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Cosmic Powers part 1 This is day two study of the super villain Thanos from the comics, in preperation for the Avengers endgame. Releasing April 26th. Thanos is all about knowledge. He has an unquenchable thirst. The thirst started with his extreme intelligence above his peers as a . Thanos loves knowledge because knowledge is power. To him life is all about climbing to the top of the hill beating up the guy at the top of the hill and then going to a bigger hill and beating that biggest guy. His villainy is so unconventional. He has so much complexity and depth. It reminds me of Will from my favorite movie “Good Will Hunting”. He was so intelligent that the structure and offers of the world were a joke to him. If your interested in following,in my opinion, the most maniacal genius interesting villain of all comics, than copy and paste this amazon link and grab you a copy. thanos thanosmemes thanossnap marvel marvelmemes villains villians villian endgame avengersendgame comic comics comicbooks avengers avengersinfinitywar graphicnovels graphicnovel graphicnovelseries antihero antiheroes infinitywar infinitygauntlet comicbookgeek geek geeks thor deadpool silversurfer adamwarlock

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Galactellie e Smimmo Surfer stanno distruggendo la terra. Ovviamente sappiamo tutti che il riscaldamento globale, il buco nel ozono, l'inquinamento ambientale sono tutte coperture per non farci sapere di Galactellie. PS se qualcuno pensa che sia fake vi ricordo che molti credono che Babbo Natale non esista mentre sappiamo tutti che non è così. space dogsofinstagram dogs marvel galactus silver surfer silversurfer pollution reality globalwarming earth moon lumberjack cani spazio inquinamento riscaldamentoglobale terra luna verità picoftheday photoshop smile justforfun

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Avenge the fallen

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Já que a Disney comprou a Fox seria legal se o Surfista Prateado aparece-se e salve-se o planeta no último filme dos Vingadores. Não seria uma boa ideia 🤪? Quem vocês acham que vai derrotar o poderoso Thanos ? Comenta no post e aproveitar para nos visitar (essa semana estamos com 15% de desconto em todos os produtos) e ver esse e outros produtos que personalizamos aqui mesmo em nossa loja na hora. presentescriativos becodamagia presentespersonalizados decoracao officedecor homedecor avengers silversurfer vilabutantan canecaspersonalizadas camisetaspersonalizadas

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Everyone survive the weekend and the first day of the work week? Was it rough? How about a pick me up? Well here it is! We have a major selection of Legends available. We got you covered on Predator. We have Dragon Ball Z. We have DC figures. The best thing of all? WE SHIP WORLDWIDE So if you see ANYTHING in the pics or want to inquire about any you dont see then SEND US A MESSAGE _ We handle ALL pricing and inventory questions through private message ONLY to ensure you get our personal attention. We look forward to helping you complete your collections _ thecollectorslair articulatedcomicbookart toyphotography CleanCroppedContained acba acbacommunity ohiotoykick realmofcollectors toyshiz marvellegends DC batman predator dragonballz aforce hopesummers xmen fantasticfour silversurfer

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Me quedó con estos recuerdos y aquellos momentos en que 5 minutos más juntos eran un tesoro.Poder vernos y abrazarnos era lo único que teníamos en mente y solo queríamos estar juntos.Feliz cumple mes.Un año y 7 meses juntos ❤ siguemeytesigo followme followers follow follow4follow surf surfer surferparadise surferlife sufergirl surferboy surferparadise surfers surferphotos surferdude surfermagazine surferchick surferworld silversurfer surfersagainstsewage soulsurfer surfersparadise surferspoint surfergirls surfersparadisebeach

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Source:- X-Men Origins: Sabretooth

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Appreciation Thread Old King Thor Old King Thor travels to Midgard to stave off Galactus to protect the earth, which is obviously very precious to him. Old King Thor's battle with Galactus is monumentous and epic, filled with great action, passion, and conviction. But you need to notice During the God Butcher Saga, Old King Thor was severely weakened, and it seems he was still weakened when fighting Galactus. Still if we follow logic, he fought Galactus far better than any other Odin Force wielder did in past. And logically All of Odin's feats apply to Old King Thor as Old king thor has wielded the Odinforce longer than Odin, and is said to be more powerful. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ comicanscansmarvel ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Spiderman Wolverine Deadpool Ironman StarWars Hulk CaptainAmerica Daredevil Avengers Shield Thor BlackWidow MarvelComics inhumans Facts Silversurfer DoctorStrange oldkingthor Disney AdamWarlock galactus

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End of lunch drinkies cheeky 🙈❤️🇫🇷

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Sneak peek of me bungalow! I'm keeping my fingers crossed it completes this week ready for the new spring season, where I can be kept busy, focussed, motivated, get fit again, and generally keep this dratted depressive brain I've got occupied and working. I'm planning on making big, positive, personal changes to improve life for both Daisy and me. cantwaittomove bingalowlife thequietlife oldgit semiretired ifeeloldnow croneyears silversurfer bigchange tryingtobepositive nogoingback scaredtofuckingdeath anxiety depression snoozeyoulose ihatehowmymindworks