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💜 May you be happy. May you be well. May you be safe. May you find comfort. May you have strength. May you have courage. May you find healing. May you have peace. May you have joy. May you be filles with loving kindness. May you be blessed today and always. 💜 may you divine love light peace sound music lovemusic heart silence mind happiness mindful purpose spiritual beingmindful realization innerpeace higherself life awakening wisdom knowthyself journey awareness yoga meditation consciousness

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Jolted out of deep sleep this morning, I checked the time, it was 4.30am. Try as I may, sleep eluded me and the same voice whispered again and again to get up and MEDITATE! I gave in, I came downstairs to my temple and I tried to meditate. This went on for some time and I simply couldn't concentrate the way I wanted to, despite my usual strategies and techniques. So I decided to call it a day, or a morning :) So, I took some hot water in a mug and went out to the back garden to watch the sun rise, it was now 5.30am. I sat for a while, pondered over the fluffy clouds in the blue sky and how loud teeny birds actually sing when everything else is still and sleeping:) Then, again like a a jolt, it hit me - what you might ask? Well, a message from God and the reason He/She wanted to wake me up. It's okay if you think I'm crazy, I like this crazy more than anything else in my life. But I'm sharing what was said and what I 'heard' in the depths of my soul. 'I love you, as you love me'. 'I miss you, as you miss me'. 'I yearn for you, as you yearn for me'. I seek you, as you seek me'. I want to be with you, as you want to be with me'. This took me by surprise and it dawned on me why I needed to wake up so early today, so I wouldn't miss this morning jewel. I realised I didn't have to wonder anymore, nor feel broken hearted that my love wasn't reciprocated. It always was, always is and always will be, but human nature doubts and questions doesn't it? Then I asked myself, why should I worry about courage, strength, bravery, fearlessness? They were all there for me too. I was held, by a lover who asks nothing in return, who gives unconditionally and judges me not. All I needed to do was find my stillness, again and again, in meditation yes, but also in daily life, and the love was there patiently waiting. I had to share this with my Chi Kri Chair Yoga class this morning, and so I did. Also, I feel I want to share it with you too. Not because of any ego or blaspheme on my part, but because I believe we all actually want to hear and feel God's love too, in all manner of ways. silence soulandspirit spiritual fridaymood souljourney

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Σε όσους δεν αρέσει αυτό που έγινα,ας εκτιμούσαν αυτό που ήμουν.💎 silence respect

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"I'll keep your nubmer saved 'cause I hope one day I'll get the pride to call you"📞 Hiii everyone How are you all doing Finally back with another edit lol. When I was making this, I didn't think it would look that great but the more I look at it the more I like and think I did a pretty good job on it 😂. What do you think?? As I always say, thank you ALL for the massive amount of support you have been giving me Its absolutely CRAZY 💛💛💛 - - - - khalid khalidfans khalidedit thegr8maui thegr8khalid🤘 saved callyou rainbow emoji americanteen freespirit halo khalidandbillieeilish billieeilish celebrity underratedartist picsart ilovekhalid mybad badluck self shotdown intro instagram hundred silence angels elpaso texas colors

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Being an introvert is a blessing I suppose, cuz you can feel tha nature & enjoy your space to the fullest; without any toxicity & negativity.

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Hey guys you should totally participate in this amazing campaign that is working to end discrimination. As you can see in the pic, all you have to do is cover someone else's mouth or have someone cover yours and then nominate a few other people to do it. Post it when you're done with the hashtag shutuptheprejudice Come on guys, this is for a good cause. goodcause awesome afrikaans spreadtheword campaign shutuptheprejudice southafrika bequiet foracause socialmovement southafrica dontspeak donttalk bestrong donthate silence noracism prejudice humanity equality love speaknoevil pleasedothis awareness peace fotoshoot shutup shhh iwazaru

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"Il silenzio è bianco. Il bianco infatti è un colore che non sopporto: non ha confini. Passare una notte in bianco, andare in bianco, alzare bandiera bianca, lasciare il foglio bianco, avere un capello bianco Anzi, il bianco non è neanche un colore. Non è niente, come il silenzio. Un niente senza parole e senza musica. In silenzio: in bianco." A. D'avenia white performance sicily variopinto silence

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“When you’ll reach the end of what you need to know, you’ll find yourself in the beginning of what you need to feelZhebran💖🍀💛” «Достигнув конца того, что следует знать, ты окажешься в начале того, что следует чувствовать Джебран❤️✨🧡» feelit feelings vibration vibes evolution consciousness transformation lookinside bereal betrue truth peace love evolution осознанность трансформация мир любовь тишина silence sunsets openyourheart innervoice intuition trat ferrypier kohchang sky air_cloudy небо смотривверх

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“e sono il silenzio delle segrete cose” Questa è una strofa della Bhagavad Gita (X, 38) ed è Krishna, forma del Dio supremo a dichiararlo. Si è spesso affermato Dio come essenza, fine di ogni aspetto della manifestazione, splendete e sapiente. Ma qui viene espresso come mistero, come silenzio. Per gli Hindu è il silenzio la dimensione dell’Assoluto, ineffabile, inconcepibile, immanifesto. C’è quindi una relazione intima fra silenzio ed essere. E in perfetta corrispondenza, la dinamica che muove dal silenzio passa attraverso i suoni udibili solo interiormente, poi i suoni concreti e poi alle parole articolate. E questa dinamica è parallela al dispiegamento dell’universo dall’uno alla molteplicità. () Tratto da “Il silenzio in India” di Giuliano Boccali ✨ Siamo quasi a fine anno accademico, c’è un rumore assordante accompagnato dalla frenesia delle cose da fare e sistemare prima della partenza, quagliare i risultati di questa lunga stagione e poca voglia di continuare a comunicare, esprimere, rivolgersi all’esterno. Tutti che comunicano tutto, troppo, noi non abbiamo così tanta voglia adesso, si disperdono segreti. Si ha un tremendo bisogno di silenzio. Riuscite a trovare la dimensione del silenzio nella pratica? Dal silenzio, emerge il segreto delle segrete cose. 🌹 Per questo “Flowery Friday” A venerdì prossimo! floweryfriday

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Según el Yoga el Ser es en su esencia, Conciencia pura, infinita, eterna y no cambiante. En vez de como normalmente se concibe: solo su cuerpo físico, su parte humana, con defectos, separado, limitado, solo y encadenado al *Karma. A través de este camino de ~8 pasos~ ~Ashtanga ~ profundizamos en Meditación aquietando las fluctuaciones de la Mente para así vivir un estado de Conciencia pura en Plenitud ashtanga universe pranayama meditacion vida sentir amor union divinidad fluir silence ser infinito cosmico interior uno conciencia vivir soñar creative realidad pazinterior

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an understanding that: when I slow down and listen, i can awaken to all of the answers that have been within all along. my innate knowledge, an intuitive knowing. when i drop the idea that western culture drills into every nook and cranny of our brain that we have to keep working, doing & doing & doing, running until our feet become blistered to find our worth, I embrace the slowness and stillness. for in this space I am able to gain clarity- to check in with myself, to not rely on others for validation and answers. to not scroll and scroll on social media to see how others are eating or moving their bodies as a means of validating how I am eating and moving my own body. in this space I am able to stop finding my worth through how productive I am or through comparing myself to other people, and recognize that my worth has always been there- it just takes turning my gaze inwards to see it. when I take the time for slowness and silence, when I listen I allow whatever comes up to come up- no judgment or frustration. i remind myself that the slowness and silence is a practice and sometimes an extremely challenging task when we’ve been conditioned to constantly be busy, to always be caught in the state of doing. Rumi says “There is a voice that doesn’t use words- listen.” a reminder for myself, over and over again- to come back to the space of not doing, and just being silencing the thinking mind and listening so lovingly to whatever arises within me.

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L'absurdité est d'être convaincu que la solution à notre problème soit notre problèmeCe combat de tous les jours que se dispute mon coeur avec ma raison.Mais le coeur à l'avantage car tant qu'il bat il tiraillera la raison et la fera flirter avec tant de pensée sombre tatoo tattootimepiece tatooboy inkedboy angelwingstattoo catrina catrinatattoo santacaterina silence love bodyart time photooftheday life boy espoir souffrance southoffrance heartbroken heartandbrain coeur angels combat smile amour regret plume sky force miracle