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Q maaal pero sigue siendo rapper😎 sku xd (SI LO SUBES DA CC PLIS♥️) thelifeofpaulo • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • paulolondra hermoso 😂 paulo londra leonesconflow fotografia likeforlikes drums drumsdrumsdrums chicaparanormal sing dog perros boomerang paulomemes memesespañol pintura edit fotostumblr video memes basketball chile fotografia uruguay canciones cute fernet l4like

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Como fan de Disney y unas de mis pelisculas favoritas tenía que hacer un cover del REY LEÓN 💛 hubo un cambio ahí de voz jajja 😝

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🎼 Music Tips Daily 230719 🎼 The price is worth it! Ever been sceptic about attending that concert, or seminar or program or convention just because you thought about the stress, time and money it'll cost you? Then you should hear this: "The price is worth it!" No singer who wants to climb up to the peak of the musical ladder looks back because of the price involved. Truth is, if only you know how much experience you'll gather, then no price will be too much for you to pay. Spend that money and transport yourself to that program; attend that service or convention so you can be built in God's word; buy that book; download those materials and videos. Sometimes, it is in these seeming little sacrifices that our growth lie. A beautiful night rest to you. Feel free to contact us to help build up that your choir or music crew that's giving you tough time. +2348093761609, +2348189162664. © Sammyz Muzik The Muzik Hub sammyzmuzik sammyz muzikhub voicegrooming music goodmusic sing gospelmusic nigerianmusic choirgrooming sing singing vocaltraining musichub voicecoach musicconsultancy consultancy musiccentre vocalacademy musicconsultations

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Riccardo Zonta in his BAR at the 1999 Belgian GP. Zonta was anticipated to be the next big talent coming into the sport as he won the FIA GT championship and F3000 in 1998. He turned down offers from Sauber and Jordan as he took the step up to F1. Sadly, he started less than 40 races and, by 2005, he was another washed up talent and did not return for 2006 . ogiopower travelphotography travel photography photographer animals guitar music bettermusic freedom sing food nevergiveup diademuertos race karting indiepop indie traveling travelingmx travelphotography travel photography photographer animals guitar music bettermusic freedom sing food travel travelphotography photography followforfollowback f4f natural follow motorsport motorsports formula1 spprts race racing

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So I just saw SWS for the third time on Sunday and OH MY GOD THEYLL NEVER FAIL TO PUT ON AN AMAZING SHOW! ⨯ ⨯ kellinquinn justinnfjk gabebarham nodirectioncasa jacksws sleepingwithsirens ⨯ ⨯ Song: Save Me A Spark Band: Sleeping With Sirens ⨯ ⨯ coversong singingcover instasing instasinger singer vocals instacover HotVocals talent singers giftedvoices listentothesevoices allaboutvoices aspiringsinger bands emogirl shortcover cover topvocalist bestvocals music singing singing sing omgvoices rockmusic punk ⨯ ⨯ 11/28/16 End The Madness Tour 11/20/18 Generation Rx North American Tour 7/21/19 Vans Warped Tour

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This blurry vid from the Dallas show gives you an idea of the madness of my cover song choices and the intimacy of sofarsounds, which is truly “songs from a room”. Tonight is the 10th and final show of this little sofar tour of mine, and I’m ready to make it count, Austin. See you in a few hours. Let’s get rowdy. 😎

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When is this gonna be YOU, in the booth??? Check us out online now and let’s get working! hiphop rap pop studio

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you better vote for billie or else😁 link in bio✨ billieeilish

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angel 💕

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En una sola rosa puse todos mis cuidados, le cante y le dije que la amaba, no sabia que en una sola rosa podía encontrar el paraíso entero, no sabia que al llegar la noche íbamos a compartir el momento donde caen las estrellas y somos los pocos que gozan este bello espectáculo, sus gustos son tan bellos y esa rosa es tan bella como el mismo amanecer, con esa rosa mi corazón volvió a renacer. solarosa sola solo rosa only poner missentimientos feels myfeels cuidados amor love cante sing amaba saber paraiso encontrar entero way amanecer sol lago puestadesol paisajes noche dia compartirmomentos estrellas renacer