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🎶🎵 People let me tell you bout my best friendturned business partner. 12 years a friend. Now we’re the faces of Sugarcoat It, LLC. God couldn’t have blessed me with a better BFF/business partner. We’ve only just begun sheismyrock bestfran thatsmybestfriend businesspartners sugarcoatit businesswomen smallbusinesswomen blackbusinesswomen blackbusiness entrepreneurs entrepreneurship entrepreneurlife bff bffgoals bestfriends circa2007 schemeteam alcoholinfused desserts homemadedesserts cheesecake sweettreats sweettooth twopeasinapod dynamicduo baker businessmanager saleswoman bettycrocker atlanta

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This Is My Jewel 💎. Yes, This Is My Wonderful Mother. She Is “Rocking” The Barcelona One Shoulder Dress (Tea Leaf Green) - Layered Bodice with Handkerchief Drape - Stretch Elastic Waist with Gathering - Feminine A Line Skirt - Unbalanced High Low Hem www.BeyondthinkBoutique.Online. Thanks 🙏🏽 Mom For Sharing Your Beautiful Photo lovemymom❤️ sheismyrock.

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“Maybe it’s time to let the old ways die, take a look at myself and try. For so long I was cold, I was evil. Lost, tortured, a rebel. Had only good intentions of how I wanted things to be, let the hauntings of my past consume the best of me. I can feel the change, a lover that heals. Distance has caused the dark clouds to roll in, the storms to rage. Through the rain I see her smile, in the night I can feel her whisper she loves me. She is the missing puzzle piece, the warmth to thaw my heart. My love has been enough all along, all along waiting for the right person to see.” mr.blackcloud1 love lovequotes insta instagram instaquotes quote quotestoliveby quotesaboutlife quotesdaily newlovequotes sheismyrock bloggerlife bloggersofinstagram writersofig writerslife words beachlife loveintheair iloveyou

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My blessing of a wife ❤️🥰

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WCW welp she fit the criteria. I absolutely love Sagittarius people. They are unique. They are passionate open very honest loving 🥰 caring straight to the point kind of people. Bold in many ways & they aren’t afraid to take risk. They are very in tune with there belief system no matter what it is. This lady does something to my heart she can read right through me. She studies people & there actions & quickly comes to reality if she wants to disconnect or not. She blows my mind every time. sheismycupcake sheismyrock ilovemesomeher❤️ brownskinnyah_

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repost from encorstudio Learning this dance was stressful, challenging, and fun. This dance is a testament to me and my wife that we're capable of accomplishing anything together. I'm so excited for our future, there is no challenge we will shy away from. I have never been this excited about life and what's to come. I will savor and cherish every second of the rest of our life together. I love you mishelltamdan Thank you to Encore Studio for capturing our day for us. You guys are a true joy to work with. Your service, professionalism, and expertise is second to none. shelltakehisdangname wedding wearemarried firstdance youarethereason viennesewaltz sheismyrock myworld myeverything luckiestguyintheworld

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‘One Of My Whys’ 🌈CHRISTY🌈 I love this woman more than I have ever loved anyone in this world, besides my . She brightens my days, provides clarity when I am lost, brings fun to almost any situation and almost assuredly brings smiles and laughter wherever she goes. She helps me see in front of my feet when I am looking behind me - you know what they say yourenotgoingthatway She makes it possible for me to hope when I have lost all and in this life there have been too many times like that. sheismyrock myanchor mylightinthedark She is the one I look for hummingbirds with on the back deck and swap travel-ball responsibilities with for 1-2-3-4 of the . She is the one who soothes my heart when it aches. She is the one who I look to when I am not sure of the answer because somehow, we are able to come to it together. Christy, I love you with all my heart. You are one of the reasons why why I move forward with strength. Why I am building this ‘business on the side’ to begin to help support our family in a new way. Why I wake up in the morning and smile. “Always kiss me goodnight” 😘 I love you mywhy oneofmywhys TeamKoru koru Iloveyou alwaysandforever 1000years LGBTQ rainbowwife rainbowlife therainbowway rainbowskin entrepreneur newpath somethingnew Rodanandfields ThankyouRF PsychMyLife

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I will still be me without you but you would not be you without me

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His videos give me life sometimes🤞 He be havin the biggest smile tho 🖤❤️💚 We kicking it with the kid next Thursday July 18th Indianapolis,IN Fuzion Ultra Lounge ‼️ Come hang with us 🅿️ Yu can get tickets on Eventbrite & it's 1 mo opening act performance 🎤 Kickin bae bday off the right way 💋 slide plies indianapolis concerts sheismyrock

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My pragtige Ma, vandag is jou verjaarsdag, die dag wat God die wêreld geseën het iemand spesiaal soos Ma. Nog nooit het ek iemand ontmoet wat so veel onbaatsugtige liefde kan gee en wys soos Ma nie. Op my verjaarsdag die jaar het mense vir my die mooiste boodskappe gestuur oor die tipe liefdevolle mens wie ek is en ek kan net dankie sê dat Ma my so mooi gelei en geleer het hoe om in die belangrikste wyse lewe. Sonder liefde is ons niks. Ma het my gewys wat ♡liefde♡ is. Ons is geseënd met Ma in ons lewe. Bly asseblief veraltyd by ons. 🧡 Veels geluk met ma se verjaarsdag! 🥂 happybirthday mom loveyou youarethebest blessed inspiration care respect dedication workhard softheart wise strongwoman survivor sheismyrock mymentor orange

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🙏😭💚. Framed 20x24 Autographed signed photo of James Harden. The man that made history last yesr, you know, Dropping 30+ pts on every team in the NBA, Season stats that only Jordan & Kobe have reached, the True MVP, THE BEARD. Im so weak right now. theber87. You really, REALLY, love me??????. Wow. 😂 This is 🔥🔥🔥. Thank you amor First you gave me the "court of dreams" 8 yrs ago & now THIS!?!?!? 💚 (SWIPE ➡ to see) Im not just a Harden Stan, im all about my city. jamesharden harden thebeard autograph authentic collectibles Houston Rockets htown runasone runitback sheismyrock blessed theber87

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Some days not a single picture will look the way you want it to no matter how hard you try. • Other days you can pull off a beautiful self portrait even without a tripod or remote. • There’s so many variables that can make a bad photo. Maybe it’s the lighting, or the spot you’re standing in, maybe you have a setting wrong, maybe you just need a different angle. • 9 times out of 10 the reason for a bad photo is NOT because of your camera. If you have a good camera and you cannot take a good photo then the problem is your skill. • Focus on that or find another niche. 🤷🏼‍♀️ • If you can be good with a bad camera then you will be good with any camera.