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4 minutes ago

About to jump out of this airplane pretty incredible what this kind of leaping has taught me over my life and continues to teach me. I am grateful to have learned at a age that what I think isn’t possible might actually be possible I’m grateful to have learned to always question the fear I feel and how so often the greatest in life is on the other side of it both in myself and with others. I am grateful to have learned that learning and growth is the way up and through, equally and fiercely balanced by courageously being myself. I am grateful to have learned the value of fun and lightness and how they are not mutually exclusive to excellence and legitimate hard work toward a worthy goal. I am grateful to have learned like minds and hearts are plentiful in this world and it takes us showing up to connect, love and learn together. F*ck yeah to all of that, I say. Huge love to the sky and our sky family for all these years and all the rest to come. Happy sunny Sunday, my friend! 😃🙏🏻☀️💫 grateful sky fly skydiving howtofly growth wecandohardthings community consciousness connection thework love sun skydive_cross_keys cypresaad liquidskysports cookiehelmets performancedesigns lbaltimeters sunpathproducts

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:/ไม่เคยคิดถึงใครเลยนอกจากคุณ ☁️ - ฝากติดตามเพจ - keeper keeper keeper คำคม คำคมโดนๆ ความรู้สึก ิดถึงจัง เพจความรู้สึก เพจ เพจคำคม คำคมชีวิต คำคมดีๆ คำคมคนอกหัก คำคมโดนใจ เเคปชั่นเด็ด เเคปชั่น เเคปชั่นเศร้า เเคปชั่นคนโสด ้องฟ้า ้องฟ้าสดใส ้องฟ้าสวย sky skydiving skyline keeper

12 minutes ago

❤️ وقتی این ورزش رو شروع کردم،میدونستم باید با خیلی از ترس ها و مهم تر اضطراب و استرس های دائمی که تو خیلی از کارا بروز می‌کرد و‌ همیشه مشکل ساز ‌بود، مقابله کنم. و خب داشتن یه آرزو به اندازه کافی انگیزه میده برای تصمیم گیری و قدم برداشتن تو راهی که میدونی تو رو به چالش میکشه. شروع کردم و فشار و استرس مضاعف رو تو زندگی به خودم تحمیل کردم و هر بار که دیدم نمیشه ناامید تر اما با انگیزه تر شدم. الان از هر لحظه ای این آرزو بیشتر تو دستام حس میکنم. اما اگر بپرسن که دستاوردت چی بود؟ مسلما پاسخم قبل از موفق شدن و نتیجه رساندم یه خواسته، به دست آوردن یه معلم و رفیق خاص هست. و حسرت میخورم چرا مثل تویی رو تو وجوه دیگه زندگیم ندارم. skydivehildesheim skydiving skydive skydivers skydivegram fallschirm fallschirmsprung freundschaft 🛩❤️

18 minutes ago

happy birthday to my main man. {skydiving 18K feet fall} ✈️🤟🏽 bucket list check ✔️

27 minutes ago

🥑 just going crazy this morning

48 minutes ago

Wait for me boys! 👸🏼

57 minutes ago

Thank you so much to my beautiful best friend jaimeguise for such a special and anxiety filled 25th birthday present at iflyperth 🎁! Proud of you for joining me and conquering some fears for both of us! Thank you for making my birthday special every year ! Love you a million 💗💗💗 • • • • • • • • • • • skydiving indoor sport adventure faceyourfears outfitonpoint flying birthday present birthdaygirl strive goals bestfriend game tricks surprise surprisemotherfucker laughs scary air happy love onesie 25

1 hour ago

skydiving just got even more interesting! Doing a little formation here. 4 way! B-REL all completed Woohoo! 🤙🤙

1 hour ago

Last night the homie rickyrampage broke SKYDIVING on power 92 S/0 to bro for the continuous support through out my journey Def overly appreciated my boy 🙏🏾also s/0 to deejaycommando for putting it in the mix 🤞🏽I need y’all to blow the hot line up with requests for this song so we can get it in regular rotation this is just the beginning HOTLINE 7733759248 Alexander Blane -skydiving

1 hour ago

Awesome day with awesome people! ❤🌸👌🏼🌈😘🔥🌠 hazanhaniyh

3 months ago

. Aksi lompat dari tebing batu untuk jatuh dengan baju wingsuit yang dilakukan oleh 2 orang, yang satu direkam dan satunya lagi merekam video . untuk mendarat dengan selamat, setiap orang harus membawa parasut berupa tas yang dikenakan di punggungnya. parasut akan mengembang otomatis saat tali parasut ditarik wingsuit skydiving skydive skydivingvideo boring freefall moodbooster jumpsuit sky pov extremesport unlimited somuchfun moodbooster windnoise areyoureadytogo omg cinematic gliding youshouldwatchthis viewfromthetop breathtaking somethingyouneversee amazing takeabreath fall adrenalin fly cliffs feelfree itsstillamazing

8 months ago

Uma vez que você tenha experimentado voar,você andará pela terra com seus olhos voltados para o céu,pois lá você esteve e para lá você desejará voltar

3 years ago

Waaaay Up ⛅️🇹🇷 Throwback