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7 hours ago

So I’ve decided to try something new and share some of my favorite workouts at the gym. As you know, I workout 6 days of the week and rest for 1 day. Working out has become a passion and a hobby for me and I think I’d like sharing some of it so that maybe some of you could enjoy it as much as I do! Make sure to save these for later if you’d like to try them out! - ‼️LEG DAY 🦵🏼 • leg extensions 3x15 • barbell squat 3x10 • calf raises 3x15 - Some other leg workouts I do not filmed: • lying leg curls 3x15 • leg press 3x15 Ps. Excuse the quality of the videos and the people walking through! - Please let me know what you guys think! What would you like to see more of? - - - Check out my blog for more! - Link in bio

1 day ago

Losing the weight from both pregnancies was definitely the 'easy' part for me. Now to get my butt in gear and start toning this Mother Up! That will be the real challenge!🤣🏋️‍♀️👌 mamaoftwo TonethisMotherUp LosttheWeight Babyweightplussomegone milfbody workinit slowlygettingthere unicornandcoffeesweetlegs oneyearpp twobabieslater nowtherealfun warmhugssweetlegs losingweight alwaysrockingsweetlegs postpartumweighlost workit mama sweetlegs whohadbabies gonnagetthatsixpack workinghard warmhugs tonetime igotthis

1 day ago

To the girl who feels like she has hit rock bottom and can't get back up. You have been here before & you have risen up and accomplished great things. This feeling is only temporary, soon enough you will feel the rumble of true laughter roar through your body again. The smile that hid tears will again once again shine bright with pure emotion & passion. Hold on, stand tall & face your fears. One day soon you will feel the wind whip through your hair, as you stand tall at the top of the mountain you once laid at the bottom of. lonleydays livingforme struggling emotion slowlygettingthere tomorrowwillbebetter

1 day ago

På fredagar kör man pull- ups, det är sen gammalt👆🏻 min akilleshäl men just därför tränar jag på det, med gummiband då känner jag mig i alla fall stark, och det är väl ändå det som räknas 🤷🏻‍♀️ fredagsdisco pullups slowlygettingthere

1 day ago

This working out is so evil 😈 😈😈😈 not only do I have that Plantar Fasciitis but also have pulled the bloody muscle I think the dr said it was the hamstring and also the Achilles heel the things you do when you wanna get fit and healthy you hurt yourself Oh well rest and stretching it is for a while now for me 😈😈😈 dontstop pushit youcandothis dontgiveup dontquit workit pushyourself feeltheburn aerobics fitness heathersworkoutprogress plussize weightlosstransformation weightlossjourney weightloss slowlygettingthere

1 day ago

I remember seeing the photo on the right and feeling absolutely disgusted by what I saw, a night out with all my friends and I knew I looked so awful, but looking back now I feel quite proud in a way, one for making the steps to change how I am, something I have tried many times before but always given up because it was “too hard”😟 but also to look back & see how far I’ve come. I’m still not happy with my weight, am still working towards being happy to have my photo taken & be comfortable with my figure. Just love looking back and seeing how far I have came already. slimmingworld weightlosstransformationinprogress weightlosstransformation headingtowardstarget slowlygettingthere weightloss swjourney swmotivation

2 days ago

I’m honestly loving my progress on my back i know it’s not much but it’s something slowlygettingthere 😫🙌🏻

2 days ago

I certainly have not yet achieved the goals that I have personally set forth, however am slowly making my way there. Between long days at work, my , and general life duties I still try and fit in the time for myself. Fitness is peace of mind and anyone can acheive their goals! Set small but achievable goals to help boost the motivation and desire of completing harder ones. jetts fitnessmotivation fitnesslife fitness progress slowlygettingthere triceps doitforyou gymlife dontskiplegday motivation beyourself dadbod befit 2019 ink needmoreink tattoo dadswholift

2 days ago

💥 ABS 💥 Today, I am focusing on core, Bc I feel like last 1,5 weeks I have been slacking a bit. I need to get back on track. I don’t want to go into details as to why I was slacking that one time of the month 🙊, but you get an idea 😜. Abs do take time, discipline and persistence. I never used to care much, but after two your body change. As moms we adopt and we start working out more, if you want to stay fit and healthy. I see some definitions, and I see some skin, but I just continue to exercise youcandoit Do you like to do abs? Let me know 🅰️ Standing oblique crunch w/weight✖️ 12-15 reps 🅱️ Pull down abs ✖️ 12-15 reps abs core absworkout abscircuit fitness healthylife motivation gym instafit gains lookingbetter iworkout bodyafterbabies fitmom momswhoworkout momoftwo indymoms focus discipline slowlygettingthere lifestyle train noexcuses gymshark gymmotivation loveyourself прес спортзал

3 days ago

Death by shoulder day Pretty fucking proud of myself, I finished every set and every single rep today! 1160 reps of shoulder exercises Wtaf What a burn! Even got a few shoulder presses of 15kg dumbbells after 920 reps, so yeah I’m ecstatic, although not anywhere near my max, that shit is hard to push above your head when your shoulders are heavy and burning I’m feeling the strength gains and I can see the difference every week. Time to buy new leggings, these ones are starting to fall off in strange places Hahahah that’s a good thing though Shoulders have definitely grown, traps are looking more defined and I’m feeling great! Not much pain, free from injury and lots more energy Don’t let medical conditions stop you from becoming healthier and happier :) this shit is awesome Could just be that amy_marie_pt and I had matching outfits today, so we were both feeling pretty kickarse already Hahahah shoulderburn shoulderworkout highreps heavyshoulders buildingtraps buildingdelts bouldershoulders slowlygettingthere fuckingdetermined freefrominjury scoliosis ankylosingspondylitisawareness ankylosingspondylitis sacroiliitis rheumatoidarthritis dlbdaily asn asnfuelled asnlifestylerefresh progress fitmum strongmum womenwhopowerlift chickswholiftheavy improvingmentalhealth gymbuddies

3 days ago

So we met our builder this morning and its going to be a busy few weeks ☺🙈 Loads of decisions needed but thats all part of it we will get there in the end even if it feels like its never ending 🙈😂 Windows will be arriving on monday, we need to decide on positioning of the upstairs studding this is more or less finalised just made a few changes and then first fix plumbing and electrics will start! The external plastering will also be starting soon! You can see our k rend colour we selected on the chimney in this pic we opted for sterling white we spent ages deciding on this as we didnt want anything overly bright but also not overly creamy we wanted a warm white and we eventually settled on the shade sterling white as we felt this would best compliment the sandstone delighted with how it has turned out ☺ Monday is a big day windows are due to arrive and be fitted so to say i am excited is an understatement i was expecting them to be another two weeks so it was a nice surprise to get today 😀 newbuild decisionsdecisions windows krend progress slowlygettingthere

3 days ago

Oh home sense. You kill me! 😂 Finally found a good rug for the living room! Hints of turquoise in it! Swipe right ▶️ Can you tell I have a love for pineapples 🍍look at my new bowls! 🥰 Next on the list, is a new side table (live wood), and drapes! 😁 livingroom slowlygettingthere pineapple turquoise decor