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Traveled all the way from Arizona back to Michigan to find this near Grand Rapids waiting for me to pocket rock it home! I bought it at a random in the middle of nowhere crystal shop, lol! Its my rough super 7 melody sceptor that looks like it has a little bit of chlorite in it sometimes! The etchings are cool too, it feels like a rock full of ancesterol healing energy! ☆¤•°♡ amethyst hematite smokyquartz super7 melodystone cacoxenite chlorite purple balance meditate ancestors crystal crystals momlife toddlerlife 420life wizard dragon edm wand fairies natural beautiful love reiki crystalhealing quartz stone fashion mineral

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AVAILABLE, cute little amazonite with smoky quartz combo from Colorado! Nicely terminated amazonite with several small light smoky quartz points. No damage on the piece, and a lovely arrangement of the crystals. As usual, the video seems to enhance the color, it's a little bit lighter color than the video, the amazonite is more of a sky blue. - - 4*2.6cm, $115 delivered in the US - - amazonitecrystal amazonitesmokyquartz amazonite smokyhawkclaim smokyquartz coloradominerals usaminerals americanminerals microcline quartz minerals mineralsforsale crystalsforsale

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Get ready to rock with smoky rutilated quartz! This awesome polished piece has been gracing my studio for 3 weeks but it’s time for him to find a home. This powerful combination is for anyone working towards developing an etheric or angelic vibration connection with their guides. As you can see he’s full of rainbows and stories in every face. Measuring 5cm at the longest and 3cm at the widest this baby stands almost 4cm tall $35 makes him yours smokyquartz rutilatedquartz smokyrutile etheric angelic

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Smoky quartz point pendant with blue stone🖤 pre-owned condition $58 shipped smokyquartz

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amethyst x smoky quartz

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BLOWOUT TOURMALINE SALE * **here is an updated video of tourmaline from 5$ to 9$ per gram

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💫SACRED GEOMETRY💫 🔷OCTAHEDRON🔷AIR ELEMENT🔷HEART CHAKRA🔷 This gorgeous light smoky quartz octahedron is ready for a new home 🥰 beautiful rainbows and mirrors in there you guys! $33.33 and $4 US shipping! Comment to claim or dm me ♥️ crystal crystals crystalsforsale witchesofinstagram healingcrystals crystalhealing witch wicca pagan wiccan tarot om namaste chakras divination meditation crystalporn crystalsofig altar gaia starseed goth moonchild minerals smokyquartz quartz witchythings geminiseason

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S/o for the hookup Best prices on the coast, incredibly knowledgeable people, and beautiful stones. What more could you ask for?

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Some people relax while under the dryer at the hair salon. I list new earrings in my etsyshop 😆 These statementearrings feature 13mm x 10mm smokyquartz ovals in 22k gold plated sterlingsilver bezels dangling inside brass oval charms measuring 51mm x 32mm. The ear wires are made of hypoallergenic gold-plated surgical steel, making these earrings perfect for sensitive ears. Smoky quartz, connected to the rootchakra, is a highly grounding stone, improving its wearer's connection with the physical world. It is said to center energy, purge distractions from the psychic world so its wearer can focus on the physical, and remove negativity. goodvibesonly handmadejewelry instajewelery jewelrygram etsy etsysellersofinstagram buyblack shopsmall earringsoftheday earcandy etsyfinds etsylove jewelrylove jewelrylover jewelryaddict mayamadethis

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Lot of 4 Crystals - $16 with free shipping to US Just comment SOLD and DM for invoice! This set has a clear Quartz & extra long Amethyst from Brazil, a VERY pale GoldenHealer from Zimbabwe, & an all natural SmokyQuartz with dark green Aegirine inclusions from Zomba, Malawi. They range from 2.25" to 3" long. ✨✨✨ crystalsforsale crystalshop metaphysical wondersofnature modernwitch greenwitch magick alchemy druid pagan naturemagic crystalporn crystalobsession crystalsofig fairytale enchantedforest brazilianamethyst amethystroot amethystwand goldenhealerquartz zombaquartz inclusionquartz aegirine

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Morning ☀️ I woke up this morning expecting rain but it’s sunny - day made 🙌🏼 just what I need today, too 🥰 . I’m going going to be carrying around this big chunk of grounding energy with me today plus some sneaky smoky quartz stuffed in my bra 😂 who else does that?? Haha Stay grounded and get outside today xx goodmorning getgrounded crystallove blacktourmaline smokyquartz crystaladdict crystalhealing spirituality witchyvibes witchythings gypsyvibes magic mystic highvibration positivevibes

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Sharp, majestic and mysterious sums up this natural smoky quartz! Perfect razor sharp prismatic formation, with an exquisite deep reddish-brown colour. There are two prominent ‘timelink’ windows, and an Isis face. Beautiful grounding energy and excellent aesthetics and quality. Paulista Mine, Presidente Kubitschek, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Size: H: 18cm x W: 6cm x D: 6cm. $450 USD + free shipping. geocrystals fineminerals minerals inspired mindfulness meditation quartz beautiful crystal geology mineralogy natgeo dailyinspiration rockcollection instacrystals earth nature beauty igdaily rawcrystal decor quartzcrystal rockhounding smokyquartz

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Like chocolate glass! This incredible glassy smoky quartz comes from the well sought after Swiss locale of Val Giuv. The crystal displays a beautiful Cathedral formation and the surface structure is absolutely exquisite. One of the faces is covered in small triangular patterns, also known as ‘record keepers’. See 4th image close up of record keepers! The crystal is very glassy with excellent lustre on all sides. The quality, colour and formation are all exceptional. Val Giuv, Tujetsch, Vorderrhein Valley, Graubünden, Switzerland 🇨🇭 $295 USD + free shipping geocrystals fineminerals rockhound earth alpinequartz swisscrystals switzerland energy energycrystals beauty gaia instacrystals smokyquartz quartz alps quartzcluster mineralcollecting alpinequartz crystals geology mineralogy geologyrocks gaia rawcrystals morionquartz swissquartz meditation quartzforsale

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It's time to let go of old baggage and find the beauty in our challenges. Hold tight onto your SmokyQuartz and let its healing properties push away negativity, heal you from emotional wounds and soothe you with its spiritual nutrients. ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Link in our bio to find the right crystal for you.

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WhoooaaaAAAAAAA WHAT 😍 isn’t this guy so cool?! He has a circle around him for an enhydro, but I’ve checked with some other peeps and 🤷🏼‍♀️ $25.09 plus $3 US Shipping! Comment to claim or dm me ♥️ crystal crystals crystalsforsale witchesofinstagram healingcrystals crystalhealing witch wicca pagan wiccan tarot om namaste chakras divination meditation crystalporn crystalsofig altar gaia starseed goth moonchild minerals smokyquartz quartz witchythings geminiseason

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Yayyyyy ♥️✨ Currently offering 25% off ALL orders over $20 in the shop until further notice! Honey is graduating with his MASTERS DEGREE this weekend, FAMILY is in town, the WEATHER is gorgeous and there is just too much to be happy and grateful for. So I’m extending the joy your way. I have some new items to post early next week (or maybe even Friday 👀) as well. Today’s a good day. I hope you are all happy, well and loved smokeyquartz clear crystal crystalpoint crystals gem gems quartz terminated crystalhealing crystalcommunity reiki forsale crystalegg crystalorb crystalporn generatorpoint crystalgenerator smokyquartz smokeycitrine citrine citrinequartz rainbowquartz kundalini kundalinicitrine kundalinicrystals

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Hi all, We’ve had a ton of interest in this gorgeous Smoky Rutile tower we showed Monday so we are making her available for auction. Opening bid is $25 plus shipping. Please tag the person you outbidding and be prepared to checkout immediately following auction closing (3pm CST) Happy Wednesday!

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I have soooo many itty bitty crystal pendants! I’m preparing for the summer market and these will be necklaces, chokers, bracelet charms etc ✨💕 if there is a pendant that you love just dm me! Some of these are available in the shop 😄 I’m gonna try to list them all from the left 🙏🏼: Blue apatite, clear quartz, sodalite, aquamarine, smoky quartz, green calcite, pink opal, fluorite, amethyst, orange calcite, honey calcite, blue apatite, raw labradorite, black tourmaline, rose quartz, amethyst, sodalite, kunzite, & celestite. Whew! 😂 Everyone have a great day 💗💗 ittybitty dainty daintyjewelry daintypendants crystalmagic celestite blueapatite amethyst rosequartz quartz blacktourmaline calcite greencalcite honeycalcite orangecalcite sodalite kunzite labradorite smokyquartz crystaljewelry smallcrystals crystalshealingjewelry crystalvibes crystallover crystalpendants wirewrappedjewelry

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. ≫≫≫ meditation mala 108 beads 💛✨ ≫≫≫ smoky quartz • rudraksha seeds • brass ≫≫≫ ≫≫≫ ( link in bio ) . • SMOKY QUARTZ is a very protective and grounding stone. It brings emotional calmness, relieving stress and anxiety. Smokey quartz is also used in assisting in making wishes come true by grounding their essence in reality. Thus, it is a stone that brings abundance, prosperity, and good luck • RUDRAKSHA gives the wearer peace, clarity and direction. Provide cooling to the body. It is known to increase awareness and clarity and to still the mind, getting free from negative thoughts dreammeditation_shop feathers tealovers crystallovers crystalhealing healingcrystals etsyjewelry etsy mala yogamala yogajewelry mala108 malabeads healingjewelry spiritualjewelry healingstonejewelry bohojewelry highvibes bohochic bohovibes bohogirl smokyquartz smokeyquartzmala smokyquartzmala malameditation meditation meditationvibes bohoinspired meditationbeads meditationjewelry

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Let’s talk about Smoky Quartz, known as the stone of power! I had the pleasure of picking up this piece today 👌 • It is said that this beautiful crystal can relieve tension, stress and anxiety. It can also ward off negative thinking and eliminate worry when faced with difficult situations • Smoky Quartz swiftly moves negative energies out of your aura, carrying them deep into the earth for grounding and transmutation! Need I say more? This crystal is amazing. I will be making this photographed crystal into a statement piece veeeery soon.

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𝕊𝕞𝕠𝕜𝕪 ℚ𝕦𝕒𝕣𝕥𝕫 [ac:Disney.key] [dt:tags] [Cc:me] Sorry for not being very active for the past couple of days😰🤒 - Please share on story 😌

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New sets! We have new crystal/smudge sets with super sweet gemmy stones. This one is the Joyful Life set. rosequartz for sharing love and joy, smokyquartz for uplifting vibes and grounding your creative inspiration, and amethyst for purification, protection, balance and focus. You can choose just the crystal set or add the sage, palosanto, and selenite for the smudge kit! Happy manifesting! • love joy connection creativity highvibes joyfullife saltandair saltandairlove

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IG LIVE: THIS FRIDAY NOON pst Gemstone Edition The best quality gemstones since 2006; I am featuring our golden rutilated quartz, blue lapis lazuli, black tourmaline in quartz, smoky quartz, labradorite and much much more! crystalhealing originalgemstonesupplier

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A couple of my favorite recent acquisitions. Gator head, antique baby doll (super creepy, I love it), and a beautiful chunk of smoky quartz