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11 hours ago

Dry fit of the sword guard and pummel getting there!

11 hours ago

12 years ago today we said "yes" 💞 In the pic to the right I raised my arms to say "I got him"! ✌ . My Grandfather told everyone that he was so good looking and so populare that women from his hometown came to his wedding and cried outside the church. And that my Grandmother lifted her arms to show everyone that now he was hers. My aunt heard the story so many times when she was little. In the end she told her father: "I know, I was there!". She didn't think about beeing born several years after the wedding 😂 My gesture were for my aunt (my grandparens had passed away when I married), but also for the man of my dreams 🥰 I'm lucy with him 😍 I feel I won in the love-lottery Morten is the love of my life. We share the good and the bad. Both have we gained weight over the years. Now he is supporting my weightlossjourney He is also slowly loosing some weight. I'm looking foreward slowly change my bad habbits and make good choises everyday. Next 17.mai I hope that my bunads needs needle and thread to fit a smaller version of me At this years 17.mai (constitution-celebration) we dressed up in our bunad and headed to the Royal Castle to se the parade with from 115 schools in Oslo. The little pic down to the left is showing us in front of the balcony from which the royal family is greets everyone. Such a nice day! 🇧🇻 . Some of my weight problem are due because I take the easy way out: buy junk food to often. So we did today as well. Travelling, with no dinnerplan and with a hunger. I ordered mine without bread and dressing on the side. If every other meal is perfect measured, I don't think everything is broken by this bad choise 🙈 But once again I proved the: "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" brightlineliving weightloss nedivekt livsstilsendring nyttliv bryllupsdag loveofmylife herrogfru healthyliving spisdegfri nosugar noflour slowlygettingthere slimming sdf glutenfri goodchoises changing badhabbitsdiehard

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Veckans trädgårdsprojekt: ta ner sly, placera ut fler pallkragar, beställa trädgårdspump till brunnen, montera upp den tjusiga skylten på boa med lite hjälp, gräva upp och flytta gräslöken, ta bort den gamla risiga grillen och sätta luktärter, and on and on till tonerna av storspoven och göken! 🌱🐞🏡 slowlygettingthere Vilseiminegenträdgård

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Yep, nog geregeld een opgave 😌😄 Aanrader voor iedereen die worstelt met (of geïnteresseerd is in) HSP. Ik heb al heel wat boeken gelezen en deze is echt heel fijn! Geregeld biggelen de tranen even over mijn wangen, want ja, confronterend blijft het soms. Die verrekte acceptatie hè 😉 En kloptik huil ook iets eerder dan gemiddeld, whaha 😂 heurterbij Uiteindelijk gaat het om acceptatie, je grenzen leren voelen en gaan aangeven. Je leven zo in te richten dat jij de beste versie van en voor jezelf word! Al geldt dat denk ik wel voor iedereen 😊 trusttheproces hsp slowlygettingthere selfcare bookstagram susan.marlettahart

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Fast hätte es heute mit dem Unterricht reiten doch nicht geklappt. Meine Trainerin hat eine starke Erkältung und hatte gestern Abend keine Stimme mehr, so dass sie den Unterricht für heute leider absagen musste 😢 Da ich mich so darauf gefreut hatte, war ich heute früh ziemlich unmotiviert und habe beschlossen draußen auf dem großen Platz ein bisschen zu reiten. Willy sollte seine Energie beim Galoppieren mal wieder etwas abbauen. Aber es kam dann doch anders als geplant, denn ich konnte heute spontan bei einem anderen Trainer bei uns am Stall Unterricht reiten weil 2 Leute ausgefallen sind. Ich hab mich total gefreut! So bin ich dann doch noch zu meinem Unterricht gekommen 😍 Die (Doppel-)Einheit war wirklich gut, Willy hat sehr motiviert mitgearbeitet und ich konnte viele hilfreiche Tipps mitnehmen. Das Augenmerk lag heute auf der Stellung und Biegung. Ich weiß dass das eine größere Baustelle bei uns ist und habe in den letzten 2 Wochen vermehrt daran gearbeitet. Aber der Unterricht hat mir doch nochmal sehr weitergeholfen und die Stellung und Biegung war am Ende der Einheit sehr gut. Mit Willys Galopp war der Trainer sehr zufrieden. Den Schritt muss ich am Anfang also beim Aufwärmen energischer reiten und soll mir bereits da eine gleichmäßige Anlehnung erarbeiten. Für die weitere Arbeit, vor allem im Trab, hat er mir geraten die Bügel kürzer einzustellen. Das werde ich die nächsten Male auf jeden Fall ausprobieren. Ich finde es total hilfreich auch mal bei anderen Trainern zu reiten und sich ein Meinung von einem außenstehenden Trainer einzuholen. Wie seht ihr das? Ab und an mal eine andere Meinung einholen oder lieber immer beim selben Trainer reiten? williamtheheartbreaker willywonka dressur dressage reitunterricht lernen manlerntnieaus neueerfahrung pferdepost_123 herzenspferd equestrian pferd pferdefotografie horse horsefashion horseblogger pferdemädchen fuchsliebe sport slowlygettingthere training fortschritt

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Absolutely love our new dining tablejust need to paint the kitchen and get some accessories and thats another room all completed 😀😀

3 days ago

So many things I want to say. Exams are over and I drank a whole bottle of wine to celebrate. I feel shit about that. Set back on diet and working out because of one dumb idea. *sigh* I spent yesterday in the sun. I spent today paying penance by painting my garden fence. It was exhausting work but for some reason it doesn't feel like enough. I'm in a good place. I'm not stressed. Gotta get outta my head and just get back in control of my drinking I had been doing so well 1 or 2 in the week. I'm.capable. :) I can do.this. Need to do this icandothis incontrol blip mylifeiswhatimakeit makingachange dietfail ketofail dranktoomuchagain itsajourneynotarace fresheveryday startingagain weightlossjournal weightlossjourney2019 weightlossstory ketolife eatingketo ketodiet sometimesitshard slowlygettingthere inthesun sunnies summerfeelings mixedemotions noteverydayiseasy gettingfitter twostepsforwardonestepback

3 days ago

Starting running this week with my mum been doing just over 2 and a half miles at 11 and a half minutes. Today i managed my first run on my own just round the field near mine, tries to really push myself and managed 10 minute miles 💪 slowlygettingthere training running trainingforhalfmarathon

3 days ago

Happy Thursday Guys Hope your all having a wonderful day what u guys been upto ?? Here a wee glimpse of my hall 💖 it’s finally starting to come together now getting there slowly just few more bits to put up and get for it it I’m loving the outcome so far my kitchen is also getting there new fridge came today just a new light to get now and I’m happy enough for now with that 😂 bathroom still a riot atm as all my stuff is everywhere as iv been concentrating on my room hallway and kitchen 🤷‍♀️ but room is almost complete just few more bits to get for them that’s them sorted for now starting to feel like a home again slowly thankfully and just sorting through each of the problems a day at a time and hopefully won’t be too long till it’s all sorted 🤞🏼 homeaccount homeinspo homesweethome redecorating homeinspo4you hallwayinpso mirrors homegoals revamping slowlygettingthere homedecor homestyle luxurylifestyle

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Wasn’t gonna do anything today and I didn’t was at the hospital for quite a few hours today with mum so why not walk down town to get lunch why drive when it’ll only take like 3-5 mins depending on traffic And now after a few days I’m really paying for it big time ♥️♥️ dontstop pushit youcandothis dontgiveup dontquit workit pushyourself feeltheburn aerobics heathersworkoutprogress plussize fitness weightlosstransformation weightlossjourney weightloss slowlygettingthere letswalk exercise exercisedaily dailyworkouts myhealthyjourne lesliesansonewalkathome

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FENCE GATE. I have never been so excited for a fence! In the heavy winds at the start of the year 2 panels fell down, including the post, unfortunately we couldnt act on it straight away until a tree was taken down and finally next week will be the week where we finally get our privacy back and can start working on making our garden ours. Just in time for the bank holiday and summer months! I honestly cannot wait. God I'm boring. fence wood tree panelling garden ourgarden ourhome anotherjobdone slowlygettingthere homestyling exteriorstyling