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Mojave Desert Ghost x GHI Clown. Got some 5 perfect eggs, 3 fertilzed boob eggs and 2 slugs from this female. It was her first clutch and the male stopped breeding her in January so that‘s fine. Excited to see if the small boob egg will do good or not. ~ ~ xclusivesnakes pet pets haustiere reptilien reptile reptiles reptilelover reptilesofinstagram schlangen snake snakes snakesofinstagram ballpython ballpythons ballpythonsofinstagram pythonregius königspython pythonroyal royalpython ballpythonbreeder ballin desertghostballpython clownballpython desertghostclown

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𝐯𝐞𝐥𝐦𝐚 𝐧𝐨𝐧 𝐯𝐞𝐦 𝐢𝐬 𝐬𝐥𝐨𝐰𝐥𝐲 𝐠𝐫𝐨𝐰𝐢𝐧𝐠 ♡

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A Boa constrictor basks in artificial light in its enclosure in dierenparkamersfoort . The boa is one of the most iconic snakes of South America and can grow to immense sizes up to three meters long. I remember seeing a full sized boa in the wild and having a hard time comprehending the sheer size and strength of it; a humbling experience that left me with an enormous respect for these animals. boa constrictor boaconstrictor snake snakes reptile reptiles herping herpetofauna herpetology zoo zoophotography macro macrophotography dierenparkamersfoort

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Green vine snake Ahaetulla nasuta, also known as green vine snake and long-nosed whip snake, is a slender green tree snake found in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. It is not to be confused with Oxybelis fulgidus, "green vine snake" found in Central and South America. mi mia2 mia2photography mobilephotographer mobilephotography snakesofindia snakesofinstagram snake snakes reptilesofinstagram reptilelove indianphotography snakesofkarnataka reptile karnatakaphotographershub uttarkannada bbc greenvinesnake

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Snake Giving Birth 🐍

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Я явно испытываю проблемы к подписям под фото Я не знаю , что тут нужно написать А нужно ли ? Смотрите какое противостояние стилей abstractart art artist artwork artgallery drawthisinyourstyle drawings drawing draw sunlight_art snakes sketchup sketch_onn sketchbook sketching sketch_on sketch скетчинг современноеискусство скетчбук скетчингкарандашами скетч

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This is Grace. She really is the most beautiful snake I have ever seen. She has iridescent scales which look incredible in the sun light. My daughter has become snake obsessed.

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I love snakes ❤ Since I remember my self I have been always had attractions and passion for those beautiful animals. I wanted to have snake as a pet. Maybe because my sign is "Snake " Dreams come true and now I have 2 adorable snakes at home 😊 . I spent so much time to find tamed and friendly snakes. Not all of them have nice personalities , not all of them good for performance.😉 Сколько себя помню, всегда хотела завести себе змею дома. С самого раннего детства с лет таки 3х, на всех фотографиях я иметировала руками змей 😊. Не могла пройти мимо не одной змеи в цырках, зоопарках или где-то на отдыхе чтоб не сфотографироваться . А теперь у меня дома живут питон и удав. Мечты сбываются ❤ . Я приложила много усилий и времени чтобы найти таких дружелюбных змейек как у меня: 🙈 ( не у всех хороший характер не все подходят для выступления и танцев)🐍 snakes viktoriiassecretdancecompany worlddance victoriafaeze snakecharmer snakedance torontobellydancer torontoentertainment torontobellydance bellydanceshow bellydancetoronto bellydance raqssharqitoronto dancewithsnake beautifulgirl photographer photoshoot toronto makeup mac twofaced lancome dior lips nails

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Creepin while ya sleepin is what the cool call it these days isn't it? Ive been playing around with these tiemco lonesome drifters from ej_todd with the bass for a while so i thought id try them on the threads. They match the hatch perfectly and hold up to the crazy runs. Definitely worth putting a few in your tackle box. Was also interesting to catch a tagged fish and see its growth rates. Cheers for not chopping its tail off in the pic rupeisfishing. snakes

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I’m so excited

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Triangle Keelback (Xenochrophis trianguligerus) This attractive snake is most frequently encountered near forest pools, swamps or streams. Like most keelbacks it leads a semi-aquatic lifestyle and is an excellent swimmer, feeds mainly on frogs, including frogs eggs, as well as fish and lizards wildlifephotography reptiles pitviper explorewildlife snakes herping natgeo malaysia viper reptilesofinstagram herpetology nature naturephotography snakes colubrid oligodon reptiles wildlife wildlifephotography sarawak borneo herping naturephotography natgeo malaysia snakesofinstagram animals natgeoyourshot animalsofinstagram bbcearth natgeowild nature.ttl animalelite thewildlifebiologist snake.wild discoversnakes discoversnakestoday