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7 minutes ago

do you believe in heaven & hell

13 minutes ago

according to your heart, my place is not deliberate

14 minutes ago

pov sipping this no tequila tonight meh had a hangover the other night. smh DAMN I wanna smoke argh just legalize it! I’m cool but 💩Oan guess I’ll watch some gh and wwe omg wtf did my life become so boring meh could be worse like being stuck w and nothing azz mfs I had em by🤷🏾‍♀️

25 minutes ago

smh happy to find out that it was gluten now i could change the way I eat

47 minutes ago

didnt know i was so disposable

49 minutes ago

Wayback Wasted Warwick Wednesday’s In about 10 seconds I’m about to realize that I am NOT on ROB GRONKOWSKI’S PARTY BUS Lame. dontdodrugs😂 CUTTit 2016 smh (no 4 real tho, gronk and I had a little dance off for about 3 seconds at Warwick) oh in case you’ve been living under a rock im almost 3 years sober so you can CUTT IT