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“Snickers”. The other newest member of the family. Final. I’ve been traveling for several weeks and haven’t had a lot of time. So. This is what I do in airports and my limited time in hotels. The final will hopefully come after my 20 hour flight schedule over next day. dornbusch snickers dachshund dachshundpuppy minidachshundsofinstagram sketch dappledachshund sketches sketching worldtraveler chinatraveler shanghai illustration illustrating illustratingpuppies petportrait draw drawing drawings dailydraw drawingpets animallover purebreddachshund sirwilliamthegreatest cayo_66 brandondornbusch

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Birds! From our trip to the zoo in these I was mainly just trying to get the shape and movement of the animal down, not necessarily focusing on anatomy (mostly cos, except for birds, I don't know the anatomy that well) please scroll through to look at them all art design artist sketch sketchbook sketching drawing draw cafesketch observation gesture gesture gesturedrawing bird birds conceptart concept zoo character design characterdesign characterart lifedrawing draweveryday draweverydamnday

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⚘|| "Let me put another flower in your hair." Song name? Your Soul by Forrest (Ft. Biskwiq)! So, you all mostly voted for a drawing of me like fools, so here's a simplistic one I honestly did mostly as pose practice. :P But I also added music to it cos I just thought it'd be fun to share a fun song with it! 💓 draw draws drawings drawing art arts artist artists sketch sketches sketching doodle doodles doodling artwork illustration illustrate 🎨 🖌 ✏️ 🖍 🖊 (p.s.) just wanna thank insta for the real low quality i appreciate it tonnss :))

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Outstanding Illustration from leqxi leqxi leqxi leqxi Everyone is invited to Follow and use arts_and_shoutouts . Link to the hashtag is in my bio if you would like to check it out . Your also welcome to tag me in posts "self shoutout" too, i direct people to my tagged posts here and in my bio :) . Check my tagged posts for more art 🖌😊 . sketch sketching draw drawn sketch arts artist paint painting drawing paints painter color art fun sketchbook sketch_daily художник искусство арт скетч скетчинг скетчбук art🎨 sketchbook

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Culottes dress and kimono cut with tuxedo collar and deep pockets

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Doodling! 👨🏻‍🚀

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Uff that was a tough work. A whole body on a A4 Paper and such a tiny face. But it's the doctor and I had so much fun with this very interesting face😁 Have a great night, a great morning, a great day - depending on the time you currently have ❤️ drwho mattsmith tardis sketch sketching sketches sketchbook drawdrawdraw drawing drawings instaartist instasketch instaartwork artsy art artwork scribble scribbles illustration pencil pencilartwork pencilportrait pencilsketch pencildrawing doodle artistofinstagram artist whovian

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broken ankle + an earring pulled out of my ear = greatest week of my life 🙃🙃

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Doodle AU where Midoriya joins Hogwarts on his first day and wHAT?! HE IS IN SLYTHERIN?? Bakugo is way too angryyyyyy (as always lmao) 🙈 This is just a pose practice because I suck without references ALSO A BIG THANKS TO KATE FOX FOR THE POSE REFERENCE😭💕