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My love, my angel, my everything, my beginning and my end. Today marks are 11th year of our beautiful marriage. As any marriage it was a rocky start. We were and inexperienced. Now i could not be more in love with you. I think of you every day, of every hour, of every minute, of every second. Living life with you is more than I could ask for. Every experience I have in my life is a trillion times better because I get to share it with you. Just watching you laying on my chest, hearing you breath is a symphony and a blessing to me. I feel like I fall in love with you more and more and more every single day. You are my world. Here is to another 100 years together and beyond. I love you my love, more than you will ever know. ❤️❤️❤️ Happy Anniversary.🍾🎉🎊 happyanniversary iloveyou myoneandonly togetherforever meantforeachother mylove myeverything sheismyrock sheismyworld love happymarriage happlymarried cantlivewithoutyou 11yearsstrong marriedyoung marriagetakeswork marriagegoals

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Never in this world will I ever meet a girl like you ❤️you looked at my like a king even when I was a guy who rode a bus. You still tell me as it is as a guy who drives a pickup truck. You always have food for me. Most important we always share great days and laughs together. Thinking about you Mamacita mygirl sheismyrock gains

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Most days I feel tired. Some days I feel lost and defeated. Often times I just wanna give up 🤷‍♀️ My nights are full of doubt and my days are full of anxiety. Then, a little angel sends you these and reminds you that all your sacrifices will one day payoff. sheismyreason sheismyrock strongwomenraisestrongwomen

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This morning after I kissed you, your scent lingered on me, it has me going crazy all day. I can’t concentrate at work, I just keep picturing your beautiful smiling face and wanting to drive home and lay in bed all day and just be with you. This feeling is amazing and beautifully nostalgic as it reminds me of when we were dating. Those moments were so special as it was the foundation of our love. There is no feeling better than this. I love you, I miss you and I need you in my life inlove mywifeisamazing idontdeserveher shemakesmebetter sheismyrock sheismyheart iloveher shesmellsamazing armaf theprideofarmaf beautifullatina

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She ain’t a member she is the team. 💯

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Always avoiding paparazzi ————————————— Especially in Central Park ————————————— favoritewcw lesbianwcw

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|- Happy Monday! -| Traveling with a partner can be a lot of serious and practical conversations. *What time is the bus tomorrow morning? Do we have enough cash to pay the cab? Where are we staying tonight?* BUT. When traveling to other countries, it is all about being PRESENT and ENJOYING the small stuff Embracing that inner , and throwing yourself into experiences. So we try to take as many thoughtful breaks that we can, to monkey around 😜😉 What do you do to get silly with your PartnerInCrime ? Tell us, TELL US ° ° ° ❤️ ° ° ° Ancestral land: Kanaka ‘Ōiwi [2019. Hawaii Vacation] GummyCandy FavoritePasttime SugarCoastCandy HiloHawaii LiveHI AllSmiles ChildhoodCheesin ILoveHer SheIsMyRock WeLoveCandy ImMoreOfAChocolatePerson ShesMoreOfASourCandyGal SourPatchKids WeMeetInTheMiddle ChocolateCoveredWorms ?? JustKidding AlwaysHaveBothOnHand

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Growth. Throughout the process of developing human traits, mannerisms, behaviours, emotions and morals, all of which the Darkness cruelly whisks away from you in his horrendously torturous reign. The areas of life all have to grow and relearned, because somhow in the chaotic madness of addiction the loss of all human qualities is only an untenable dream of a eutopia. Work hard at each phase create strategies that keep you safe and learn from things that cause setbacks. Be brave and step forward because the life I havr today was forged in the Darknesses dystopian sphere. I never knew I would get here but so pleased I am and so pleased my human self has the strength, power and energy to remain myself through the greatest of support and shear determination. loverunning powerofhealing strength determination focus run runner runningman beardedrunner freedomofthemind naturalhigh recoveryisareality livefreefromaddiction instarunner runnerslife runnersofinstagram igrunner cantlivewithouther lostwithouther sheismyrock myoneandonly withyouuntilmymakercomes spotify davidgray flesh

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Whether you like RAP, adult contemporary, ROCK, Country or any other music, you can and will be able to relate to the NEW bradpaisley song "My Miracle." The song encapsulates the feeling you have when you have experienced True Love with a special person. A person that becomes your Miracle is something you just know. You think about that person everyday. You don't have to wonder if that person loves you back, because you see it in their eyes, feel it in their touch, hear it in their words and taste it in their kisses. It is a magical feeling that words can't define. You just know how lucky you are and you thank life and or your god for that Special Miracle. Many of us have true Miracles in our lives but sometimes forget to tell them how we truly feel about them. Sometimes the best way to tell them you are thinking about them is to forward them a song having a special meaning. If your special person is your Miracle, tag them to let them know. Follow me here danewoodruff.

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Probably my words to express what this Girl means to me won’t be enough But when you know you have a ROCK SOLID support from a friend who is also my biggest critic and fan, life is blessed beyond words Having you in my life makes my life so beautiful ❤️ . For every moment I’m with you I’m so happy, excited and peaceful May our love grow higher and understanding deeper I can’t thank you enough for being the person you are to me Can’t do without you 😘 . Keep smiling keep shining my darling! Love you to the moon and back 😍 All the beautiful pictures that you see here are clicked by Rashi rc_s_09 Please connect with her for any photography requests directly! She has magic in her eyes n captures the beauty and essence perfectly 😇 . grateful friendshipgoals shemeantheworldtome❤️ sheisprecious myrock mylife mylove mysisterfromanothermother friendsforlife sheisbeautiful sheismyrock loveher love happiness mylife cantthankyouenough🙏 gratitude mybumchum bumchums ❤️ fitwithpri

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On the Edge.

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Kind-hearted, giving, loving, determined, hardworking… Those are some of the qualities that characterize you, mom sherencheng. May God bless you with many many more, filled with love, happiness, and other beautiful things. We know that you have been through a lot this year, but you never stop putting others before you. That is why you deserve only the very best. Thank you for always being there. You are so incredibly loved and cherished HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mami ❤️ Love, Your precious D4 (cc devykyu dentymeiliza dickysg) p.s. Special shoutout for flowerrun_ for this enchanting bouquet. Muchos gracias, roselynprima. You are indeed legendary happybirthdaymom birthdaymama fiftytwoneverlookssogood sheismyrock momanddaughter forevermybestfriend

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She is always on my mind and forever in my heart! Never in my life did I think I would be this in love or be loved this much. It’s incredible. See you in June my love! I will miss you so very much. Thank you for everything and most importantly for loving me the way you do. Je t’aime très fort ❤️👭❤️ soulmates love jetaime loveyou mygirl missingher alwaysonmymind foreveriyheart romance missingheralready costarica hermosabeach jaco mycanadian myperuvian canada travel findyourtruelove neversettle sheismyrock shecompletesme longdistancerelationship appleofmyeye footsteps beach ocean pacific sand footstepsinthesand footprintsinthesand footprints

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They say they stephencurry30 with the 3 but really it’s w/ the crossover S/O to therealwoopwoop if I ain’t know who he was I know who he is now , had the place turnt out 🔊💯💯, church out woop blacklivesmatter purpleheart💜 memes music truth regrann liluzivert chicago kodakblack rock💎 fortnite houston hiphop facts rapper repost realhitta rocktour🔥 motivation worldstar unsignedartist rock kys sheismyrock checkcallin ritzcarlton🔥 fema aintnomixtapebih3 ranoffondaplugtwice via hashtagexpert