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Samstag ist Roller-Tag 🛵

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Kennt ihr das, wenn ihr das Gefühl habt, dass euch eure kleinen Gedanken-Monster fast auffressen? Wie geht ihr damit um? Oder lernt ihr einfach sie zu lieben, denn offensichtlich mögen sie uns besonders gern, sonst würden sie nicht ständig zurück kehren. 🤔👾 Inspiration für die kleinen Monster 👾 habe ich mir von der lieben schaffenslust geholt. illustration characterdesign myart comicstyle artlovers artberlin berlinart Berlin berlinartist markerart instaartwork monster redhead artist ig_worldclub igers ig_berlin ig_germany artwork lettering mood moodygrams Art urbanstyle monsterlinos soberlin Sommersprossen myart

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90 DAYS SOBER Yesterday was really hard for me. I tend to self destruct right before a milestone, if I’m being honest. On top of everything that’s happened to me, feeling frustrated with how weak my body is right now, missing Florida, missing my boyfriend, missing the friends that I made, and just generally going through a difficult time, there was a moment I felt ready to just give up. However, something must have changed. Instead of giving in, I picked up the phone and started calling people until I felt better. I’m only human, and sometimes I feel so weak and tired, but at the end of it all, I am SO grateful to be alive, to be SOBER, and for all my friends and family who have relentlessly prayed for me and have been there for me during this extremely trying time. I hope I can make everyone proud someday, including myself. I’m going to continue to try my best and continue to fight. I wish I could say that this is what 90 days sober looks like, but this is an older photo. I’m currently still super swollen from all the meds while I was in the hospital, and pretty scarred up. Battle scars! 🤓 ✁———————————————— sober soberlife soberissexy recovery soberliving sobriety spfc sobermovement soberaf soberanos tricolor soberanía soberano soberana soberisexy soberanas soberania soberbia soberity sobert vamossaopaulo addiction unidospelospfc soberlin sobering recoveryisworthit mentalhealth tricolores love mundo

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Never thought my first project in Berlin would be a coffin! ⚰️ I had such a blast collaborating with the lovely jochenschropp for the mypersonalcoffin project, together with dashandwerk! Personalized coffins - why not? Working with Jochen, I was inspired by his motto “When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade”. 🍋 We thought this would be a cheeky phrase to put on his coffin, so I incorporated it together with jungle motifs and my bold color palette, to celebrate his effervescent personality and his love of South Africa, the jungle, and all things nature. Read about the rest of the project over at mypersonalcoffin ! mypersonalcoffin dashandwerk heimat emilyeldridge coffin personalized art painting handmade craftwork berlin jochenschropp soberlin schoolofdeath yolo

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New office

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