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Did goodbye mean letting go, and did letting go mean forever?

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It’s you. It always been you.

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When we have each other, we have everything.

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If two people meant to be together eventually they will find their way back.

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simple comme bonjour😀😀 pas de maquillage, pas d'histoire relourd, relouche, ni des trucs de ouffff😤😤😤 je me tape pas un pot de peinture au visage😔 suis moi😄✌🏽✌🏽

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Glass cabin goals and current mood on this overcast day. 🖤

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beaure めちゃ可愛い。 スマホよく紛失するから購入 でも慣れないからデスクに置きっ放し率🕺🏻 jarnalstandard beaure vans

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beach bodies ♡

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Colorindo o feed e passando o recadinho de que dá pra qq um se virar. Cortei os legumes q tinha na geladeira, todos com casca, distribuí em refratário, coloquei azeite de boa qualidade, páprica defumada e sal. Cobri com papel alumínio e levei para assar por 35-40min em forno a 210°c Acho que deve ter uns 5 anos que faço esses vegetais para as minhas refeições quase que diariamente. É MUITO rápido. Sem glamour, sem frescura, prático e saudável. Prefira orgânicos, sempre🍃 vegetables shecooks cozinhapratica semdesculpas organic simple organicosdafatima

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You left me crying in the rain.

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Bon vieux tapis à vendre eveeeeeryyyyywhereeeee! 🙃👌🤔🇲🇦 maroc tapis decor

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