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2 days ago

New jewels 💎 for everyday, because life IS a special occasion. 💛

3 days ago

I’ve been stewing on an idea recently and am hesitant to share but I think I need to put myself out there and not fear creating waves to my artist friends, what is your opinion on people who ask for free concepts and ideas? i thought it was okay then I didn’t - then I did and now I’m just frustrated and confused do people ask for free cures and settlements from lawyers and doctors and then choose the best one? No, people pay for advice and cures and solutions creativity is expensive and good artistic solutions should be compensated and not expected for free it takes years of experience and expertise to make solutions seem effortless and seamless please help me out here as I am still forming my opinion is this selfish? thatpainterlife fillspaceinabeautifulway beautifulthoughtsblossomhere crayola squiggles play smallpieces artsy contemporaryart artistsofinstagram muralconcept bookingsummermurals

4 days ago

After three weeks of lots of hard work and stress I finally finished my mosaic for history it’s Markus from Detroit Become Human •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• dbh markus markusdbh detroitbecomehuman videogame mosaic fanart artwork android error alive iamalive markusandroid paper mosaicproject game dbhgame dbhvideogame character hardwork smallpieces canvas constructionpaper

5 days ago

Enjoyed putting together a Miriam puzzle. Thank Judy McCoy. smallpieces

6 days ago

Our little one got new LEGO for his birthday this week. We’ve had a blast learning to put all the sets together and building something new. Here is the first set P got from his Grandad.

1 week ago

I feel like after I turned a certain age buying certain things made me so happy like buying candles and pajamas🙄😂🤷🏽‍♀️ I have candles all over my house, I feel like you can’t have too manyWho knew something so small can bring so much peace and joy smallpieces peace scents homedecor favorites storeruns

1 week ago

Repost koinuma_eriko ( get_repost) ・・・ 展示します!よろしくお願いします! JINEN GALLERY 鯉沼絵里子「暮らす」 2019 4/9(火)~4/14(日) open12時~19時 (金)~20時 最終日〜16時 〒103-0001 東京都中央区日本橋子伝馬町7-8久保ビル3F 粘土や木を使った立体の小品です~ 展示 個展 彫刻 立体アート 現代アート 作品 作家 彫刻家 木彫 小品 インテリア 白と青 art sculpture sculptor artist wood soloexhibition jinengallery interior smallpieces

1 week ago

展示します!よろしくお願いします! JINEN GALLERY 鯉沼絵里子「暮らす」 2019 4/9(火)~4/14(日) open12時~19時 (金)~20時 最終日〜16時 〒103-0001 東京都中央区日本橋子伝馬町7-8久保ビル3F 粘土や木を使った立体の小品です~ 展示 個展 彫刻 立体アート 現代アート 作品 作家 彫刻家 木彫 小品 インテリア 白と青 art sculpture sculptor artist wood soloexhibition jinengallery interior smallpieces

1 week ago

Small bowls ✨ part of my Small Pieces range (got a way with words, don’t I!? 😉) and just listed on my online store (link in bio) 🌿 handy for all sorts of snacks, trinkets and mise en place (that’s kitchen prep to us Aussies) smallbowls smallpieces handmade ceramics australianceramics

1 week ago

I love small pieces to put around my home, when I’m looking for these pieces I shop all over and doing that I look for good deals! I wanted some more neutral vases to put my flowers and decorative sticks inYou would believe how much these vases where😳 find out in my insta story homepieces homedecor gooddeals smallpieces building

1 week ago

Thank you ladydeborahlloyd for this beautiful collection of pieces, encouraging me to Paint the Town Red, Strut My Stuff, and wear my heart on my sleeve. The only store I can decorate myself in clouds, poppies, daisies, pineapples, flamingos, meadow flowers, stripes, houndstooth, foxes, gingham, polka dots and many more. Your imaginative mind brought us so much joy here at Kate Spade on the retail floor, we will always love your flair for fashion. And “Off We Go” to the next destination of Kate Spade!

2 weeks ago

どれだけ正しいだけを探し求めても 本当の答えを得られるとは限らない 調和は何処にでも見え隠れしていて ひどく不安定な事柄なのだから 始まりと終わりの瞬く間 得られるものの多くが 幸いであれば幸せだ。 小曲集 guitar acousticguitar Composition freestyle improvisation smallpieces 441guitarra musical composition:show441 (c)I.S.D RECORDS

2 weeks ago

In der Gastronomie wird Gemüse täglich und in großen Mengen verarbeitet. Elektrisch angetriebene Gastro Gemüseschneider sind daher bei der Gemüseverarbeitung unverzichtbar. In unserem Shop finden Sie diese Profi-Geräte von vielen verschiedenen Herstellern. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ade alexandersolia bartscher contacto ditosama dito_sama_deutschland dynamic dynamicmixeurs feuma krefft neumaerker neumaerkeroriginal robotcoupe rotor ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ vegetables gemuese gemueseschneider smallpieces restaurant gastro gastronomie grimm KaufBeiGrimm ecommerce

2 weeks ago

Part one of a nice big order from last month for Valentine's day. Each one of these hearts are one of a kind never to be repeated again. As I made each one I realized once again how much beauty there really is in the broken, each piece so different and yet fits so perfect. Every small little piece fitting in with the next one to make a heart whole and show off the beauty that it is. Remember, you are beautiful and worthy of love! beautyinthebroken beautifulbrokenpeople brokenbeauty shardheart potteryshards smallpieces solderedheart solderedheartpendant

2 weeks ago

🐶Candy is a Picky Doggie! She doesn’t like big pieces of food swipe 👆🏼⏭ to see how She refused a big piece of sandwich 🥪🙄👉🏼👈🏼 • 🐶Candy es una perrita picky! A ella no le gustan los grandes trozos de comida desliza 👆🏼⏭ para ver cómo rechazó un gran trozo de sándwich 🥪🙄👉🏼👈🏼

2 weeks ago

withoutpaper withoutpicture creativesewing . Сегодня я решила немного отдохнуть от одеял и сшить что-то яркое, для души. Давно мне не давало покоя два обрезка, вместе они виделись мне как горшок с цветком. Ну а поскольку я ленивая, то обошлась в этот раз без бумаги. Как вам? Today I had new experience💡. I did paper piecing without paper. Just fabric, vision and me. It looks nice. But the real pleasure is that it is much faster without paper ❤️👌💡 paperpiecing withoutpaper patchwork improvepaperpiecing smallpieces springspirit modernquilter makemodern makemoderna quiltpattern

2 weeks ago

„It’s always the small pieces that make the big picture.“ - Unknown (3/6)