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Need some more practice with my camera lol hella grainy

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Low Elco

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Premiere 🎞️

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What’s your favorite car show/meet that you’ve attended in the past?

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Fuck your crew. We fucking snapped. Been super pumped with everything lately. We cooking up. Y’all sleeping anobjectcompany

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Can’t wait to change from a >200HP car to a 650+HP car🔥

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respray complete.

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Gally gaskit, timing chain, and regular maintenance done ✅ another happy costumer 👌🏾 wesauto

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“Never jack off a cactus, cause you’ll only hurt your hand and the cactus’ feelings” 1lowgen clean_culture

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This build is on point though😎 Double Tap | Support ✊ Send in your builds Follow us for daily post

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