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Enjoyed my Cob last night with a bowl of sutlifftobacco Voodoo Queen. Had a wee dram of springbank1828 10 with it. Definitely more pipe tobacco reviews in the coming future. Still very new to pipe smoking. Cheers my friends, have a wonderful Thursday.

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Benrinnes 1998-2015 GM versus Glenlossie 1998-2014 GM: Both Refill Sherry Hogshead. The Benrinnes is a complete Christmas cake on the nose, almost bursting with fruits on the palate and deliciously creamy. Long finish as well, spot-on bottling at 46% ABV. The Glenlossie also has the sherry markers but here the red apples (on palate) and pepper (on finish) dominate. I rate the Benrinnes 88 points (paid 79€) and the Glenlossie 87 points (paid 75€). Two very delicious drams, the Benrinnes was a real steal in my opinion. A stunning whisky. So is the woman in the background ❤️👻❤️👻❤️ benrinnes glenlossie headtoheadtasting refillsherry gordonandmacphail dramtastic whiskytasting whiskyblogger whiskygeek singlemalt sherriedwhisky sherrycask scotchwhisky whiskyporn

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Playing around with some pairings in preparation for our padroncigars events May 9th & 10th!

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Commemorating anzacday with an award winning worldwhiskyawards aussiewhisky the minimum sign of respect to all the people that gave their lives fighting for liberty against fascism especially in Greece and my home island of Crete 🇦🇺🇬🇸🇬🇷 Sullivans Cove French Oak Single Cask 47.5% abv Tasmanian Single Malt anzacday2019 anzacs sullivanscove sullivanscovewhisky singlecaskwhisky sullivanscovedistillery australianwhisky sullivanscovefrenchoak frenchoak australiansinglemalt tasmanianwhisky tasmaniansinglemalt worldofwhisky whisky singlemalt singlemalts singlemaltscotchwhisky topwhisky awardwinningwhiskey whiskyawards awardwinningwhisky австралия internationalwhisky tasmanianwhiskey ουίσκι виски односолодовый

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I had a very relaxing visit to Arran last Monday, a bank holiday with glorious sunshine in Scotland, whatever next?! The distillery was looking gorgeous and I took home various samples, as well as a new distillery exclusive bottling. A 2007 vintage, from ex-bourbon barrels with 4 year rum finish, there’s a fresh and spicy character with the rum poking through particularly on the palate. I also took the opportunity to reunite another distillery bottling (a 16 year old sherry cask from 2000) with the still that made it.

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Black Button Distilling, Rochester, NY is donating $1.00 per bottle in April on all bottle sales in Maryland, DC, and DE wine and Spirits Stores. 4 Grain Bourbon Bourbon Cream Citrus Gin American Corn Vodka whiskey bourbon whisky cocktails scotch drinks beer vodka cigars happyhour bar cheers wine cigar rum tequila gin love instagood rye singlemalt craftbeer kentucky whiskeyporn alcohol cocktail craftcocktails bartender maryland liquor Black Button Distilling blackbuttondistilling

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We've been enjoying some brilliant blue skies here in Harris this week as we get into the swing of spring. • If you look closely in the lower left of the main photo below you'll see our cask warehouse, nestled by the shores of Ardhasaig. • Here, our new-make spirit is undergoing some beautiful chemical chaos as it interacts with wood on its way to becoming our first historic whisky. • The Hearach Single Malt is still a few years away yet, but while we wait there's always plenty of Isle of Harris Gin to go around • Order with us online and we'll ship to you in 3 working days. Or Click, Connect and Collect your order in minutes from your local dispensary. • Slàinte!

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Man O'Words 2015 Release - Bourbon Cask 'the malt positively cascades onto the palate, a ridiculous amount of spices hanging on to its coat-tails' We're incredibly proud of Jim Murray's review of our inaugural 2014 release, so we're even more excited to unveil our 2015 release Annandale's smooth unpeated spirit is distilled in twin copper pot spirit stills and matured in once-used fresh bourbon casks to create a distinctive, smoky Single Cask, Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Each bottle in this release is individually marked with cask and bottle number, and presented in a new and striking gift box TASTING NOTES Clean and sweet with initial mixed fruit, apple sauce with traces of nectarine and melon. This gives way to creamy vanilla and a florist shop of fresh flowers and green leaves. All is held together with an underlying earthy, pine-like note FINISH Green apples, honey and cream with a dry resinous note CONCLUSION A lovely fresh whisky, it has excellent balance between fruit and vanilla and intriguing depth. A great lunchtime or sunny afternoon whisky for drinking with friends annandaledistillery bourbon singlemalt singlecask whisky whiskey beauty distillery alcohol manowords brands manosword scotland scotch bottle unpeated hiddenscotland scotchandsoda scotchwhisky scotchwhisky lowland highlands whiskyporn bottle whiskylover instascotland stunning_shots outdoors woods

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⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️⛳️🔥🔥🔥🔥Golfers of all abilities have been enjoying the glorious views from our course high above Helensburgh town since 1893. To the south stretches the Clyde estuary and the hills of the Isle of Arran and to the North lies Loch Lomond and the Trossachs. In June 2018 10 amateur golfer from different areas of the world came together in Glasgow and started their yearly golf tour in Strathclyde region of Scotland at Hellensburgh Golf Club. Not only a tour, but more a marathon of 8 days and 16 courses in a row. Putting high effort and priority into the game and not so much into food, accomodation and drinks. Passion to the game and friendship makes all that possible, no matter of weather condition, course status, game result and pain day by day. This is why i love the game and will enjoy the memories of this yearly adventure forever. HARVORHACK - each letter for the first letter of the first name of each participant. I am so excited to meet you guys in 1 month for our 2019 Snowdonia tour Now i am counting the days for our tour. May the forceehhhnothe birdies with you 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 - with all golfers 😉. - golftour singlemalt golfswing scotland golfing golflove golflover golftour golfaddict cigars golfer bestgolfcourses whyilovethisgame tatil 8days16courses golf golfing golfclub instagolfer prayforapar iskoçya golfer golfaddicts instagolf instagolfer whisky beautifulgolfcourses golfstagram golfcourse golflifestyle golflife ⛳️🏌

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Another successful trade in the books • Glad to secure a bottle of batch 1, tried it awhile back and it was some tasty stuff • Would love to try their rye but haven’t had the chance • What’s the verdict on the rye vs the bourbon?! • Big thanks to indianabourbon for a smooth trade • oldcarter

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👍😎 Repost jessejames1212 ・・・ Introducing Longbranch from Wild Turkey. A new small-batch Kentucky bourbon developed in collaboration with Matthew McConaughey. All month coleyandpunch are serving up cocktails made from Longbranch. Definitely worth checking out wildturkeynz

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Review❗️ Scotch lovers, scotch lovers, scotch lovers attention please. This delicious scotch singlemaltwhisky from bruichladdichdistillery is a must have; a true representation of Scottish whisky. The $80 price point means this will be a special bottle but you won’t regret it a single bit. I found this at jubilationwine along with more great selection. Check them out Rating this at a perfect 5/5⭐️ rating and is my new go-to “impress my friends” single malt scotch; or don’t share 😏. Aroma: candied/dehydrated apricots, banana Sunday with vanilla ice cream, moist forest moss, lime-aide, salty ocean breeze, overripe pineapple into marmalade, lemon meringue. Taste: oatmeal cookie, dusty, light corn syrup, maple syrup, graham cracker crust, peach cobbler, fruit cocktail with ginger spice. Mouthfeel: warning, light prickle, mouth coating, warm lingering finish. abq albuquerque drinklocal craftspirits scotch unpeated unpeatedwhisky whiskyreview whiskeyreview islaywhisky nmtrue oneburque singlemalt

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This week’s throwback comes from a very special bottle, from our meeting as Trend Whisky Society with the hospitality of erdemmustafaorman It was a lovely night of tasting Glenlivet, Scapa and Aberlour bottles, ending with Havana Club rom as well But the night was not over, and we closed it with this beautiful Solist bottle. After all those glasses and numb tongue, I still could taste the great Sherry taste Of course this does not end here Kavalan Solist was one of my most curious ones. I will taste and take notes of this phenomenal Taiwan whisky alone, very soon I hope Slainte 🥃 ———————————————————————— whiscoffeer whisky coffee and beer photos aroundtheworld singlemalt taiwan whiskey kavalan solist sherrycask caskstrength nonchillfiltered whiskylover whiskytime whiskygram instadram instawhisky viski liquidgold liquidsunshine meleklerinpayi angelsshare tastingnotes slainte tbt

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Popularity of Japanese whisky has seen unprecedented growth in Canada and North America over the last 5 years. Click the link in our bio to head to the blog and read about Japanese whisky and why there is such a limited amount of aged whisky available to the market. We're also sharing the NEW Japanese whisky from Chichibu and Nikka that is arriving on Friday. craftcellars yycfoodie yycfoodies whatsupcalgary yycevents yycwhisky yycwhiskey singlemalt scotchwhisky calgarybuzz yycphotography dishedyyc nikkawhisky japanesewhisky whiskyoftheday whiskyoftheyear chichibuwhisky suntorywhisky newwhisky supportlocalyyc localyyc loveyyc yycblog blogyyc nikkawhiskyusa suntorywhisky chichibudistillery

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Feeling malty. Might delete later. Sipping on a Glenfiddich 15 Year Solera Reserve in Boston is bringing me back to visiting Warehouse 8 at the Glenfiddich Distillery where casks at least 15 Years old are married in the Solera Vat which is always at least half full with this beautiful expression.

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Who doesn’t love a bottle of the_macallan? Before being bottled, this liquid gold began its journey maturing in first fill European and American seasoned Oak casks, giving it the wonderful characteristics that are well and truly noted on the pallet Contact us for more info 🥃 -——————————————————- alternativeinvestment artinvestment wineinvestment romaneeconti whisky singlemalt distillery scotch scotchwhisky japanesewhisky whiskey bourbon macallan whiskyporn instagood propertyinvedtment cocktail whiskybar whiskycollection singlemaltscotch rarewhisky love USA Japan China UK Scotland Singapore hongkong whiskygram

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Throwback Thursday Erst nach einer Reifezeit von mind. 3 Jahren im Eichenfass wird aus der destillierten Spirituose ein Whisky. Du möchtest wissen, welchen Einfluss das Fass auf den Whisky hat, oder du möchtest mehr über die Unterschiede in der Herstellung erfahren? Dann buche mich für ein Whiskytasting bei dir Zuhause mit deinen Freunden ODER Komm zu einem meiner Tastings in Sprockhövel in der Paasmühle. Whiskytasting whisky scotch singlemalt whiskyporn zuhause freunde Ruhrgebiet ruhrpott rheinland niederrhein ennepetal münsterland Gladbeck Gelsenkirchen sprockhövel Dortmund Duisburg stadtessen essen Bochum hattingen Wuppertal bottrop dorsten marl

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We’re so impressed by all of the photos we’ve been tagged in lately, like this one from tgsc_whisky. If you’d like your photo to be shared in our roundup on Stories tomorrow, make sure to tag glenmorangieusa or use the hashtag glenmorangie on your posts!

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teeling_whiskey Brabazon serie 02 Nose: blueberries and ripe fruit, cream and jam, cinnamon, honey. Mouth: raspberry and spices, black chocolate, candied apple and pears, a soft touch of vanilla. Finished: honey, black chocolate, spices, raisins. ABV 49,5% 87/100 teelingwhiskey Brabazon sèrie 02 Nas: nabius i fruita madura, crema i melmelada, canyella, mel. Boca: gerd i espècies, xocolata negra, poma confitada i peres, un toc suau de vainilla. Acabat:  mel, xocolata negra, espècies, panses. ABV 49,5% 87/100

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Danish spring weather is the best ⚔️🇩🇰👊🎩🤘🥃💪🍻⚔️ ⚔️βΣΔЯDΣD ∇ILLΔIΠS ⚔️βΣΔЯDΣD ∇ILLΔIΠS DΣΠMΔЯK ⚔️SΩИS OF ЯΔVΣΠS ⚔️STΔΨ LΩΨΔL ⚔️STΔΨ βΣΔЯDΣD ⚔️STΔΨ ∇ILLΔIΠ ⚔️ЯISΣ ΩҒ THΣ βЯΩTHΣЯHΩΩD ⚔️FΛMIŁЏ FIЯST ⚔️ ⚔ ⚔ My prez von_knox My loyalty beardedvillains My chapter beardedvillains_denmark My co-captains hulmose1977 & the_danish_beard My beard care supplier beardpilot danishsalute sonsofravenssalute beardedvillains togetherwelift beardedvillainsdenmark skæg beer beard beardsofinstagram stayloyal staybearded stayvillain loyaltymakesyoufamily loyaltyisourroots vikingdad beastmode beardedvillaindads brotherhood singlemalt whisky rum rom øl ⚔ ⚔

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🥃 🐟 Singleton of Glendullan Select, 40%. Вторым виски на фэнтези дегустации "Whisky is here!" были Лорды Дафтауна, верховная дистиллерия Singleton - Singleton of Glendullan Select, 40%. Как воды Речных земель питают Дом Талли в Риверране, сила вод реки Фиддик возле Дафтауна дает возможность создавать виски Singleton of Glendullan. 👁️ Цвет более медный, чем знакомое и "правильное" жёлтое золото. 👃 Аромат 🍬 конфетный. Что-то 🍐 грушевое в нём есть. 👅 Вкус: первый глоток и это точно 🍐 груша! Ассоциация с 🍭 карамельками дюшес. Сомелье говорил про финик, но я напрочь не помню какие финики по вкусу и аромату. Странно, но после еды аромат кажется слегка коньячным. 🍬 Карамель! Может она и напомнила коньяк? Фруктовая свежесть в аромате при "глубоком погружении" носа в бокал. 😹 Последние глотки такие лёгкие и свежие. Я бы назвала этот виски очень летним вариантом. виски  whisky whiskey single_malt singlemalt scotch scotland whiskycorner whiskycorner_whisky_is_here gameofthrones  hbo singleton SingletonofGlendullan Tully

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During my trip to Ireland the i visited the bushmillsirl Distillery and made the distillerytour, which was very interesting. I also went to their shop and found two lovely bottles. The Bushmills 12 y.o. Distillery Reserve and the Bushmills Distillery Exclusive which is a 10 year old Single Malt and has been matured in Acacia Wood casks. With 47% ABV it’s really strong for a Bushmills. These bottles are only available at the Bushmills Distillery in Northern Ireland. And at the airport I found the theirishmanwhiskey Florio Marsala Cask Finish Founder‘s Reserve, a Limited Edition with only 2970 bottles out of 9 Casks. Normally I’m not into Irish Whiskys, but I had to buy them😅Looking forward to try them 🧐 Sláinte Friends bushmills irishwhiskey singlemalt theirishmanwhiskey distilleryexclusive distilleryreserve acaciawoods sherrycask foundersreserve

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How will the glendronach 12 stand up to the Irish whiskey cake?

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The Balvenie never needs any kind of introduction. Balvenie———————————————————————— Share your 🥃 finds with us bourbonandwhisky or by using bourbonandwhisky ———————————————————————— macallan weller blantons pappy pappyvanwinkle bourbon bourbonporn bourbonlife bourbonlife bourbons bourbongram drinks drinking drink drinkstagram drinkup drinkporn happyhour scotch whisky whiskey whiskygram collection collector 2018 buffalotrace michters stitzelweller singlemalt

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It’s raining and it’s cold again. What could be better than a Whiskey and a fine time to start our spirit of the week. This springbank1828 single malt scotch is lemony, peaty and peppery! Something to definitely warm you up whilst still hoping for T shirt weather. In store now wine redwine whitewine rose beer chorlton didsbury withington beechroad barlow independent merchant local whalleyrange larger spirits malbec merlot cabernetsauvignon grapes vintage champagne prosecco sparklingwine gin whiskey liquer spiritoftheweek singlemalt scotch

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Bunnahabhain 12 A single Malt Scotch from the Isle of Islay. This edition launched in 2010 and brings a jump in strength to 46.3%. It is non chill filtered with no additional colouring added. Unlike most Islay whiskys this one is only lightly peated, which they hope make it a more approachable whisky. The distillery that produces the spirit sits on the mouth of the river Margadale on the North East corner of Islay. Bunnahabhain (pronounced "Boo-na-ha-ven") apparently means "mouth of the river" in Gaelic. The distillery was established in 1881. The sample was provided by alfie_cocker_spaniel at the last meeting of neatwhiskeyclub. Price: £38 Colour: Golden brown Nose: Light on the nose. Sweet, spicy, some malt and mild peat. Palate: Slightly cream texture. Toffee, vanilla, banana, oak, dried fruits, mild spice, some sherry notes with a mild peaty flavour. Finish: Long lingering finish with spice and sweet toffee vanilla. Overall: A good scotch whisky for the price. Good range of flavours but a bit light on the nose. I'd give this 6/10. scotch whisky scotchwhisky bunnahabhain

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We hope you’ve all enjoyed a relaxing Easter weekend and maybe an Isle of Harris Gin or two in the spring sun? • We've been enjoying glorious blue skies over our distillery here in Tarbert. • If you’re visiting our island shores this week then please do be sure to join us, we’ll happily share our spirit and story. • We’ve distillery tours running Monday to Friday, so if you wish to see behind the scenes of our spirit production, then give us a call on 01859 502212 for availability and to book. • And if you happen to be further from our doors then we’ll be here on social media every evening from 7pm. • Have a great Monday evening… • ☀️🌊