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Calming Chamomile

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There will be a first time for anythingGrand Piano here at ANRÁN inside The Glass House with a beautiful day of sunshine. Congratulations to Daisy and James thanks for choosing ANRÁN. Tables and chairs by taddlefarmtents All amazing flowers arrangement by joannagame_flowers simplicity wedding weddingvenue celebration rusty unique ANRÁN lily pond decorationideas devon anranindevon rusticwedding anranindevon exceptional beautiful flowerarrangement weddingseason blessing prefect setting

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We had to post another one of shelterresidential spaces because look at how gorgeous That long mantle and concrete hearth are to die for!

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Dans un cinéma à Paris, un des sièges faisait un petit cris de détresse. C’était il y a deux ans, au mois de juin. In a cinema in Paris, one of the seats was making a little cries of distress. It was two years ago, in the month of June. artistic musician recording experimentalmusic musicvideo musical contemporaryart workshop performanceart experimental performanceartist contemporaryart soundinstallation, minimalism artwork poetic atmospheric art simplicity awesome micromusic analogic analogicmusic soundart musiqueconcretge

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Tonight someone told me that he noticed I delete photos from my feed from time to time, and it is true. The fact is that I'm very impulsive, or I think those photos are not good enough. So here is a photo I deleted while ago for no reason photo photography photooftheday calmspaces calm shadow minimalism minimalistphotography aestheticsovereverything aesthetic colorpalette cinematography calm minimalistvibes simple simplicity simplicityeverywhere vsco vscocam vscogood minimalist minimalistmood

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Repost theyoginiproject • • • • • • "Enjoy simplicity. Be beyond competitiveness. Keep your mind vast and flexible and learn to love others and get along with them. Learn to see the humor in how seriously we take things, and how we revel in complications — especially the complications. For example in sanghas, the complications about titles and the roles we play. When you become very serious about being a teacher, or good meditator, or chopön, or whatever, learn to laugh at yourself. And in that laughter, really relax and let go. You will find that to be a tremendously powerful experience in your practice and mediation."⁣ ⁣ ~ Jetsun Khandro Rinpoche, Cultivating the Twelve Kinds of Wealth⁣ ⁣ For Jetsun Khandro Rinpoche's biography, see link in bio.⁣ ⁣ jetsunkhandrorinpoche femaleteachers womenindharma wisdomdakinis laughter simplicity lettinggo senseofhumor humility openmind openheart theyoginiproject

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Happy Easter Sunday ✨⭐️ Have a great day ❤️

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We become consumed by the most irrelevant things. We give immense power to the least worthy people. We obsess about outside distractions and ignore inside attractions. Not until we let go of what isn’t can we begin to love what is ✨😉✨ • • • health wellness fitness hiking nature natureaddict naturelovers outdoors getoutside neverstopexploring inspiration motivation lessismore minimal minimalism minimalist sustainable simplicity positivity positivevibes truth peace love gratitude abundance calm happiness bethechange instagood hudsonvalley

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Happy Easter 😊 The bunny has now vegan options 😉🌱💕

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are you trying to fix yourself even though you're not broken? comparing yourself to others, never try to fix yourself but just laugh at your humanness and enjoy your own life you're perfect in your own way 망가지지도 않은 자신을 고치려고 하나요? 남들과 비교하여 자신을 고치려고 하지마라 스스로의 인간다움을 웃어넘기고 자신만의 삶을 즐기자 나름대로 완벽 한것이니 comparing compassion copy imitation jealous envy adventure calmness solitude change creativity curiosity discovery discipline excitement exploration travel simplicity minimalism health learning walking selfawareness mindfulness meditation fittness walking health life humor

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zwei brudis in odivelas

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*   ♡ ˪৹⌵ೕ‥ ¨̮      dog dogstagram mix mix犬 chihuahua shihtzu vsco vscocam vscogood instagood instalike life love simplicity latergram シーズー チワワ チワーズ ミックス犬 ふわもこ部 暮らし いぬ いぬのいる暮らし いぬのきもち いぬすたぐらむ 丁寧な暮らし 大切な存在 癒し 🐶