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Иехуу! Только-только получил свой заказ от rasticveti! Камни для виски! Виски-камни (англ. whiskey stones) — это аксессуар для употребления виски. Камни для виски позволяют охладить виски, не разбавляя его. С их помощью также можно охлаждать другие напитки (ром, вино, сок, лимонад). В свою очередь, нагретые камни за счет высокой теплоемкости позволяют поддерживать температуру горячих напитков, таких как кофе и чай, только при условии, что температура камней не ниже вышеуказанных напитков. Маленькая цена, доставка, большой выбор :) Спасибо ^_^ виски камни камнидлявиски покупка растицвети доставка братск алкоголь подарок gift present alcohol whiskey whisky stone whiskeystones bratsk rasticveti талькохлорит стеатит мыльныйкамень soapstone

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Also a work in progress, one of my latest designs in framelesscabinetry with showplacecabinets in their evo series. Pierce 275 in maple, hazelnut walnut. The color difference in the sun is outrageous and this is the job those replacement pieces are for that were going through the factory the other day. :) so cool that I got to see them! A pretty soapstone countertop installed on it looks pretty nice I must say. Excited for the finishing touches and some backsplash Not exactly sure what color and style but the contractor tells me it's green glass Should be interesting to see it's final pics. Stay tuned! Interested in a remodel? We can help. Check out our website! EKADStudio lovewhatyoudo buildingthings showplaceEVO

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보석비누💎 다양한 보석 비누들을 샘플링하고 있어요✨ 손품이 정말 많이 들지만 다이아몬드 모양은 어릴적 먹던 사탕반지 같기도 하고 원석도 육각형도 모두 다 너모 예쁨 뿜뿜이에요💕✨✨ 쓰기아깝 - - - - - 천연비누 답례품추천 문의는dm

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"Maw" in Brazilian Soapstone just needs a clean and sealer and I think I'll actually try to sell this one :) Doing something more practical with alabaster next! soapstone stonecarving winnipegart sculpture

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Now only £7.00 for Mothers Day Painted soapstone carved all round with a Palm Tree and leaf pattern design with vents in the very top. It is approx. 28 cm tall.  The base has a rubber cork that allows an incense stick to stand in the hole provided. Incense burners are a perfect alternative to air fresheners, the natural fragrances are diffused by the carving and keep the home fresh for approx. 24 hours per stick or cone.  The added bonus is that these soapstone burners look stunning as an ornament on their own as well. With the huge range there is a soapstone incense burner colour for every home. A cheerful bright well ventilated design in which the incense sticks burn well. Incense towers are a great way to burn incense sticks, the carved designs help to diffuse the smoke and spread the aroma around the room unlike the steady stream of smoke that is given off from a normal holder. Our towers have the added bonus of containing the ash and keeping it tidy while it is burning. All our towers are hand carved from natural soapstone and have a primitive art look and feel about them. No two are exactly the same. dmrls soapstone ebay mothersday giftideas healthandwellbeing holistic wiccan pagan holistic incenseburner

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A change from JadeYellow Tianhuang Stone. This is a highly prized gemstone in China as it’s the imperial colour of the Emperors and at one time it was worth more than gold. One Chinese tale suggests Tianhuang stone derives from metamorphosed eggs of the Phoenix. It symbolises longevity, health and fortune. This impressive example is a very evenly coloured, golden honey yellow Tainhuang Seal from the Qing Dynasty, first half C18th. One side is incised with the inscription “Xiaoling ju Cixian zhuan” and on the base the carved seal consisting of fourteen characters. It is to be included in christiesinc Chinese Sale London May 14th. I can only tell you that this is so beautifully tactile and smooth! tianhuang chineseart qingdynasty soapstone seal phoenix yellow imperial tianhuangstone calligraphy carvedstone art arthistory yellow gold christieschineseart christieslondon gemstone chinesemythology

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La statua in pietra saponaria, rappresentante gli amanti, è realizzata da Smolart in Kenya! Oggi il gruppo di Tabaka, un villaggio di artigiani e agricoltori, conta circa 200 aderenti a Smolart, di cui 60% donne. SmolartSelfHelpGroup was born in 1990 from the spontaneous aggregation of a group of artisans and artists of soapstone Bandera Florìda via Enrico Toti 16 Mira Banderaflorida pietrasaponaria Soapstone amanti kenya villaggio artigiani agricoltori donnepovere altraqualità miravenezia fattoamanoinKenya commercioequoesolidale

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Remnants are pieces of stone leftover from large projects. We repurpose these and sell them to you at heavily discounted prices! Not only do we have one of the largest remnant selections, we have a site dedicated to our live inventory. At you can search through all of our pieces from home. Take advantage of the Instant Vanity Quote online stoneremnants remnants vanity bathroomremodel loveyourhome interiordesign bathroomdesign DC DMV design decor renovation granite marble soapstone quartz dekton silestone cambria zodiaq corian quartzite slabs countertops

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Butler’s Pantry/Bar from our Wicker Park worker’s cottage collaboration with studio.code

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This picture was taken in a restroom in southern Brazil! Today, Brazil is one of the best-known sources of granite around the world with hundreds of quarries, exporting between 60% to 70% of all the granite sold in the world! The selection and quality of Brazilian granite have given it a prominent position among foreign suppliers to the American market. 🥰

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This could be your bathroom!Fantasia Soapstone nicely done by our California team! Love the full slab wall and niches . Soapstone is non porous making it an excellent material for this application. Also, Soapstone’s unmatched thermal qualities make it an excellent option to be used with radiant floor heating systems . soapstone soapstonecountertops soapstonebathroom soapstoneshower stonewall stonepanel californiadesign stonework stoneworking californiacontractor sanfranciscodesign sanfranciscodesigncenter

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Soapstone Powder for Paint Industry - Bandhan Calchem provides the talc powder for paint industry at competitive rates to the clients. Bandhan Calchem formulates quality talc powder for paint industry that reinforces the paint films and prevents sagging. Website: Address: E-471 (A), Bhamshah Industrial Area, Kaladwas, Udaipur - 313001 (Raj.) INDIA Mobile No. +91 – 9413669556/ +91 – 9414169556 Email: info bandhandev talc soapstone talcum powder lumps stone

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Bandhan Calchem is best company established in Udaipur which provides various mineral powders with high quality and assurance. Being a leading firm in this Organization, we are offering reach quality of natural calcite powder. Website: Address: E-471 (A), Bhamshah Industrial Area, Kaladwas, Udaipur - 313001 (Raj.) INDIA Mobile No. +91 – 9413669556/ +91 – 9414169556 Email: info bandhandev talc soapstone talcum dolomite calcite calciumcarbonate quicklime calciumoxide lime powder lump stone minerals manufacturer supplier exporter

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My sweet hubby jkitz22 gets all the credit for this transformation! I did the painting, but he took a basic dresser and turned it into this gorgeous bench! The client loved it! Jay has warned me the next time he takes on a project that big it's going to cost me though!😳😅 furnituretransformation dressertobench farmhousefurniture bedroomfurniture fusionmineralpaint mineralpaint paintedfurniture limestone soapstone fusioncolors paintitbeautiful paintallthethings paintitsimple newlook reclaimedwoodfurniture timetopaint springprojects myhubbyisthebest handyhusband beforeandafter

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Working on a little tribute to the illustrious and mischievous Salvador Dalí.

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Altar Tiles are now live! I really wanted to start supplying tools to help local witches. I am in love with them, they’re solid soapstone carved with pentacle and triple goddess. I will be slowly increasing my altar and ritual goods stock, over the next few months, trying to offer a variety of goods to fit every budget and goal. If you would like to see something added, please let me know!

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“Joya 2T” v plné parádě. ORIGINÁL NUNNAUUNI👌🔥👍 🇫🇮🤝🇨🇿 montáž trvala pouhých 8 hodin💪

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Aura Carborundum (Aura silicon carbide) 🔮 Key Words: intuition, lucid dream, expression This is a gemstone for dreamers and those that look to the stars and astrology for answers. It encourages self expression and self awarness of your creative energy. It is best placed by the bed for lucid dreams and works as an amazing prism in crystals healing as it quickly disperses negative energy from around you. crystal crystalhealing auracarborundum siliconcarbide energy metaphysical akashasden buddha soapstone oakville loveandlight aura spiritual cluster rainbows therapy meditate beherenow omganapatayenamaha mantras saraswatidreams 🔮