn teamcanon fotografie hobbyfotografie eos800d unterallgäu illerwinkel lautrach

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Y ahí se queda desnudo esperando el siguiente ocaso Muy feliz tarde -noche a tod s Gracias inmensas por vuestros comentarios y por estar ahí 😘🙏🙏😘

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There is so much more to this life, so much we can experience and give to others if we can break free from fear.🏔✨

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• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • nakedhawaii livealoha greettheoutdoors petal_perfection bestflowerspics splendid_flowers myheartinshots shareyourparadise timeoutsociety womenwhoexplore postcardsfromtheworld mytinyatlas inspiremyinstagram photographyeveryday forahappymoment acolorstory livecolorfully calledtobecreative minimalism_world ig_minimalist stilllifegallery flatlaystyle bevisuallyinspired visualcollective houseoftones artphotography subjectlight lightandshadow

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Hawaiian Nene Goose The Hawaiian Nene Goose almost went extinct in the 1950s, with only 30 remaining. They breed well in captivity and the population has increased significantly since then. In April 2018, the Nene was moved from endangered to threatened status Nene nenegoose hawaii hnnsunrise bigisland beautifuldestinations openmyworld aquietstyle thesimpleeveryday theartofslowliving simpleandstill seekthesimplicity embracingaslowerlife havealohawilltravel luckywelivehawaii hawaiistagram glimpseofhawaii hawaiilove hawaiishoots hawaiilife hawaiiphotographer ragehawaii shareyourparadise bigislandhawaii allmightybirds birdsmagazine eye_spy_birds nakedhawaii keepitwild hiddenhawaii

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Man made vs Nature I know which one I prefer 🌷🌼🌺 Whilst enjoying a couple of days in Singapore, I always revert back to my favourite place in this small country- the Gardens by the Bay. Every time I visit there's always a different display or theme. This month they are showcasing all things Japan (with cherry blossoms and all🌸). I think I passed at least 20 gals wearing Kimonos trying to get that perfect 'Japanese' photo (well as authentic Japanese as you can get in Singapore at least😋). Last month sunflower season was in full swing at the gardens🌻 So I'm hoping that Roses are next on the menu and I'll book my flights back in a heartbeat ⚘ thegypsysongstress lydiarose singapore

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Repost from this day three years ago. This is one of my favorite wheat paste/stickers. I also like this series where I was shooting things as if a vampire turned into a bat, or a drone, or bird or I think this is either the first or one of the first I allowed any editing, most were shot in one take. Back when Instagram video post were only 15 seconds so I’d shoot these knowing they’d have to be sped up. So difficult however also fun. For something to show up for one second in a 15 second video shot in thirty seconds it needs two seconds. The Tiktok app now does many of the same things I was doing years ago which is kinda’ cool. Creatively it feels interesting that I can sort of pick and choose from all these and/or work on something new. The google GDC thing yesterday was cool in that it was random. Had no idea it was happening and then created some remixed memes that seem new and fresh and exciting to me at least. It’s Wednesday, wonder if anyone is dressed up. Three years ago in this day I wrote: Getting taught the happens in SF 3/20/16 Sunday 1:18pm , tendernob, SF CA andseethatsthething yolo alwaysSF streetphotography urbanphotography shareyourparadise hopes dreams suicidegirls motivation bookstagram streetsofsanfrancisco graffiti streetart thingsisee thecity writers dada citylife quotes memories takeawalk timehop likeitup followme