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There’s something about being near water that makes me happy 🥰 photo taken on my tour with torbiketours skyline toronto

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If you don't build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs - Dhirubhai Ambani ✨✨ ⏬ 🔻 ⏬ 🔻 ⏬ 🔻 ⏬ All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.😊 🔻 ⏬ 🔻 ⏬ 🔻 Aspire to inspire before we expire!😁 Feel FREE to Comment Down Your Thoughts, Blessed Saturday!😇 ⏬ 🔻 ⏬ It's Day 💰💰💰💰💰💰 of Week 4⃣ for IG Takeover. Continue to FOLLOW 👉👉👉 and lmp.oic for more ideas, inspiration, motivation and contents. 🔻 saturdayfun saturdaymorning saturdaystyle saturdayz Travelphotography Travelling Saturday Naturephotography Naturelovers Traveling Travelblogger Traveler Traveller Travelingram Saturdaynight Moon Skyline Traveltheworld Naturelover Natureza mlmsuccess mlmpositivity mlmprofessional mlmpro businessmindset businesses businesstips Business Businesswoman Businessman

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Accurate or nah?😂 Tag a Subaru owner . 📸: ? Follow: Carrosociety Tag someone who would like this📝

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i like vanilla, it’s the finest of the flavours.

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Empire State Building je další místo, kam v New Yorku prostě musíš. Pro člověka se strachem z výšek vyloženě zážitek, na který se "těší" už od rána 😕 Naštěstí ta vyhlídka v 86. patře je už tak nesmyslně vysoko, že to člověku vlastně ani vysoko nepřijde 🤷 empirestatebuilding view skyline newyork usatrip

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Gotham is looking majestic tonight. chicago

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philtorres6558 stopped by for some fresh Federal 595s 🙏🏽🖤🏴

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What a beautiful night ✨

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• Reminiscing about that fresh Pacific Northwest air, trees, wildflowers and endless mountain skylines 🌼🏞✨

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That Tagum Bridge. 🌉 There’s something about bridges that makes me quite poetic. But in all honesty, I am not even apologetic. It’s that connection that it makes, for the two different outtakes. It’s the possibility of bringing close two real strangers and introducing the value of not going through dangers. It’s that look of an angel that would bring up some cool sounds from the bell. Whatever it means to you, I just wanna say, it is a genuine view, that will so make your day tagum tagumcity tagumbridge bridge bridges connect travel travelph wander outdoor wanderlust philippines mindanao island islandboy asian pinoy photography view sky skyline wow f4f word wordporn poem davao travelingpinoy travelphotography roamtheplanet

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Alasan saya memilih maskapai Garuda Indonesia adalah karena reputasi membanggakan Garuda Indonesia dan Pelayanan serta Keramahtamahan seluruh crew, Pengalaman ini bisa saya rasakan mulai dari reservasi, boarding, selama penerbangan, hingga tiba di bandara tujuan. Penumpang dilayani tulus dan bersahabat yang memang telah menjadi ciri keramahan khas Indonesia yang ditemui pada pelayanan Garuda Indonesia. Sejak 2009, Garuda Indonesia sudah memiliki apa yang disebut Garuda Indonesia Experience sebagai konsep layanan yang menyajikan aspek-aspek terbaik dari Indonesia untuk para penumpang. Dan saya bangga menjadi bagian dari survey pelanyanan publik Garuda Indonesia. garuda.indonesia survey pelayananpublik garudaindonesia garudaindonesiacrew garudaindonesiaairlines pramugarigarudaindonesia skyline skytrak

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